Friday, January 29, 2010

pretty anna!

Long period of no update = Kitty is rotting away at home. Rotting away at home usually equals repeating the same procedure each day over and over again, and unless you wanna know how many balls of rice I eat everyday or how many steps I take every hour, I really have nothing to update. =\

Oh, but look what came home to my arms today?

Look! Pretty box! Peacock! Its Anna Sui! The name Sui actually made me go 'wtf?' and then laugh at first, but it rolls off the tongue easily. Why? Because Sui in Hokkien means pretty... and well, I guess the name fits, because everything's so pretty there! Its not a top of the line perfume or make-up manufacturer, but its pretty!

This one is Flight of Fancy, a... not a perfume exactly, but you can use it as perfume I think? I just like its pretty bottle. The stepdad bought it back for me enroute back from Jakarta where he went for a job last week. Pretty pretty!

Okay, end of rant. Now its back to rotting at home waiting for Monash to send me the time of the orientation. They said it would be up by Friday, but I'm not seeing it anywhere! D<

Thursday, January 21, 2010

make a teddy!

My momma's birthday is this Monday, and i had been wracking my head for what to give her, because seriously, the momma isn't the easiest person to please. She's picky on her clothes, particular about her perfume, and very selective on her make up stuff. So... yeah. I wouldn't want to get her something she didn't use, so guess what I ended up giving her?

I gave her a teddy! Not just any teddy, a teddy I made myself. There's a shop in Sunway Pyramid, topmost floor of the old wing, near the bowling alley. Its a shop filled with teddies, and you can make your own personal teddy there!

First you pick out a teddy from the many available there for you to choose from. There are more then what's shown in the picture, my camera's just not wide enough to capture it. Once you choose your teddy,

Then you pick a music box! Or you could opt for a voice recording too, but that will cause extra. There really isn't much selection on the music though, so I'll recommend going for the voice recording, which costs 12.90.

You'll also be given a heart, and a birth certificate! The heart is for your teddy, make a wish before you put it in! 8D

And then proceed to stuff your teddy! Can't make a teddy without its meat now can we? There's no limit to the stuffings you can use, so just shove as much as you can inside. Put the music box in to, wherever you want to put it. I put mine in its hand, a conventional one, but you can put it in its ear if you wanna. Remember to put the heart in!

Then fill in the birth cert! The shopkeeper will tell you the height of your bear, and actually weigh your bear for you once you're done! xP

But poor teddy looks so naked no? The boy needs some clothes, so go pick some for him!... Or her. They have a wide variety of clothes, though its not included in the 'Make-a-Teddy' package. The clothes are separately priced, but not overly expensive.

Miss Shopkeeper will help you dress teddy up, lest you tear his poor clothing.

And you're done! Teddy comes along with its own house, the box you see my teddy leaning on. My cost didn't surpass a hundred, but I can't reveal the real price here cause darling teddy is meant to be a present and I don't want Momma to find out the price. But its not overly pricy, and a handmade teddy bear is special! So... yeah, go try it? xP

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

japanese fast food, the bestie, and contacts

Monday afternoon was a scheduled outing with the bestie after the ages of not seeing her. Okay, ages here being a couple of weeks, but it was long enough. Went for lunch at the new Japanese fast food place. Hey, i'm a japanese junkie okay. xP I took the burger curry rice, which was ... surprisingly good. Japanese curry is the sweet type usually, but the curry here was very fragrant and nice. Not sweet, very typical Malaysian curry. I guess its too suit our tastes?

And the bestie had... beef black pepper rice? I think?

Our food was prepared on hot plates, but we have to cook some of it ourselves. Like for Mei's plate, the beef that came was raw, so she had to cook the beef on the hot plate. My curry was cold, but once you pour it on the hot plat, it sizzles and crackles. Very nice, though you have to be careful and not touch the plate. Overall, I'd love to go back there for lunch again. :P

Went home at three since I had an appointment for swimming! I almost didn't go, cause the stepdad was feeling sick before then. But momma came home in time, so its off to swimming I go with Aunty Lai Lai and Beng Wei. Its been an ageee since I last swim! I missed it so much. So yay, I get to be a waterbaby again.

Got my contacts today! I spend an hour learning how to put them on fml. I hate my asian eyes sometimes, so darn tiny they are. But I put them on! So now I haz contacts. For a month. Before they decide if I can continue or not. D8

Doesn't matter. At least I now can has contacts. 8D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

outing! plus family.

Not together, technically? Dinner on Wednesday was the pwnsomeness of Rakuzen at Plaza Damas... or somewhere near there? I'm not really sure. Rakuzen is one of the more expensive places where you can have a Japanese dinner, albeit its nicer and more authentic. I was a little shocked when Uncle Tong said he wanted to bring the family for dinner there though, because the prices are absurd.

