Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random picdump again. xD Daughter! I haven't seen her in a while so she looks less like a rat now. She got breeded though, so she's all preggers now. D:

STICKY CAKE. Whatever you call them, but I call them 'nian gao'. Not nice eaten like this, but its gooey sweetness is awesome when you fry it!

With sweet potato of course. Goguma! xD

Cut them in to strips and make a sammich with the sticky cake slice in the middle.

Dip them in batter and fry them! It is awesome, I tell you.

Goldeny brown, sweet gorgeous♥

My monster sleeping in the hot sun. xD

The pocketful from KFC I had from lunch at Midvalley! It is... epic goodness in a pocket, I swear.

Lunch at Korean Street Food at Asian Avenue always comes with bubble tea. ALWAYS. Though this is... if I'm not mistaken, lychee, lemon and vanilla shake? xD SAME COLOR DIFF FLAVOR YO. xD

My golden monster watches TV, I SWEAR. He barks at the television when a dog comes on! xD

C&S WEEK. Melodie and Cecilia and the rest spent an awesome effort, and our booth looked gorgeous! We won best decorated booth!

See! There's even a mini red carpet thing. xD

I realize... I eat a lot on Thursdays, when my classes from from 9 to 6. >.< href="">

Lunch in the women's room! There was fried beehoon and grape jelly in the tupperwares!

Everyone brought packed lunch cause cafetaria food is expensive and horrendous! Wee!

Mei's fish made a pretty color!

And then there's lou mai kai for snack in Dr. Andrew's class because its at a horrible time and I need food to keep me awake. xD

We can has Vanilla Frappe! Because its buy one free one, and super cheap. Rm8 for one only! And its mega nice too! To quote Dr. Andrew, 'Why are you guys always eating when I see you? Eating again?!' xD You have a horrible timeslot for class la

I actually went down to town after 9872389830 years yesterday! Amazing? Yes, I acted so freaking jakun there. xD

We actually were headed for the Coliseum for dinner. Its apparently a historical restaurant, built all the way back when Malaysia was still colonized by the British.

Tunku abdul Rahman used to come here to discuss independence apparently! xD

Lookit! Non-alchoholic cocktails~

This is mine! The Mickey Mouse, which is basically just ice cream and whip cream in coke. Yeah, float much? But I was jakun. xD

Okay to be honest, food wasn't all that good. And don't expect frills when you go there. Its like an enlarged version of a coffeeshop vendor for Western food. Heck, my stepdad made a reservation and we had to go and find our own reserved table. No one came to serve us, trust me. xD But its a very quaint place, and i'm highly amused by it.

The oxtail soup was good though! Omnomnom.

This is the Hainanese Chicken Chop they apparently are good at, but the mother says its ... not really good. Normal, actually.

My Rib Eye sirloin was good though! Coliseum is apparently famous for their sizzling plates, but towards the end it got a little too salty. But I asked for medium rare, and the meat was coooked to perfection~

It even came in a cute lil dish, the sides. Potatoes and vegetable! Though as you can see, the serving is seriously unfrilled at all. xD

Their garlic bread was made from the fluffy hainanese toast... and its actually pretty good.

My dessert! Peach ice cream! I thought it was going to be peach ice cream at first... and it came as peaches with ice cream. I didn't know if I should feel dumb or cheated. xD But hey, the ice cream was really good!

I read somewhere that the caramel custard was good... but it was like a block of taufu. D: Not nice! Honestly, I think people say Coliseum is good because back then, there was no standards for it to compare with. But now... its just quite normal, though the bill we got was a little atrocious. D:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

RANDOM PICDUMP. Yes, I do a lot of those these days, hence just be prepared to get bombed by a load of pictures from me at any one time, I'm too damn lazy to warn you guys these days. xD

Mel made it for us! Pretty, no? She uses hers for her remote controls, but mine is for my hair stuff. xD

Okay I just stole the stepdad's camera to spam pictures, because the pictures taken with it has gorgeous colors!

My biscuits! I hardly wear them these days, but they be adorbs!

My favourite corner in my room! One of them anyway, since I have two favourite corners. But this one looks prettier, because of the hanging pictures and the posters of my favourite boys♥

Turkey sammich! Yes, I love mah turkey, the ones we bought back from Melbourne. I'll probably cart a bagload of them back when I study there or something. xD

The life of a uni student ; packed lunch for broke ones, books to amuse self, laptop for class amusement, unit guide for study. xD

The red carpet treatment babeh!

Was actually preparing with the rest of the committee for C&S week in uni.

We even has spotlights!

Can you guess our theme yet? We made poles and those barrier thingamajigs. :p

Celebrity yo yo! We even have oscar nominees. xP

Snowflakeee! Sea Amber Jelly after a whole day of preparing the decorations for the booth, cause Momoko went out with her friend and packed it back for us. Omnomnom, I swear I'm a little bit addicted to snowflake. xD

C&S Week! Everyone came dressed up as some celebrity or other. xP

Michael Jackson! With SHINee's Key, SNSD's Yoona and Kara's Goo Hara. xD

Yes, Kpop fans, so sue us. :p

We even had Glambert yo!

Aaaaanddd a random 'begger' with an awesome voice. Yeah. xP

Lunch in the womens room! because all three of us hate the heat and the women's room has air conditioning and fluffy cushions to sit on!

Extreme chocolate those two bought, omnomnom. I was refusing to spend money cause I'm being thrifty, but omo its gooooooddd! So have to get the vanilla one day. xP

It turned tricolored after a while! *fascinated*