Friday, July 31, 2009

weekly update! again.

This is turning in to some updated weekly blog wtf. xD Not that I intended it that way, but college is seriously way too crazy for me to update, that, and the fact that other then waking up, driving to college, class class class and then coming back home again, nothing else has been happening anyway. Mundane? More like BORING. With a huge capital B.

So here's random pictures from the week, college and otherwise.

Bubble Tea<333 The only thing that keeps me awake in Bio B class after a looong day. And Miss Lene's reward at the end of every week in college wtf. ;P
Eating fest in Glob class is a norm. The whole gang of us brings in like, different food items, and its like a picnic while we study. Mason drinks way too much tea, and Kahar + Naveen = chaos, but its amusing. xD Makes my life interesting anyway, and Miss Uma's sarcasm pwns. :p

Poor Bobdog got an operation last Wednesday, to remove some growth on his skin. The hunny is stuck with the Elizabethen collar for a whole ten days, just to restrain him from biting the incision. xDDD His adorable though! The way he moves SO CAREFULLY to avoid banging in to things, cause he can't see a thing with that contraption around his head. xP

Strawberries from Cameron Highlands! Delicious I tell you. I ate them together with vanilla ice cream, and it was heavennn~ Aunt brought them down, but they were going mouldy within a day, so we finished the whole lot.

Awesome chocolate fruitcake my aunt's friend made. It had a bit of alcohol in it too, a little bitter, but oh so chocolatey, it melted in my mouth. Literally.

Went to some Hakka cuisine restaurant in Pyramid today, and I have to say, the food wasn't all that good. Mom and uncle got a few dishes,a nd the only one I really liked was the bitter gourd with salted egg sauce, and thats only cause I like the salted egg. The rest were just normal stuff.

Teapot looked awesomely cool though. I think it was made of copper or something, cause it was pretty heavy, and I'm sure it costed a bomb to get, but I loved it. Probably only give the restaurant only a 4/10 though, cause the food was nothing to scream about.

Sleep time now. Have to go to brother's house tomorrow to babysit cause he wouldn't be around. I hate getting stuck in the middle sometimes, but its family. Rawr. Can't wait for movie marathon with Ben and Shien on Sunday. Wee!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sporadic much?

Ne? My updates have been spread all over the place lately. Blame hectic life, and stuffies. And things like me getting a sore throat wtf? So irritating. I could hardly sleep!

Classes these days have been omg hectic. Bio A and B was so slow, I almost fell asleep in class. But Econs has been moving like a bullet train. Lecturer teaches at an omg super fast pace, I get a headache every morning in class trying to cram in the facts.

Globalisations pretty much the same, since Miss Uma is pwnsome. xD English is slow as per usual, but we've been doing more on research project. I just finished my Introduction today, due next week, and wtf I spent 4 hours on introduction alone! Needs so many facts and rules I almost died doing the two page introduction. And I have to keep reminding myself to cite, reference and paraphrase. *growls* Oh! Just in case anyones interested, I'm doing my research on death penalty, so if anyone has any info, feel free to help? =D

Did experiment in Bio class last week, where I tried to see the mitosis and meiosis in the roots of bulbs, but I phailed. =( My onion root was apparently not bloody growing, even if lecturer said I stained the cells well, so we'll probably do it again next week? Not so sure.

Temple today was fun! Had singing session again. The picture above would be Leon's hand trying to depict a turtle. Keyword being trying. I have no idea WHAT got in to Leon and Ben's head, but me and J agree that its only these pair of brothers that could try, in the morning no less, try and argue over which one can do a better imitation of a turtle swimming. With hands. Go figure. xD

Went to Ikano with my visiting uncle today, and I saw this book.

Which showed me how to bedazzle my phone! Of course I ain't going to do it, I love my phone the way it is, but its so pretty! Steal some ideas to use on my nails. :p

Went to fly kites again today, apparently Sunday is turning in to family day. xD No wind though, so me and the cousins went to play at the park. Imagine a couple of old teenagers playing in a playground? xDDD Ridiculous, but fun! And then we went to have our dinner at LLC. Fun day with family = pwnsome. Family rocks, no?

Classes start again tomorrow. *dies* Someone save me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

sakae sushi @ subang parade

Remember my blog post from a few days ago? Where I said I went to eat at Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade for dinner? Well, let me just clarify one thing. I love Japanese food, really, I adore it. And the food in Sakae Sushi is delicious, especially their black plate promotion each month. It differs, and this month its oyster and its absolutely awesome.

Their black plate dishes. These two are some... oyster crepe wrapped thing. I don't remember their names, but it was cho umai! Which means super delicious in japanese. There was another one we called, the oyster Chawan Moshi, but... it didn't came. Which brings me to the main point.

Their service. Sucks. Shit. I'm not stereotyping the whole Sakae Sushi branch, just the one at Subang Parade.

First off, they used an online ordering system. Seems cool? It is! I love using it, and it makes my life easier. But not when you have to wait for half an hour for each dish to come out, and then halfway through your mail, some waiter comes to your table, asks if all of your dishes have came yet, and when you say no, he proceeds to copy your dishes from the things you ordered on screen, and going back to the kitchen.

