Tuesday, June 29, 2010

karaoke + love of my fangirl life

Last Sunday was epic day. Okay, sort of la. Cause needed to finish up last minute stuff for the stall thingy next week, so had to have meeting with the people. xD And then we went to Pyramid for karaoke afterwards because, jengjengjeng Miss Doctor from Scotland, Shien was back! Saw pwnful figure skating while me and JJ were waiting for the rest of them. They danced to Bonamana! xD

Kim Gary's for lunch while waiting for our timeslot at the karaoke! This is honey milk, one of the most pwnful drinks on earth. Though honestly, I still prefer the one back in Orange, in front of Sunway College. Thats so much better then Kim Gary's. xD

Karaoke session! Obligatory picture of JJ cause she was next to me. RedBox is freaking expensive on weekends! Actually, everywhere is expensive on weekends. We all felt so broke afterwards. But yet we're still going for skating, week after next. We iz awesome. xD

Got my CD's today! Gonna go curl up in fangirl land now. Ta for now!

when i get older

I really thought that when I started uni, you wouldn't be there anymore. I'd be free to find someone else, and never have to deal with you ever again.

I was wrong apparently. Fate hates me.

And then I try to ignore you. Uni's so huge, its so easy to not walk in to a person for three years, right? Your building is right next to mine. And then there's that 'tuesday 1-2pm every course free' thing thats just so annoying.

I try to ignore you.

But then everything seems to remind me of you. And then you pop up sounding so melancholy, I feel like revamping everything for you.

I really need a break from this all. Convince myself to not conciously go looking for you. Because I think 4 years is really just too much.

Its time to forget. Please, get out of my life.

Friday, June 25, 2010

numero tres!

It was raining! And I woke up early to try and catch the sunrise too. But then it rained... so all I saw was rainwater and clouds. Sadly.

Instead, we decided to go for a drive to explore Phuket, since we couldn't go to the beach. The plans to look for breakfast around town was cancelled too, because of the rain. We had boring old buffet breakfast. Seriously, there's only so long you can go eating the exact same thing. xD

Saw elephants on the way to Karom and Kata! Cute baby elephant is cute! I don't know why all baby animals are always cute. xD But they were tied up though, and looked really restless. ;_;

Still raining when we got back to town! ;__; And it was lunchtime by then, after our drive all the way around to the other side of the island, so.. we stopped by Jungceylon for lunch again! And went for a massage too, heehee.

Last picture of my fluffy, free hair! Why?

Cause I got my hair done! From that,

To this.

To this~
And now my hair looks like this! alll dreadlocky and noodley. Though I'm taking it off tonight after a week. Can't stand it anymore. xD

Lunch! Ordered pork gyozas. They were nicee! Though the sauce was a different sauce. Some clear, thick thing which I couldn't identify, and was slightly sweet?

My spinach and salmon quiche! Wasn't feeling particularly hungry anyway.

Hot chocolate is the pwn for a rainy day! Nice and toasty, and I was freezing. Albeit it was a little too sweet though. Dx
Called for a glass of water to unsweetened my hot chocolate, and it came in the cutest cup! So adorbs. xD

Oh, and when the Thai's say 'spicy', they really mean 'spicy!'. I swear my mom's small plate of glass noodles had about fifty sliced up chilli padi in it. So freaky. x_x

Went to the Carrefour in Jungceylon just for curiosity's sake, and see if they have anything different from our Carrefour. They have sporks there! *spazspaz*

Not to mention like... ten different type of Mangoes. I can't tell the difference, seriously. x-x

Cream horns and cream breads! So sinful. I don't even like whipped cream, seriously. But I felt fat just looking at the darn things. xD

Pulut stuffed in nangka served with coconut milk! Its just like the pulut mango they sell, just the nangka version. xD

Went back to the hotel after that, was too tired. xD Slepttt~ Until evening, when we went out for ~

Seafood! Lobster to be exact, since the parentals wanted it. Was a little on the pricey side, but hey they're paying, so I ain't complaining. Tasted pwn, succulent and grilled to perfection~

My favourite! Squid cooked with butter and garlic~♥

And for dessert! Fried ice cream and banana fritters with ice cream! The fried ice cream was a little to sweet, because even the batter was sweet, so it got a bit too much. But the banana fritters with ice cream pwned so much.

Random, but Patong has the most complicated and messy electrical lines I've ever seen. There's about fifty tangled up together, I swear. I wonder what are they going to do if someone shot one of the electrical lines? How are they even going to find which one is the one they need? @__@

Went back the next day at around noon~ AirAsia may ask you to buy their meals, but damn their Bukhara Nasi Briyani pwns. I didn't take a picture cause I left my camera in my luggage bag, but it was so good♥

Pretty beaches in Phuket is pretty♥

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

day two at phuket!

Which was spent pretty lazily actually. I found myself waking up at around six something. AM. Probably because I get horribly unused to another bed. Or maybe its just the pull in bed the parental units got for me. Oh well, a girls gotta do what her parents coerce ask her to do? xD

Buffet Breakfast! It was part of our package of rooms, and the spread was alright. Though really, after three days of eating the exact same thing, you start getting a bit bored of it.

The same grape juice we were served on the first day. Me likes it! ^__^

It was still early by the time we finished breakfast, about 9am or so Phuket time, so before heading down to do more exploring, we went to lounge by the poolside for a while.

Laptop included of course, since Novotel provides us free wi-fi service for customers. Heehee. Nothing better then chatting with friends next to a pool with the best weather and seabreeze for accompaniment.

