Wednesday, September 30, 2009

random updates v3.

Naomi-san brought this back from Japan from me. Guess what are they? Nope, not biscuits, not toys, and its not a book either. A book from Japan is of no use to me, I can't even understand 50% of romaji, much less kanji.

Its mooncakes! And the cutest usami-chan mooncakes ever! Look adorable.

Its a tad too sweet, but its very soft, the texture, and very smooth. Delicious. I can't bear to eat the rest now. They look too bloody cute!

Guess what I've been doing lately? Just finished my Biology A exam today, so... yeap, I've been studying.

Now my brain is so saturated with antidiuretic hormones and hypotalamus's and collecting ducts that I need to unwiinnnddd. So yes, this blog post is going to be pretty random.

What usually happens in Globalization class if someone comes in late. Thats Zooeyd by the way.

The one this time would be Vincent. :p Miss Uma is a very sweet teacher, but she's also very strict. xP Its amusing though, when you're not on the receiving end of her tongue, and I adore the class. xP

Charity sale by MUFY moral today! I couldn't help though, with the selling, since I had class from 12.15 to 2.45, and the sale was from 12 to 3, so I couldn't do much. I did go there slightly early and take pictures though!

My stall! Its selling puddings and custard, which is cho umai!<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5387240321951601266" border="0">Jessica with the nugget, and Wee Ni, at their own stall. Both wearing purple sommore. xD

They were using a rice cooker to fry the nuggets! Or... at least it looks like a rice cooker to me anyway. :p
The fishing game they had, the one with the metal rim and the paper in the middle to act as the net, which was fun! I caught only about 2, the rest was caught for me by Wei Qing and Xian Wei, but now I has fishies in my room, colorful ones!

Now off to some relaxation... and preparing for my presentation tomorrow. ;_;

Saturday, September 26, 2009

dinner and lunch?

Went out for dinner last night at Super Tanker with the family of the stepdad, it was mecha mecha umai. I even had white wine! :p Not that I drank much, just a little, but the food there was awesome.

The Thai fish Uncle Siew Pan ordered for the night, was pwnsome. I'm not the type to go for fish usually, cause I detest the bones with a passion, but this one was good! Really nice, and has a nice blend of sourness and sweetness to go with the meat of the fish.

Lamb boiled in soup, or as Kee Jin called it, 'Lamb Kut Teh'. Like 'bak kut teh', just replace the pork with lamb meat? Either way, really good. The soup was milky, and has just the right amount of taste in it, and it has fu chuk in it!

First thing I was greeted with when I stepped in the restaurant. They had this whole wall of aquariums filled with fresh fishes to be eaten, but the first thing my eyes zeroed in was the eels! Freaky eels who looked like they were going to eat you up if they could fit you in their mouths. But heck, unagi is still delicious. :p

Mom went to buy new flowers today at Sungai Buloh! I didn't follow her there, but I took pictures of the flowers she brought back. Lookie!

Pretty, no? Now my garden's no longer a dull green color... not that I don't like the greens. :p

Lunch today was at Bayu Timor! I love the place, they serve the best lamb chop. Lookit!

A little mangled looking cause I messed it up a bit before remembering to take the picture, but its seriously good. My favorite of it is cause it doesn't have those annoying bones for me t cut around, and the potato au gratin that comes with it is pwnsome<3

Their decorations are the awesome cuteness! Look! Cute piggies!

Their actually salt and pepper shakers, but they were the absolute cuteness! And yes, you can actually buythem. I wanted to! But momma said it was a waste of money, dangsit. =.=

Ah well, time to head to brother's house now. *plods off*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

its back to mudanity

Cousins went back this morning after breakfast. They just arrived at 6.30pm, even if they started at 11am, and mind you the drive to Penang is only four hours give and take. My thoughts? I think its jammed up on the roads, but I can't say I'm surprised. Raya rush and all.

But them going back equates to me now going back to my completely boring, mundane life once again. What I did today? Clean the house.
Well, someone had to keep the beds the family used while they were here right? And its not as if the momzers is around to help. :p

Oh! And I made milk pudding too!
It wasn't sweet enough though, so now I'm contemplating on making caramel or using chocolate syrup to sweeten it up. What do you think?

