Thursday, March 22, 2012

wish upon a star

the weather has been insane for the past few days. the week before, it was hot as sin. so hot that i could wear my tank tops out with nothing at all, and i could hardly sleep at night. the small fan i have is not helping much. =.= we even had a water fight on the way back from the gym! more like Britt threw some water on me and i couldn't not retaliate, so there you go. xD and then it turned so bloody cold this week. temperature was at eight degrees last night. EIGHT. i'm not even in the double digits anymore! Dx

ooh, Brit and Carly made mexican food for us last week too! mainly cause me, frank and fish have no idea what tacos or enchilada's are, and they were horrified. I have to say, while I like taco's and enchiladas though, I love love love guacamole they made with avocado and sour cream. I've never eaten avocado before, and while I suspect I wouldn't like the fruit as it is, making it in to nachos dip is the best thing invented since sliced bread. *drools*

Pam messaged all of us partway through dinner though, and apparently it was Ken's birthday the next day, hence midnight celebration! The cake she made was gorgeous. O-o

I can't remember what Frank got in trouble for though, but he got in trouble and Pam served him the epic nipple cripple. xD It was hilarious, you've gotta be there to see it. But video's up on youtube! *shot*

Grocery shopping is making me lazy lately. Never take for granted the presence and luxury of a car, I swear my legs are going to gain muscles from all the walking I do here. Their sausages are amazing though. I've never had sausages this good back home. :Q

Oh, made teh tarik for the guys the other night! Technically la, my best shot at teh tarik. Because I was craving for some good milk tea, and they said they wanted some too. Oddly enough, the nitpicky idiots actually said it tastes good! xD

Had dinner with Fish only the other night! Two potato freaks eating all things potato. She made mashed potato, which was heavenly, and I made my layered creamed potatoes. It was amazinggg. :Q

Random advertisement break! This girl is adorable. I'm going to miss her majorly when I go back. Actually, I'm going to miss everyone majorly when I go back. T_T Tickets booked already!! And while I can't say I don't want to go back, I'm going to miss this place horribly, and everyone in this place. T_T

Oh, bought a kindle cover the other day! It finally arrived on Monday. My kindle has clothes now! No more chances of getting scratches on it, and hopefully this will protect it from any other malfunctions like what happened last time too. *cross fingers*

And now I have to return to doing work. Its an avalanche of assignments, readings and work in general, and I have to get them all done if I want any hope of me having a holiday during mid-sem break, and going down to the city during weekends. Dx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

of work outs and food

Again, cooking a lot for south seven, simply because cooking for myself is boring as shizzles, and south seven has malaysians who will understand my dishes and my taste! Made chicken rice one day, and the second picture has chilli lamb, steamed egg, soup and vege!

Frank's attempt at cooking rice over a stove... eh, didn't end well. xD

Awesome south seven people! Brit is the cutest thing alive i don't even...<3

Jayjays had a sale one day! I bought a whole bag of clothes for only twelve dollars omgosh. *dies*

One of my lonely dinner nights because i can't be bothered cooking for a large group of people, i had scallops! I hate sharing scallops at home, but I have to because I've been taught to be polite. Here I can has scallops all to myself!!<3
I HAVE CCTV TO VIEW HOME! Thats the camera in my brother's place, and my grandmother holding my nephew who looks like a doll I just wanna pinch his cheeks and go saldhasdlaksjd.

WE'RE ALL ADDICTED TO DRAW SOMETHING! Rui drew that, she's in singapore. xD But there's one night, me and Brit and Fish just sat at the counter in south seven with our Ipod's, Iphone's and Ipad's respectively playing Draw Something for a good hour or so. xD

dodgeball before free dinner last night! we crave free dinners like we crave air here, because we just can't be bothered to cook for ourselves and there's nowhere else to eat. xD barbeque dinner after that! although the stove sorta caught on fire for a bit, Cookie quickly put that out. And then we followed Oscar and Mike over to Kurnai's badminton court for a game, just cause we have nothing better to do here.

I just had aerobics class and going to gym tomorrow! I work out so much here, its insane. Nothing to do! xDD

Monday, March 5, 2012

Somehow I'm not too surprise that I seem to have taken (read: GIVEN. SHOVED AT) the position of cook again. Spent two out of four days last week cooking for friends in south seven, because they be Malaysian and they miss curry and I just happened to have curry mix that I brought over from the PJ market. xD

Ended up burning myself too, on the oven grill, but no surprise there. xD I've had a stiletto stab me in the foot, got a carpet burn, cut myself on the train and burnt myself on the grill. Daily life of self, really.

Played badminton with friends on Thursday night at the leisure centre in La Trobe, and I'm so bad at badminton now. Haven't played in years really. >.<

Went to the city on Friday morning! Took the V-line train with Fish, and it was a two bloody hour ride I wanted to claw my way out. >.< Surprisingly though, my motion sickness is not too bad in the train, I could even read while on our way there! We shopped from Flinders all the way up to Melbourne Central, where Tong met up with her friend, and I met Mei Li! Finally, after we've been here for so long. :P

We watched a movie and had dinner in Central before she brought me back to her place in Carnegie, and the next morning she borrowed her brother's car and we went to Ikea! Meatballs there was shit, but at least they had Daim cake! Makes up for the lack of daim cake in KL now. >.< I even bought three packets of the meatball sauce so I could cook it back in my dorm, but somehow her brother misplaced it and we have no idea where it is now. ._.

We went to Ikea purely for food though, and after that we took the short drive to Chadstone so we could shop! She had to buy her towel, and I was quite sure I had nothing to buy, but I ended up spending quite a bit as well since when Australia has sales, damn their things are dirt cheap. The pair of heels you see there is five dollars, but they were too high I would fall to my death. xD

Cooked dinner for her and her brother that night! This is turning in to a habit. Even her brother is calling me their hired cook. Not even hired! Since according to him, if they hire me, they would have to pay me, so I'm their slave. ): Soup was a failure though that night! Epic sadness and embarassment. ):

Next morning, Wing Li drove us over to QV market for churros and doughnuts! Their doughnuts weren't as good anymore, sadly. ): But the churros was good! Extremely messy to eat, but oh, so, good. *slurps*

We sorta went overboard buying Ipod/Iphone covers as well, but they were all so pretty! Malaysia never has such pretty choices! D:

Her brother then dropped us at Lygon street for lunch before he went off with his friend. Italian lunch was amazing, risotto is much love<3 And then we had Il Dolce gelato, which was good! So very very good, but I'm still curious about the Trampoline gelato, which we shall get at Chadstone the next time I go over. xP

It wasn't even five when we finished our gelato, so we had the spur of the moment decision to go to Brighton Beach from Central! It was easy, just a matter of taking the train. The beach was pretty, but oh so cold! xD

Had to wait twenty minutes for our train to go back at seven though, so we just sat at the train station with junk food and talked. Of course, had to wait for miss mei li to check in first, the foursquare whore. xD Had dinner at Shyun Sushi on Koonawarra road, which was near her house! Everything near her house is pretty much good, really. Lucky girl. D:

I had to go back already the next day, so she brought me over to her uni in the morning, where we had scallops and yakitori at Tower Sushi for lunch, with Bubble Cup! And then I took the train back. Boooo. Now assignments are piling up and its insane cause everything is due on the same damn date and I'm about to drown in all my assignments. ;_;