The raw sashimi plate, which I have no idea how much it caused. But would you look at the size of the roe! Bloody huge. Biggest roe's I've ever seen around.

Kee Jin's sushi plate, taken after he vamoosed everything, because I didn't wanna interupt famished people from eating. But this little baby here costed at least 75 ringgit malaysia, horribly expensive... though yes, it is nice.

My sukiyaki set, which was around 38 ringgit malaysia if I'm not mistaken. Huge chunk of meat, and a lot of stuff inside the pot... sort of worth it? I'm a lil frugal though, so forgive me if I say its still expensive.

Overall, I'd say the food at Rakuzen is good no doubt. Stepdad particularly liked the mackerel, and Kee Gin also said the sakura bento set was really good. Their portions are pretty big too, but I'd say its not a place you can go to often if your pocket isn't overflowing with cash. xP

On a brighter note, the sakura bento came with pink sugar! Amazing, no? :P

Met up with this girl on Friday! She's my best friend during primary school, and still remains a very good friend. She's as tall as I am, and I haven't seen her for a solid five years! It was good seeing her again, and I brought her to eat ddukbukki for her birthday the day before.

She also came with me to make this, but since its supposed to remain a secret, its for another post.

Dinner on Friday night was with the family again before Kee Jin flew off back to Australia. The picture above depicts the signature dish of Greenville, the place where we had dinner. Godayum the prawn noodles was good! Its called 'sang ha mien' in cantonese, and I have no idea how to translate it, but its basically noodles with thick sauce and tiger prawns on top. Its utterly scrumptions.

Really liked the fried squid too! Its a lil salty sweet and slight spicy, but not overly so. Minus the fact that I had to painstakingly pick out the cilli padi of which i have absolutely no love for, this was awesome too.

Beng You makes the best cakes, be it cheese, sponge or otherwise. I should make the guy my teacher, i swear.

Oh, and on impromptu decision today, we went to get my contact lenses, or at least book them. I'll get them by Tuesday, like finally after years of begging to get contact lenses. And on the way for a bite at AC, we passed by ICLS language learning centre. Impromptu. Not planned. So..

I'm now enrolled as a Japanese learning student, beginners of course. But its a start. Wee!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been on a binge lately. No not on chocolates, not on ice cream (as much as I'd love to, its fattening wuwu.), but i binge on CNY! Songs, cookie making, decoration making, you name it I do it. I've been listening to non-stop chinese new year songs and just generally getting in the mood. So much so my friends have all been asking me the same question, why in heck do I love CNY so much?

Well frankly... I really am not sure. Maybe its cause of the songs? I always find CNY songs super upbeat and generally cheerful, my favorite genre of songs. The one I posted up there is an old one, released in 2006 or 2007? When I was fifteen or something. I remember that was one of the few times I literally stayed for months at me grandma's house in Penang. Cousins and I were getting ready for CNY and they bought the pirated copy of the Four Princesses CNY album. I loveee this song. In recent years though, Astro, 8Tv and other stations have been releasing songs too!

Or maybe its just because of the atmosphere in general? You gotta admit, CNY always makes people feel super excited. Loud songs, cheerful colors, new clothes! I got a whole cupboard full of new clothes just begging for me to wear them. Sadly I have to wait till CNY before I can even open them. Alls the pity. ;_;

Angpaos? Maybe. Money is something no one turns down, no? And you'll get so many different red packets from your family, its enough for me to get a new album. >D But money isn't everything~

So maybe its just the family. Without fail each year, I'll definitely spend CNY with the family. The reunion dinner here in KL with the family here, and then back to Penang for cousins and aunts, where its a week of general lazing around, eating and sleeping and eating, playing... oh! And watching the lion dance troupe that comes around every year too!

No matter what it is, i'm just a very asian girl who enjoys an adores CNY every year when it rolls around. Its a mixture of time with family, laughter, enjoyment, freedom and inflow of cash all around... so whats there not to enjoy? I can't wait!

Friday, January 8, 2010


For what? Chinese New Year of course! Its my favorite season of the year, bar none. Not because of the money, though of course thats a plus point... but no, even without the money I'll love CNY. You know why? Because my familyyyy. But its been boring at home lately. Nothing to do except watch my dramas. I just finished 2 today, and I'm going to start on Huan Zhu Ge Ge tomorrow, rewatching it. :P

But in the middle of watching dramas, i've been making CNY deco! I always tie ribbons on the trees outside, and also hang something else. Fishes! I make them from old angpows.