I mean, hello! If you're gona get us to order through the computer, use it goddamn and don't come and do a proper order that way! You're losing the point of things. =.=

And all I ordered was one sukiyaki, one gyudon, and one tama unagi don! It took them one hour to serve everything, and they didn't even manage to serve my mom's oyster chawan moshi and the azuki ocha ice cream waffle we ordered. My mom got so annoyed at the end that she just cancelled the last two and walked out. We came in at 7.45 pm, we left at 9. An hour and 15 minutes, and I didn't even get all my order. Service? Down the drain.

I got so bored while waiting I even started camwhoring with the reflective surface next to my table. And I'm not the type to use the camera whilst dinner. Before dinner, just when the food comes, yes. But not in the middle of it. And this was when I was done with the sukiyaki and oyster crepes, and waiting for my dons. =.=

So I suggest, go take Sakae Sushi by all means, seriously! Their food is good. Just don't go to the Subang Parade branch. At least not at dinner time. They have no idea how to manage stuff when its hectic.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kite flying!

Never managed to post about it, but I went kite flying with the family last week, on Sunday, at the park near my house.

Failed miserably. *shot*

But we're determined! And we're also a stubborn bunch. And also cause my smallest uncle is down this week, we went to do some kite flying again today! Down at the park again.

And miraculously! It flew!
Pretty, no? This was only when the kite was halfway up. Didn't help that it wasn't all that windy, but I think we spent a solid half an hour trying to get the darn thing airborne! I almost thought we were going to fail again this week.

I was only being the kite launcher for that day, since I already proved myself a hopeless kite flyer the week before. :p

It flew though! Seriously! As seen in the picture above. :p It was around... 7 already? Sun had already set, which by the way, was gorgeous. Lookie!

Gorgeous, no? Golden threads silhouetting the darkening sky, and that little dot there is my kite. :p

The pro with kites. The one who used to steal other people's kites when he was younger by coating his own kite string with glass and snapping the string of other kites. Evil uncle. >:)

Me flying kite! I was tugging at it cause it was falling. Notice how everyone was looking up at the kite? We could finally get it airborne, and I didn't even do it. xD It was my other uncle who did it. :p Yes, we city kids are hopeless. But heck, it just proves we need to get out on our butt more ne? Games like NDS's and PSP's these days do us no good. Whatever happened to the days of playing games like marbles, or using a chalk and a rubberband? Tsktsk.

I remember the days when me and my cousins used to gather outside of my grandma's house the moment the clock reached five and our parents let us out, just so we can play those mindless games. Chalk was essential, cause we liked drawing on the ground, play hopskotch, or we call it 'Pui Ki' here. We even played this game where you had to randomly drop a rubber band behind a person, and the one who got chosen had to chase the other around the circle we sat in... yeah, pretty random game. But it was fun! :P

Went back after half an hour of flying the kites, we went to have dinner at this new steamboat place near my house. Spent a good hour there eating and laughing at completely random things.

One uncle + Huge plate of noodles. xDDDD We were laughing at how he was just too lazy to move everything all in to a smaller bowl, which made sense, since he was going to finish the whole plate anyway, but... :p

Planning to go again next week, cause youngest uncle is only going back on Monday next next week. Did I ever mention spending time with family = gold? :P

Saturday, July 18, 2009

mega sale<33

Right! If you guys know, mega sale in Malaysia has started since... a couple of days ago? I went to One Utama today. Major MAJOR shopping spree. Spent a shocking amount of money, so that pretty much means I'm grounded using money for the next... few months. Bleargh.

My spoils. I absolutely ADORE the white top I got, and got a red checkered black scarf to go along with it too. And no, you saw no mistake. Thats two, two pairs of shoes! Sandals really. I initially wanted to only get the blue and black one, then I saw the silver and purple one which I adored. But my whole point on getting a new pair of shoes was getting a pair that would easily matched my wardrobe!

Ended up getting both. *shot*

Saw this pair of shoes at Marks and Spencers. Surprisingly enough, they were NOT on sale. Ultra adorable though. Can't see in the pictures, but its black with white polka dot heels. Bloody 138 ringgit, of course I couldn't afford it. T-T

Ate this for breakfast. They call it the big Korean satay? Swt. I doubt the Koreans even know whats satay in the first place, but its really good though, slathered in teriyaki sauce and mustard.

No picture of it soaked in sauce and mustarde. I ate it all up before I remembered to take a picture of it. x_x

Went to Sakae Sushi at Subang Parade for dinner. Completely different story which I will tell on another post. Bottom line? Sakae Sushi is good, and I'm not being generic here. But the branch in Subang Parade? *stabs*

Friday, July 17, 2009

mundane boring lifeless

Classes. So boring. I know I'm supposed to pay attention in class, but I find myself spacing off in Econs more and more lately, I can hardly concentrate. I literally have to yank myself back to reality. Life is just so mundane everyday. College, lunch, college, then back home, and repeat the cycle the next day. I'm turning in to a rock. T-T

Twitter, which is seriously making me lazy. So lazy to blog cause I update literally everyday there, and its making me so addicted to it too. I keep checking it every half hour if I'm in front of the computer, its unhealthy. =.=

Miss Lene during Bio A. Yes I was bored.