And of course, I changed my blogskin! Spent half an hour on it cause I messed up the pre-set coding I downloaded off Blogskins, and I had to fix it fml. >.<
And what else did I do.... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. See how boring my life is? I spent the rest of the day lazing on my bed re-reading my 1281313810 romance stories and now I have nothing to do fml. Someone give me something to do before I rot to death. Even attending college is a good option now... even if there is only 4 days of the holidays left.

Damn. Now I don't know if I want classes or not.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day 3 + day 4 of holidays

Cousins attacked me in the morning with makeup and liquid eyeliner. Make up I do, liquid eyeliner not so much, so they were doing it for me. Ended up looking like this.
Do my eyes look bigger? The momzers say it does, and so do my cousins, but I dunno. It looks prettier though. :P The destination that day? Sunway Pyramid. But I only wandered around Asian Avenue in between looking for Mei during her breaks anyway. I've been to pyramid too many times. Got myself a new bag. Ngek.

Oh! And I went to play the arcade Percussion Master game again.

I'm addicted to it, I swear. Everytime I go to a mall with the game, I would definitely go and play it. But heck, the game only takes 15 minutes or so, providing I passed all stages. So the rest of the time, I went to ensconced myself in MPH. For a good solid three or four hours.

Reading romance novels. I haven't touched one in ages! Ever since second sem started. But for the past three days, I've barreled through a good three or four books while waiting for the Titanic aka the family to finish their shopping. And I must say, I miss reading, especially Judith McNaught and Julia Quinn. I love Julia Quinn especially, her writing is exquisite. And i realized how much I miss being a book worm, its been a while. xP

Went for dinner with the Titanic in a coffee shop at Taipan, where we took three tables, 20 minutes of confusion and much clearing of the poor confused waiters, before we finally settled to dinner.

Dinner with family is always an amazing affair at how huge the confusion can get. And this isn't even the full Titanic. Throw in the rest thats still in Penang and Sungai Petani, and you'll have to multiply the confusion by ten. Its always amusing to watch. :P

Went home after that, and our youngest, most playful uncle bought a couple of tricks to play with us. A tub of 'blood', rubber rat and rubber snake. So amusing. xD Words don't do justice, look!

Terrifying? we were in hysterics over it for half the night. :P And then my cousins and I went out for a late night movie, the one made in Singapore, 'Where Got Ghost?'. It was.... I don't know if I should call it a horror or comedy, since I laughed my head off, but when the ghost came out i had my hands over my eyes perpetually all the time. xP Its not bad a movie, but essentially it still has its horror aspects. :p

Went to sleep at 2.30 am that night... or morning, depending on how you see it. And we were dug up at 9 the next morning, cause we were headed for Ikea/The Curve/ Ikano. First things first though, the Titanic headed to breakfast at some Hailan shop. Again, confusion ensued. Oh, plus the three tables too. :p

I spent most of the time at The Curve in Borders though, as usual being my bookworm self. But didn't manage to finish the book! So I had to buy it. =.=

They're going home tomorrow! ;_; I don't want them to go home.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

day 2 of hols

Involved more shopping. Destination this time? Midvalley Megamall, which - might I add - was packed! I had no idea where did everyone pop up from, but it was like walking in a crush. So much so that I ended up in MPH for 3 hours plus while waiting for the rest of the family to get their shopping done cause I couldn't stand it.

Had bak kut teh in the morning, the best ever! Its the only shop of bak kut teh that I'll seriously eat. Not a particular fan of it, but I really like this one.

