Monday, December 28, 2009

Singapore 2009 Part 2

Breakfast at Novotel hotel was usually at the premier lounge where my stepdad was staying, and its buffet style. Not many choices though, and its usually bacons, eggs, baked beans, toast, your choice of jams, milk, cereal and dim sum. But there's two things I absolutely love from the buffet.

The cheese. I love love love love. It looks horrible, but its heavenly once you bite on it. So creamy, and suits perfect with bread in the morning. Absolutely heavenly. I ate this for three days straight and never got sick of it.

And the honey! If you look properly, its a whole damn honeycomb in the bowl, and you cut a slab and spread it all over your bread, best with butter. It is awesome. sauce. <3
Oh! And when I went to Singapore, I met up with friends too. They're friends I met online, but are lovely lovely people whom I love. On Saturday, its meet up with Rui and Valerie at Marina Square K-Box. :P We went a little crazy in the room.

They kept running away from the camera, so I had to resort to ambushing them. >D

Valerie's loveeeee. Jiro Wang from Fahrenheit. Rui's just in there because I coerced her in to being in the picture.

Obligatory group picture before I leave! We sang for a total of three hours, and yeah, lots of screaming done when hot guys pop up on screen. xP

Went for a drink in the evening at the lounge again. 8D They served many finger food, and I tasted a little of Campari. I hated it. Urgh. Reminds me of fever medication, so I think I'll just stick to white wine and sprite thank you.

Met up with Olivia, Cleo and Hazel at Ikea Tampines on Sunday, just before I went back. Might I add, the meatballs in Ikea are as heavenly as ever. Me and Cleo were like, drinking the sauce down. And I loved the chicken wings that day! Ahhh. Ikea will be the death of me, I swear.

They're so darn cute, and listening to them talk about kpop is bloody amusing. xD I joined in once in a while, but for the most part I just listen. :P

Cutie Hazel on the way to Changi. They said they were going to send me off. Weee! Nice, heavenly friends are the loves<3

I wish I can go to Singapore again next year to meet up with them! And this time I don't think I'll need them to take me anymore, since I... think I will know how to get there by myself? I felt like such a bother asking them to come get me. But no more! I shall be independent. 8D

In the departure hall after I checked in. They were trying to renact a scene of a celebrity leaving and the fans going mad. xD Darn cute girls they are.

Ahhh. 2009 is coming to an end soon, no? 8D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

singapore 2009

JUST GOT HOME. Like literally, got off the plane 4 hours ago and drove home. Had dinner and here I am now, thoroughly enjoyed my trip. 8D

i haven't been travelling in ages. In fact, I think the last time I got on a plane was back when I went to London, like 5 years ago, for my mom's graduation. This time, though I didn't go too far, it did feel good to be on a plane and travelling again. :P And the destination this time? Singapore.

the nightlife in singapore though? god awesome. I was on a stroll through Clarke Quay the night I got there, Thursday. It was Christmas Eve, and everyone was partying away, and it was so darn fun! Of course, I think the fact that it as Christmas Eve did help some, but the atmosphere there was just generally electrifying.

I kinda made the mistake of standing in the middle of people holding spray cans when it struck midnight though. I got bombarded by celebrators. xD It was a fun experiance, but I got so shocked when it first started. :P It was foam and streamers all over my hair, and hence, the stringy texture you see in the picture. The horns was bought, because they look adorable. :p

I was staying in an executive suite, because the stepdad was working and his company gave him that. So oh heck, I get a suite too. 8D But the best part about the suite?

The heated toilet bowl. 8D I don't have to freeze my butt everytime I want to go to the toilet now. 8D

Walked to Funan the next day, to get my new baby laptop. Or rather, a netbook. Its a white Asus 1005, because I wanted something light to carry to university next year, rather then break my backbone carrying my 10kg Toshiba. So I got a new baby white called Shiroi. 8D Will post pictures of her up next time?

Went to Orchard Roat at night. It IS Christmas after all, no? The light decorations were lovely, and the whole party atmosphere was chaaarrged. But I got squshed in crowds. D8 I could barely walk. But never the less, I loved Orchard Road, it was totally fun fun fun.

Will do the rest of my post tomorrow where I meet up with friends? I burnt my fingers, and I can't type fast now. Ahhhh. Tomorrow, promise. 8D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

imma child. 8D

See my blog header? I can tell you the one thing it has in my common with my room, other then me, myself and I. See the amount of soft toys? I love them. I adore stuffed animals, and even if I can't hug every single one I have to sleep as much as I want to, I still adore them. And i have tonnes. Okay not mountains, but many enough. :P Collected from the years, some whined from my mother, some bought willingly.

My second oldest toy! Its a white seal my momma bought for me when... ah dang, I don't even remember myself. Its just... been there all the while. Its very cuddly, or used to be anyway. Now its fur is all grayish and hard, but I still keep it in my cupboard. 8D

A tiger bought from Sunway Lagoon! I forgot how old was I. Around 10? 11? I'm not so sure, but I think this was one of the ones I whined from my momma to get, and she relented. >D

Doggeh! My friend got it for me for my... thirteenth birthday party? I think so. I'm not so sure how old was i, but that was the only year I had a birthday party for myself, since I never really wanted one. But this doggy was one of the presents, and its very cuddly. xP

Teddy! My only teddy bear, and the one my momma bought back for me from Hong Kong. Its fur used to be a very glossy gold, but now its all brown. Its one of the four toys thats on my bed though, and sleeps with me. 8D

Pikachu! My aunt bought this for me, and is hella huge. I use to use it as a horse or something back when I was younger I think. xP Now its all flat and black and its tail came off, but I still keep it on top of my cupboard. :P It won't fit IN the cupboard.