Bio B wasn't all that much happening either. Friday is always two lab periods for me, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but I didn't have to wear my lab coat that day cause we didn't have an experiment. I couldn't keep my hands off those chemicals though.

Not that I was planning on mixing them together and burning them down. They just seemed so fascinating all lined up in front of me! I never had that in my old school okay. All the chemicals all kept in the room. Okay fine I jakun so what wtf. xD

Oh! And and and! Guess what!

Its fake la! I'm not tha gutsy to get real one. I'm bloody chicken of pain I can tell you that, and my mom would slaughter me alive and boil me in curry if i get one. Its only airbrush, but I have a thing for dragons. xP

Okay, mundane life update over. Its the mega Sale! Heading to One Utama to shop tomorrow and I can't be happier. :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life has been hectic. College is crazeeee. 5 classes per day, with only one break, from 8.30 to 4 everyday. Mondays and Tuesdays are worst, going home at 6, I'm bloody overwhelmed. And its the same mundane life everyday, I have nothing to update about. Rawr.

But here are some random pictures I took throughout the week!

The old altar from my old house. We were moving the deities to a bigger temple, cause I was moving and all, and burning the old altar is one of the... traditions? I guess you could call it that. The whole thing was like a furnace when it was burning. I couldn't stand near it, and I could swear I can feel my hair burning off. x_x

Carcasses in front of my Bio lab wtf. xD The first thing that greeted me when I entered was three huge boards of stuffed animal carcasses, and I got freaked. Something about those lifeless beady eyes that murdered me. xP

Globalization class brain storming again. I have no idea why, but I've been doing a lot of drawing lately. Not like i can draw. I can't draw to save my life. >.< Thats mine though! Cause we were short of time and I had no choice. In case you can't figure it out, thats supposed to be a human using a computer. I didn't draw the head though, cause I tried and it looks so disproportionate. xP Thats Mason's hand drawing it. The guy was probably the only drawer in our group. All Akram, Eason and I did was color, and think of a slogan. xP

Bio class! Class B is really boring though, or so I say. I mean, the lecturer's really sweet and all, but class is just so boring I really feel like falling asleep. Drawing mitosis and meioisis really isn't helping either.

Blah. Life has just been so mundane lately. But I'm going to pyramid with Lene, Gan, Raveena and Shi Mun and the rest tomorrow! At least some excitement. We're going to celebrate Gan and Raveena's birthday. I wana go ice skating. :p

Saturday, July 11, 2009

japanese expo ftw!

Woke up bloody early. Around... what, 7.15? Automatic alarm clock. xD I was excited! I've been waiting for Daicon for ages, and I got to go this morning. :p
Went to eat breakfast at SS19 first, but I was bloody excited to get to MMU Cyberjaya, partly cause I wanted to get there early to avoid the crowd, and partly cause... well its a Japanese expo! What else can be better!

Got there rather early, around 10.50 or something, and technically Daicon was only supposed to be open at 11, but since I could enter, I just went in. Surprised to find quite an amount of people there already though, especially cosplayers and media members. I could see people walking around with huge cameras! xD

Where I spent most of the time. Yes, I'm a fangirl down at heart, and I fangirl over the best boyband in Japan, Arashi, but I keep most of my spazzings over at my LJ, and try to keep my blog here spazz free. xD Feel free to wander over there and see this blogger squeal and scream like a madgirl over a couple of Japanese boys though. :p

But other then the booths of Johnny's Entertainment boybands, there were many other things. Of course, cosplayers were by default. They even had a cosplay competition there.

Huge ass knife. I think the guy borrowed the knife from this other guy who was cosplaying... Cloud Strife? Not really sure.

Cute, no? The girl cosplayers were probably the best, cause all of them were dressed so adorably!

Maid cafe! Like the cafe's in Akihabara, of course, this is the Malaysian version of it, and not as good, but still, its pretty amusing to watch.

Cute corner! Japan's all about the cuteness, but I'm wondering whats the corner for. For guys to have take pictures of the maids sitting at the corner... or for guys to have a photoshoot with the pretty maids? xDD

Ignore retarded looking me and look at the pretty maids! And notice I've changed my shirt too. xD Friends at the Arashi booth were giving free Comic Con shirts, on the condition that I had to wear it immediately, so I went to change in the toilet. :p

Plenty of anime figurines there too! I recognized a few, like Zero, Suzumi Haruhi and stuff, but not many, since I'm not much of an anime junkie. They look expensive though. :p

The projector where I spent most of my time in front of singing and dancing and making a fool of myself, but I heck care cause I was dancing to my fandom music. :p Yes I adore them very the very much tq. xD

Went home at 12 something, cause my mom was being bored there. I could've stayed there the whole damn day just singing and hanging around, but I didn't know the way there so i had to ask my mom drive me there. T-T Its still going on tomorrow though, so for those of you who love Jpop, or anime, I would suggest you guys head there! :D