The best, evah. Its not that the meat is soft or anything, but caused they used sun-dried squid, or rather how we call 'ju huu' to cook it. Tastes awesome! *drools*

And its off to Midvalley we go! With three cars. Yes my Titanic darlings aka my family are a huge bunch. Three is considered normal. When its the end of the year we need four or five cars if we go out all at once for a meal. :P

Saw this at the fish spa at Midvalley. Looked so ticklish! I'm horribly ticklish, I doubt I can't stand 30 seconds with the fish nibbling at my legs and feet. Itchy!Arcade to play basketball shooter and the drum game. I'm an arcade addict. xP And yes, I was walking alone. Not that I didn't want to be with my cousins, I love them<3, but I'm a person of sudden whims and fancies, so I think its better if I walk alone.
And the rest of the kids and us were at the living room eating. :p

Oh, and i have no idea WHY are my family all facebook obsessed. Now my computer is used to play Tower Bloxx (by me), my youngest uncle is outside playing bejeweled in the living room computer, my mom is on her laptop playing Farmville, and the rest of the family are discussing the pros and cons of Barn Buddy, when is their next harvest and how much they earn per day. Omg.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

day 1 of hols

Started with the cousins coming here on Friday night! They haven't seen my new house before, so lets just say they went just... that little cam happy. xP

Slept around 1am that night, just cause the three of us were just too tired from rushing for our assignments so they could come down to shop. And then we jumped up at 7 the next morning. Literally jumped. Cause my aunt triggered the alarm. xP

We went to 1U for the day! The awesomeness that is my family the Titanic, cause it took them an hour before we actually got moving. Mom said we were going out at 9, it was 10 before any of us stepped out of the house. xD Had breakfast at the coffee shop near my house, before we went to 1U, where the decorations for Hari Raya were up!
Went cam-happy again. xP

And of course, shopping is a given. What else do you think we went to 1U for? Become puppets? xP
Do not even ask what I bought. I bought too many. Why are there still so many sales around even after the mega sale is over?! Its too much of a temptation, sheesh. And I needed to get one for something in college anyway. Justified? Yesyes? Stop dreaming Kitty. =.=

Oh! There was this wedding fair there, and I saw the most godawesome wedding dress. Not too classy, not too rugged, not too demure either, see!
Yes I'm not exactly the type to go for off shoulder stuff. Don't exactly like looking the demure lady like part, since I'm completely not like that. But the collars on this dress balances off the lady-part of it perfectly!... Not that I'm getting married anytime soon of course. :P To get married, one needs a partner, and I don't even fulfill that criteria. xP But look what we ended up with today!

Went home around 10. The shops were closing as we walked out wtf. And nows its 11 yikes! Needs to get to sleep! Its Midvalley tomorrow!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a day in our... eh! my life. :P

Exams are done! At least for now. One week holiday before its back to the toil and grind of being a college student, but I SHALL ENJOY MY ONE WEEK HOLIDAY. Even if it kills me wtf. Its the last week of holidays I'll get before its down to the gritty to work for my finals. :p

... But what should i update about? Pssh. My life is too mundane i can't even think about what to update. See! Everyday, I go through the same cycle. At 7am, I wake up. First thing I do? switch my computer on.

Yes I'm a computer junkie, rawr.

So I use my computer for about 20 minutes, before I leave it on and go change! Stuff like that takes me about 15 minutes.

And its off to college we go! Mom would usually send me since I'm carless now, sadly. =.= Depending on the traffic, it'll take anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour. Get there before 8, and then I'll have breakfast in class before the lecturer comes, while partially going insane, partially chatting with the gang.

Class all the way to 11! Before I ensconced myself in the library for an hour long break. I would usually go eat lunch, but I can't be bothered on Thursdays cause everyone else has class and I'm too lazy to eat alone.

Class starts again at 12.15, Globalization, with this group of people.

Well, technically there are more. But apparently everyone's camera shy wtf. You should see the way they dodged when I took my camera out and aimed it at them. :P Annie only stayed in the picture cause she had to do something on Daniel's laptop. xP

After Globalization would be Bio, where class is pretty boring. Of course, when times gets boring, me and Lene would end up doing things like this.

And this.

Yes all in front of teacher. Its two days before the Raya hols! No ones in the mood to study, even the lecturer isn't in the mood.

Bio's my last class, before I go back home... and thats about it. My day repeats itself day in and day out, so you tell me, how to update? Nothing to talk about. Unless you want me to go "Today I had chicken sandwich in the cafetaria at 8am...blablablabla". No right? Ish.

Time to go sleep now. Mundane day just ended. Going to repeat itself again tomorrow. Baiii.