All while listening to CNY songs on my computer! Have to get in the mood, and I do so love CNY songs when its nearer to the festivities. I don't listen to the oldies though, but the more bright, preppy young ones. No opera for me tqvm. :p

Making the fishies are actually really easy. Using a pair of sciccors, staplers, and old angpows! First, you fold the angpow diagonally 90 degrees. Like this,

And then you cut them diagonally. Just follow the red line i drew.

You'll end up with the picture above, and then cut a straight line down the middle line where its folded.
And then cross the two ends together like below, and stapler them up, and you haz fishy! Just thread them with a red thread or something and you can hang it on your trees as deco. 8D
And why am I updating on how to make fishys? Because I am BORED. I have NOTHING to update on. D8 Anything you guys wanna know? I'm seriously brain dead here. Stuck at home 24/7 is what this does. ;_;

Monday, January 4, 2010

pig post

And by pig, i mean food. Lots and lots of food. Why? Because I spent Saturday eating and eating and eating. Okay, maybe just the morning and night, because I starved myself in the afternoon anyway. But the best way to start a morning?

Dimsum! I don't think I can ever survive without it. Dim sum is one of the best creations ever. I remember back at my grandmas place, when me and my cousins were much younger and all of us could still share one room. We used to get waken up by our grandpa at 7 or earlier for dim sum. But now I can still get a table if I wake up at 10, albeit needing to do some waiting. But for dim sum, its always worth it. 8D

Woh tip, or pan fried dumplings.

Pai kuat! Pork... something, I have no idea. But i love it<3

And mango pudding. My three definite orders each time i go to the dim sum place at PJ Uptown. When I went recently though, they had a new thing offered on the walking trays carried by the workers.

Tofu fried with oat flakes. Sounds weird? Tastes awesome. The flakes provide crunch, and the fish cake was just the right amount of tenderness without tasting too fake and watery. I think this may be my new favorite.

And then at night, I starved myself for the whole night for the party my stepaunt was preparing because her sons aka my stepdad's nephews were back from Australia for the holidays. The highlight of the day?


Which was roasted to this.

And then turned to this.

Can't guess what it is? Its a whole damn lamb. Australian lamb to be exact, and it was soo good. My aunt specially catered for a whole lamb, which would feed about 20-40 people. And the meat was so good. Tender and juicy, especially the shoulder and rib parts.

Everyone was just hovering around the tray as the caterer sliced up the lamb that was cooked, and I don't think the tray has ever filled up. As soon as a few pieces are placed in, they're all snatched up. They're that good. Thats going to cost you a damage of about 700 or more, so it better not be a daily thing. But a yearly thing? Why not? Its super good anyway.

But other then that, I've been sitting at home rotting while waiting for February and orientation to come. Oh! And Chinese New Year, my favorite time of the year! I can't wait. 8D

Friday, January 1, 2010

Helo Mr. 2010.

So its the end of 2009! Another year comes to a close. Obligatory end of the year post? Also to celebrate my 101th blog post. I didn't see the point celebrating a 100 post, since everyone does it. So I shall do 101! 101 dalmations wtf. :p

To be frank, I don't really remember what went on during this time. I think I was still bumming around waiting for my SPM results. I refused to go for January intake since I wanted to have some time to have fun before going back to studying. *taps chin* I remember playing a lot of games, watching hell alotta dramas, and some drama in my life too, but that got resolved easily enough.

Another month I don't really remember. More bumming, dramas, games and playing? Oh, we went back to High School for our old headmistress's birthday or something. I remember eating the nasi lemak in front of school, the most heavenly food in Subangville. xD I remember watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji too! One of the most awesome dramas then. And still is. And I remember watching Miley Cyrus too wtf. I WAS BORED OKAY.

D-Day! Got our SPM results back. I can't say I was satisfied with my results, but it was enough for me to get in my course, MUFY. Sadly, I couldn't attend the orientation, because I had to attend my uncle's funeral a couple of days before the orientation, which resulted in me flying back to Penang for about a week. Not that I'm complaining, but when I went to class for the first day without knowing anyone, I was scared shitless. So bad. But I made plenty of friends soon. Economics class was the best of course, as was English class.

Still with classes in college. More friends, more fun, more awesomeness in class now. Got addicted to bubble tea and hot&roll sold in the Sunway cafetaria.

These made me fat, I swear. Its like every other day, I either go down with Joyce, or with Lene, Rosh and Raveena to get the darn things.

Assignments started pouring in like nobody's business. It was expected since I was in the express course and all, but the darn things sucked away at my life. I spend most of my time in the library or cafetaria either doing an assignment, studying for an assesment, or preparing for a test.

