Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop. Stop and just think, think for a second, just how fragile that thread we call our life can be. What did you do today? Have lunch with a loved one? Laughed over a private joke with friends? Or just spend a quiet evening with family around the living room? And then further your thoughts, to what could happen tomorrow. Do you know? Well, I don't either. No one does, and at the risk of sounding a little pessimistic and dark, we may even meet our end the next day. So why do things you may regret tomorrow? Say things you may wish to take back, but may never get the chance to apologize for it because life just works in unexpected ways?

You're given one life, and no matter how much some of you may think that the life is worthless, it isn't. So many people want that chance to live, so many people lay there dying, wishing to be given a second chance so they may appreciate what they've always taken for granted before. And at the same time, so many people just sit there wallowing in their own self-misery, thinking they should just take their lives. Why don't you all just stop, and think? Think just for a second, and realize that life can be taken away as easily as it was given.

So why waste it wallowing in self-misery and pity? I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend that life being happy. Happy versus sad? Smiles and laughter versus tears and despair? I know which one I'd choose anyday. I lament over the days I had lost being the rebellious teenager that raged against everyone in the world, but what was lost can never be taken back. So for now, I'd rather live a life without regrets. Besides, why opt for the latter when I laughter is music to my ears, smiles candy to my eyes, and warm hearts a salve to my soul? I've seen life snatched away, way too easily to take what I have now for granted.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grandma's house the best place to take pictures. Its so olden looking, and it has history too! It never changed much from how I first remembered it, and I've been going there ever since I was born, so at least 20 years. xD

The shed the walls and everything has been there since forever. xD But the bad side is that there's so many bugs there, I get creeped out sometimes. Especially the shed behind the house, has always had a wasp/bee living there. And they make the loudest buzzing noises. T_T

Oh! Get this. I went back to my grandma's house in Penang, came back to KL on the 10th... and went back to Penang on the 13th again by plane, this time for a holiday with friends. Nice, huh? xD We stayed at Caryn's place! The most epically gorgeous glass house ever. Lookit the windows at the master bedroom!
I would love this drawer. solves my OCD problem once and for all. xD

My favourite place in the whole house! The attic/ top floor. Its gorgeous! If I had this place in my house, I'd be perpetually having sleepovers there. xD

It was at a pretty housing area halfway up to Batu Ferhinggi.

I captured slaves to serve me there. *evil laughter* One of them was being cheeky. xD

Popiah at Ferhinggi food court! I love it there♥ It felt a little odd being only with friends there though, cause I've always went with my family, barring none. xP

Breakfast! At the little place just below where we were staying at Ferhinggi.

American! With toast, poached eggs, panfried tomatoes and turkey ham~

Mei had pancakes, which me and Lei couldn't resist and ordered it for 'dessert'. It ended up being too much though. Was so full after that ~_~

The gorgeous lovely yolk of a poached egg♥ I love half-cooked yolks!

Went to the beach afterwards in the evening to sit in a coffee shop and just talk~

Fries and ice lemon tea!

Butterfly park on the second day we were there! Coincidentally, it was also Valentine's Day, so the Butterfly Park was having some sort of event. We were given the flutterby's to release! :P

Saw so many eggs there, they dotted everywhere!

So pretty butterflies, can? ♥

Told you it was V-day there. xD They even had balloons and stuff dotting the place.

And these little heart shaped tags with 'I Love You' printed in different languages and hung around the area. So sweet!