Another doggy! This one is more recent though, a soft fluffy one momma bought for me last year. xP Its fur is still soft and fluffy, but its gone sorta gray. D8 But I still hug it! It joins teddy on my bed with me. 8D

Cowwww. Its like, a soft cuddly cow who can be unbuttoned in to a pillow, and its head is way too heavy for its body. But its cuddly and sleeps on my bed too! :P

Remember my second oldest one, the seal? Well lets introduce you to my oldest companion.

My pillow<3>D

But heck, age is no limit for soft toys! Everyone can haz soft toys right? Even an eighteen year old girl. 8D

I want this one now. Its in Genting. Anyone kind enough to get it for me? D: I fail at ring toss.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

its family time again!

This time with the other side. But lets start from the top! Nothing much in the morning, got woken up by Gene coa, thankyou very much. Rawr. Oh! and my one true weakness in life.

Baskin Robbins my love! I don't usually take the waffle one, but I was feeling indulgent that day. And they didn't have strawberry cheesecake, shock horror! But anyway, I settled with chocolate chip cookie dough, with strawberry and oreo cookie topping. Oh the loves! I love the strawberry topping. BR is my one true weakness, I can never resist.

Anyway, family time was at night, where we went to Setia Alam near my brother's house for dinner. Its partially because my cousin who stays in Australia's home for a holiday, and partially for my aunts birthday?

Obligatory darling brother's picture. For once his not giving me the blank look. xP

Cousin from Australia and her husband, both of whom I haven't seen in an age. They should come home more. :P

Sister-inlaw plus younger cousin.

I was bored! Its my phone, my brother's phone and my cousin's new red Nokia 5800. See the awesomeness that is the Nokia 5800? I want one. :( But my phone is still in perfectly usable condition. Lesigh.

I have no idea what is this, except that its starchy and there's crab meat and tofu inside! I love the starchy texture, which is very much alike to sharks fin, minus the stupidly expensive but ridiculously useless food. For information, I don't take shark fin. =.= So I eat these instead! I just like the texture afterall, sharks fin is tasteless anyway.

Butter prawn! I'm usually too lazy too peel off the shell, but this one was partially peeled off anyway, so I took the rest off with my utensils. Its awesome<3

Birthday cake my brother bought for my aunts! Its Chocolate Indulgence, one of my favorites. :p

Eldest aunt first.

And then younger aunt. She was protesting hugely about the 53 candles to signify my eldest aunts age, but oh well, with family pressure one can't do anything. >D

Oh the deliciousness that is Chocolate Indulgence<3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">And apparently, a running topic now everytime there's a family dinner, is my cousins single status. This cousin in particular.His 25 and single and a very nice guy. Its amusing hearing his exploits for girls though. :P Anyone wants to give it a go? I can vouch for him, I promise! 8D

We should do family dinners more often, tonight was fun! Having dinner with the family is always a huge bunch of laughter. xP

Baaahh. Its Singapore in 2 days. I can't wait. :P

Monday, December 21, 2009

wasted time.

I love my country, I really do. Or at least I try to. I was born here afterall, no? So technically, I do feel a certain sense of loyalty to it no matter how much I want to migrate to Japan. But sometimes, I really feel the inefficiency in certain places.

I went to renew my passport this morning for my trip to Singapore on Thursday night. I went there at 7am, and guess what time I got home? 2pm. Noon. Thats a total of 7 hours spent to renew one passport. And the process takes only 45 minutes! The other time? I spent it waiting, and waiting, and doing more waiting.

The queue at 7am in the morning. It stretches out of the entrance to the office, and well towards the cafetaria. What's the queue for? To check your documents and make sure its all in place, and to get your number to wait to submit your application. Thats all.

I spent a total of 2 hours I think. I only got my turn at 9 something.

So we got our number, and went for breakfast at the Skypark next door. After breakfast, I came back and realized the numbers only moved forward by two spots, from 1006 to 1008. And so we sat, and we... waited some more.

Finished my book.

Mom was playing with my phone.

Stared at the wall and played with my camera.

The clock moved from 9 to 10, and so on, and it wasn't till 12 something, almost 1, did I get my turn. Thats...what, 3 hours, almost 4, of waiting? Mind you, to get the number and your documents checked took barely 5 minutes.

Okay, so your number is called to process your documents. You go there, the guy will ask for your IC and old passport, two passport sized pictures and your documents, and then he'll scan your right and left thumbs, and then get your thumb print. That took about 10 to 15 minutes. And then you're supposed to wait again, to pay and get your IC back this time.

So we waited, and waited for another half an hour, which I guess wasn't so bad as compared to the 3 hours earlier. And then you head to the counter when your number is called, to pay the money for your passport, and then get the receipt and leave to collect your passport either in the evening or the next day.

Altogether the process is... what, 30 to 40 minutes, but the waiting is the one thats bad. I just wasted at least 3 to 4 hours of my life staring at the walls of the immigration department. Blah. If it wasn't for Singapore, I'd never want to do it. =.=