Brother's house warming party where I got to play with awesome pets and spend time with family again! It was fun cooking satay again after so long. Long time since my grandma made them, but I helped this time! 8D

Cousins came over for Lee Hom's Music Man concert in KL, and then we brought them shopping around the place as usual. Everytime they come over, its like one huge shopping trip. xD

Moved from lovely Subangville to Ara Damansara, where I finally got my own room. Of course now, it looks infinitely more homier and with more things then the picture above. I've added a lot of stuff. Maybe I'll take a picture one day and show you guys? 8D

Made scrappybook for dhamma teacher. She's lovely, and we all love her from the bottom of our hearts.

End of exams for sem 1! So excited to finally have holidays after three months of study madness. Went out with Lene and Rosh and Raveena if I'm not mistaken .

Stayed over at my brother's house more often since I got my driving licence (or so Mei says. I don't remember at all, so I'll just go by what the bestie says. xD) Visited night market! The food there is lovely as always. Which reminds me, its been a while since I went. I'll probably go this weekend.

The start of the bane of my life - Malaysian Studies class. I hated that class with a passion, and I almost fell asleep in all of them. Lucky for the existence of novels and laptops, rawr. But because of this class, literally everyday during break we'll just go down and buy hot&roll for breakfast/lunch and eat them in class. Chicken and cheese hot and roll is addictive babes. xD

Painted the mural in our Temple, with the Boss's guidance. Me, Shien, Diane, JJ and everyone else who came were a lil lost throughout. xD

Started doing pretty nails! They started after I found the diamante sold in Daiso in the Curve. I love them, but I haven't had the time to do them lately. >.< Went o ut with Shien and Ben quite often for movies. They're my movie buddies. 8D Sadly, one is in gorgeous Scotland now, and the other is... busy with Jap chicks. xD

Got my braces off! Finally, after years of torture, those metal bits are away from my teeth, wahahaha. I was so happy when I went to take them off.

Attended DaiCon, not a huge event. But since I got to be my fangirl self all day long during the whole thing, I was perfectly happy with it.

Finding a temple to place the deities of my old house in to. I loved visiting the various temples, and they're all so pretty. We finally settled them in a temple in Klang, which was recommended by my uncle.

College Sem 2 for MUFY started again, which equals having lunch with these hunnies again. I miss it now, its been a whole two months since the last time we had lunch in Rock Cafe or Orange together. ;_;

Started the kite flying thing every weekened evening in the park near my house.


Last Pindapatt with the extended family in the temple. Eating on the floor and snatching for food will be muchly missed.

More mural painting, last touchups and graffiti on the boss's legs.

Outing with old high school friends to watch movie and generally just hang out with people I've missed.

Globalization class with games, food, Mason, Jonghyun and the gangs. 8D

Lovely lovely birthday celebration I adore and will remember forever. Thankyou girls!

First time having a Japanese buffet. Okay I sound jakun, but I love buffets and I love Japanese food. Japanese buffet? Heaven for me.

Family came for visit during Hari Raya holidays again. And yet again, we go shopping all over. Isn't it expected by then?

Started to get really really busy with college stuff starting here on out, so nothing much.

End of college. The year I spent in MUFY will forever be greatly cherished, and I love every single one of them. I hope I'll still be able to see them again next year in Monash. 8D

Graduation from the temple I've been attending for the past... god knows how many years. Ten? Nine? I don't know. I just know I have many many memories with these people.

SDS Concert! Where I spent most of the time either being a go-girl for V.o.T because I couldn't join them for performance due to exams. Also spent time shivering under the air con. xD

Outings with the bestie!

Sophia's birthday celebration with Kirst and Jess at Taipan! I was late because of the stupid traffic jam, but the conversations that night was totally LOL-able. xD

Chopped off my long hair.

I think this is my most happening month of the year. xP Got my results back after fretting over it for so damn long. I got through. 8D

Cousins wedding in Malacca.

Cousins from Penang came down again! But this time not to shop. Though we ended up shopping anyway, but this time we headed to Malacca, Genting and Lagoon to play and have fun. 8D

Spent so much money on the games in Genting, but got myself only a small seahorse. I want the bear in the picture so bad. D8

Went back home to Sungai Petani and Penang to revisit the lovely home I've practically grew up in. Yes, SP and Penang will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Went through hell at Immigration Department just to renew my passport for a trip to Singapore.

Met up with awesome friends in trip to Singapore, another one that will last forever in my memory.

As you can see, I got lazy in the end. There was just so many things! I can't do a 'special memory' post, since every memory to me is special in its own way, so I just did this monthly thing. Now, my new year resolutions?

1. Do well in Monash, like seriously. I must.
2. Try and be more outgoing, and not coop myself up with the computer all the time. I'm too lazy, I know.
3. ...?

The last one is a secret. 8D Everyone has to have their own secrets, no? But as it is... happy new year, and welcome to the year 2010! Here's to it being a better year then before, and may all of you be blessed with happiness and joy throughout.