Scorpions! *screams and runs*

Can you see what I see? ^_^

They had gorgeous landscaping there too! I could see cobwebs all over the place. And cause they have a sprinkler system to water the plants I think, the waterdroplets hanging off the webs made it easy to take visible pictures of them!♥

They even had waterfalls! Pretty landscaping, no? xD

For the V-day event, some love porch I think, they called it. I found it really nice. :p

A friend showed us this. Butterfly playing dead. xD

Third day! Headed down to Gurney Plaze for shopping. Ended up in Winter Warmers for some tea. I loved the place ever since my cousin showed it to me last year! They should totally have a branch in KL, like fersrs. I would be its most loyal customer. xD

My iced mixed fruit tea! See how it comes in an adorable jug and the cutest martini glass? ♥

Wanted to go to Gurney Hawker for dinner, but it ended up raining so we ended up in Clinic Cafe. Remember the one I wanted to show you guys but ended up deleting all my pictures by accident? =.=

I can take replacement pictures now! xD They serve it in kidney bowls. KIDNEY BOWLS. xD Or whatchamacallit.

Night times at the house was a little creepy, cause there was only electricity in certain parts of the house, but is all good with friends. Lookit!

Also, we had our neighbourhood friendly orange ghost! xD He ate too much carrots as a human and ended up orange as a ghost. xD

Last day! We were at Queensbay, luggage and all before take off time, because its the nearest to the airport. Mei's honeystars covered BR ice cream!

Dinner at the Japanese place Anne showed me the last time at Queensbay, which has the best Tamago♥

And udon! ♥

And with that we went home on our 11pm flight~ I haven't seen that ceiling in years, ever since we started driving home. But it still hasn't changed, my aquarium ceiling. xD

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Second last day in Gramma's house! We played Mahjong again. xD Can you say addicted?

We had to stop halfway though, cause it was my baby cousins birthdays, so we were gonna use the table for the birthday cake.

Cousins, because both of them have birthdays just days apart, except Faye is about three years older then Wei. xD

Thats the family building a human wall because even with the fan turned off, the wind was still too strong and prevented us from lighting the candles. xD It actually worked!

Oh, cousins boyfriend came over for a visit too! She's the only one with a boyfriend now, so all the cousins plus a couple of aunts and uncles came in to watch the 'interrogation'. God forbid when I bring my own back, if I eventually get one. Poor guy. xD

Night at second uncles house! nasi lemak as usual, cause he always provides us with an enormous amount of food when we go there. xD

Ended up giving the younger cousin her birthday present the day after, on her actual birthday date. Stuffed rabbit! xD

Went to my aunts flower shop to work too that day! but I just mostly snapped pictures. xP

I cooked! Er, sorta. Made Sausage Strips? I have no idea what you call them.

Thats what they turn out like though, and I somehow find it absolutely adorable. xD

The bush behind my grandmother's house always surrounded by fluttering butterflies~

I actually did work when I went to my aunts shop the next day! Wrapping chocolates for Valentines. xD

I love the netting they use, its so pretty!

I made this! Pretty, no? xD

I er... made the ones around it? D: Don't ask me to wrap bouquets. They were too expensive for me to handle. xD

My favourite color combi!

Pretty flowers!

Roses for Valentines too! They cost a Bomb, and I was shocked when my aunt told me. D:

Removing excess leaves and thorns. Before we took out the netting keeping it shut...

...And look at it! Its huge! So pretty though~

Creepy spider I saw at aunt's shop. D:

I made spring rolls! This was the filling. Instead of using mangkuang and bean sprouts though, I used cabbage and carrots and some meat. Something I learned from Australia. xD

The skin~

You wrap them up! I prefer using a chopstick to do this cause I find it much simpler to arrange the filling to the way I want them. xD

And then you fry them! I always have a bias for spring rolls, oddly. I think I just like the skin stuff, cause I love gyozas.

Dinner on the last night we were there before going home the next day!

Check out what we found at the restaurant. *shivers* Creeps me out.

Huge anount of cousins again. xD The one in black was always good with children. xD She's only 13 but she's amazing with them.

Yeah, the one I have catfights with when I was younger. xP Sleepyyy. :p

They hardly sit down to eat dinner. >.<>

And its home the next day, thankfully with now jam. Tis my huge ice cream waffle as usual in Tapah for lunch, because I can't stomach anything else. Dx