I went for a swim too! Found pretty flower in the pool while splashing around. xD And I actually finished a book while lounging on the poolside too. Whilst observing random people walking around. Like how the Europeans, guai lou's love suntanning in the sun? I hate getting tanned. Or dark. Or whatever. So naturally, I kept to the seats by the shades, and each time they walked past me I keep getting weird looks. Odd. Goddarn it I want to stay white, or as white as I can be anyway. *forlorn*

Went to Jungceylon after that! Its apparently one of the newer shopping malls in Patong? It looked pretty modern though, and reminded me of malls in Singapore when I stepped in. Though albeit, nothing beats the malls in Malaysia. Like c'mon, 7 floors all with organized shops and stuff? No competition yo.

They did have a rather nice fair going on when we were there though. Lookie! Selling kitchen utensils!

Except... their a bit too tiny for us to use.

Had lunch in the food court in Jungceylon, which wasn't all that great honestly, and was a bit on the pricey side too. So I didn't take any pictures. We returned to the hotel after that cause we're a bunch of lazy people who wanted a relaxing holiday, so we just lazed in the room till evening.

Market in Patong reminded me a little of Petaling Street when it came to the things on sale. The vendors there were aimed for tourists, but the difference is that you can haggle, and not be hassled when you decide not to get something! Less intimidating then Petaling Street, but I was still a bit freaked out whilst there.

More food! The night market in Patong is the most awesome place to go for food, I tell you. There's those grilled 'char siew' like meat and pork ribs which is a must try, because its like a sweeter, more succulent version of Malaysia's 'char siew'. And then there's a type of squid egg which to me is pretty tasteless, but if you're the type to go for texture then go for it! There's things from tempura prawn-like thingies to meatballs and sausages dipped in some special Thai sauce. And even some sort of white powdered, grilled fish! So many choices, its like a goddamn buffet.

They still has the aunties who walk around the tuk-tuk vendors selling food to them! In fact, one of the baskets has hot coals under wire mesh, which I think the aunties heat food over with. Oh! And the parentals mentioned something about these people selling the succulent bugs the Thai's eat too. You know the fried grasshoppers and cockroaches? You can never bribe me to eat these. Ever.

In the end, we forgoed our pre-planned seafood dinner to buy back some of the night market foods to eat. Something weird? You know how in Malaysia, there's the deep end and the shallow end of the styrofoam packaging? And the shallow end is usually the cover? Well, in Phuket its the other way round. So the food portions are rather small. Though they are nice! The mother was worried we wouldn't be used to random germs in Phuket though, so she insisted we only get the hot foods.

All in all though, the meat we bought and some form of fried beehoon and kuey teow still tasted awesome. The... so - called or chien like thingy was just normal though. I wanted to try the meatballs dipped in Thai sauce but the mother wouldn't let me. ;__;

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

phuket day 1

Right after the day of my final exam, I had to wake up at 4:30. AM. To do what? Catch a flight. Why? Cause I'm going to Phuket for my holidays baby! Granted, its only four days, but its better then none, no? xD

Had McD at LCCT before our flight at 7. I shouldn't have eaten though. It spoilt my apetite on flight. Dx

Reached Phuket Airport around 7.55 A.M Phuket time, and I was amused at what I saw outside the window when we landed. Will explain later. xD

Rented a car! Stepdad said it'll be easier to travel with a rented car. xD

Again, amused by the sight outside the window as we drove. Why? Because its so... so alike to another village in Malaysia. In fact, it reminds me of mainland Penang.

Dropped at a market at Phuket Town, where we saw pretty sites! Again, its like a typical wet market. Except for the foreign language. xD

Bought some sweet potato thingy! Was a bit on the starchy side, but was nice nonetheless. And I was getting hungry since I ate nothing but Hash Browns since morning. xD

Went to Patong Beach after that! To just visit the beach and get lunch because I was stark raving starving by then.
The parentals went to order the food while I ran down to the beach myself for a while. I couldn't resist! Such pretty sights, no?

Played with sand! And pretty slippers, because pink and white is very becoming, and JJ has a very good eye. xD

Coconut shake! They should make those here in Malaysia. Totally the most awesome drink I've had in a while.

Mango shake! Which is nice too! But not as good as coconut shake. Heehee.

Sugar. Which seemed to be on every condiment tray in Phuket, or Thailand for that matter. They do love their sugar, no? xD

Went to the hotel after lunch! Was greeted by nice concierge guy named Chris. He was Korean apparently, but was sent to Phuket to work.

We were given grape juice and a cold towel while we checked in! Perfect, since it was very, very hot. Dx

Ordered room service club sandwich! Before we went back to the beach, because we is hungry. After lunch. Phuket makes you hungry? /shot

Beach is ideal for picture taking, anyone toldchu that? It is! Excuse the fatty layers prz.

Nice hotel is nice! Its a hot place, Phuket is. So they provide free water and ice box! xD

Wrote names on the beach! Not my own only la, I not that narcisstic. I wrote for friends too la, but too lazy to put them up. People, go claim from FB!
Saw some kids making sandcastles! Is pretty. ^__^

We went to night market after a walk in the beach! My face has nothing to do with that, just wanted to show pretty beach is pretty. xD

Oddly enough in Phuket, they had alot of fat, stray dogs wandering around. Sleeping in front of air-conditioned shops when it gets too hot. Lucky doggies. xD

Technically, not night yet. But they still call it night market nonetheless? xD

Bought more fruit shakes! Cause the shakes in Phuket is ftw. This is watermelon and Mango. Without sugar, watermelon pwns. But Mango needs a lil sugar or it'll be rather sour.

Went back to the beach after the walk to see the sunset! ... Sadly, didn't get to see it cause it was too cloudy. But beach is still pretty? xD

And so ends the first day. Just went back to the hotel to sleep after that cause dudeeee we woke up at 4:30am, felt dead tired. xD