Thursday, July 29, 2010

busy bee once again!

Busy busy week! It all started with the meeting for CNS week we had on week 1 of Uni starting. But yes! Busy busy, fun fun fun! Slotted in ice cream time with Tommy, Mei Li and Cyren when we had to go get my wings for my costume. :P Look at how colorful the ice cream Mei Li eats! I feel diabetic just looking at it. Dx

And I hear people asking. Costume? What costume? Well, up there! Its CNS Week, and a few of us from MPAC are dressing up. In case you don't know, Lindley is Ariel, Cyren is Aladdin and Sarah's the Red Queen. Tommy's supposed to be James Bond, but his not in this picture, oddly.


I'm an angel! Quite literally too, if I may say so myself. *cooughcough* Anyway! Those wings we got from Pyramid, and the dress was my own. Or my sister in laws. Was supposed to return it to her 5 months ago, but... heh. Was really fun though!

Went for ice cream again on Wednesday after my performance! Yeah,w e were training the whole week to do a Broadway number and the dance from Run Devil Run. The video for Run Devil Run was off though, so not putting it up anywhere! But we got invited to perform for Socialite night, so wait for that? Heehee.

Yes! Ice Cream! For once, I didn't get my usual Strawberry Cheesecake. Instead, I tried Mango Tango and Yogurt! Mango Tango wasn't too bad, but Yogurt was awesome! I like sour-ish sweet things, apparently.

Okay, to the main point of this post.

MEET CLOUDY! Or Squishy, as I'm calling her now. Cause when I brought it back to uni, Sarah kept calling it Cotton Mutton, and Tommy was insisting on Mutton Rendang, and Mei Li was just going 'Squishyyy!" So now her name is officially Cotton Mutton Rendang Squishy Cloudy! And she is so very very squishy, no? xD

I love Ooi Jia Ying and Benjamin Wee, the most pwnsome people on earth. ♥

PS: oh god, looking at my calender now makes me feel like dying. There are more bolded numbers then there aren't. And thats not a good thing. Anyone help me for my radio journalism? Dx

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I 'm not exactly your typical girl. Sure, I still like lavender purple, I like romance novels. I like cute fluffy thinks, and I have a penchant for pink. I even like soft romance songs and I hate metallica songs.

But unlike girls, I don't like wearing skirts. I hate heels, and I detest slow cars. I hate woman drivers who crawl along at 40kmph, and my dream car is either a Mazda Miata, Porsche 911 or a Honda RX8. I listen to Avenged Sevenfold occasionally, and Def Leppard is epic. I flail over pretty girls like SNSD and I actually am capable of fixing my own computer when it comes to basic things.

I don't go after guys shamelessly. In fact, I run the opposite direction like hell hounds are after me whenever I like a guy. Yes, whenever I see a guy I currently like I won't go up to talk to him, I'll run like no tomorrow. I'm weird that way. Its probably why I'll end up an old spinster with 15 dogs and a cat.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

mermaid disney!

Weee! Practice, practice practice. That seems to be like, a mantra for me these days ever since meeting last week. Been dancing these days more then I've been dancing for the past few years, cause of CNS Week's performance. Though I really do enjoy it, cause I really miss it. But dancing for six hours a day and staying at uni till nine is really not my thing.

Last few days of practice though! The thing is next week. Just look at the state we left the Multi-Faith center within a couple of hours of us being there. Superbly messy. xD Its so comfy though!

Mermaid sighted in Monash University! She's kidnapped Aladdin from Princess Jasmine, whom ran away willingly cause he apparently has a fetish for fish!

Went to Euro Deli for dinner! Best place for meat lovers, period. I love their food here, and even if I was pretty full, I still managed to get in about... 1/3's of what I usually eat. Superbly good. Thats' their new challenge! Like those burger eating challenges. The normal price for the Matterhorn burger is RM88, but if you finish it within 45 minutes, you'll get it free! And a mystery gift too. Wanna try it? ^__^

Baked potato skin! Ultimate loves. Though the one in Souled Out is infinitely better. INFINITELY. I don't know why they took it off their menu, but I shall forever mourn that loss. T__T

Pork knuckle! Its a bit dry though, I don't really like it.

Pork belly! Another love, because its so soft and tender and juicy.

Three different sausages! Apparently, Euro Deli's most famous food. Though you know whats my favourite? THEIR MASH POTATO. It literally melts in your mouth, I swear. Its that good. ♥

Cream caramel for dessert! Is awesome sweetness, except for the whipped cream. Oddly, I don't like whipped cream. But the cream caramel is awesome! And tomorrow I shall has to go temple and then more practice. Aish. Oh well. IS FUN. ^__^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the end

The end of a life is always something that takes forever for my brain to process. It seems impossible to comprehend that I would never see that one person again, hear his or her voice, or see him or her talk and walk. I'm a type of person who would re-read my favourite books again and again, because its the experience I'm in it for, not the ending.

So when news of death comes to me, its always surreal. And I always rage about how the world is unfair. Why did they have to take my loved ones away? Its almost come to a point where I'm afraid of what the future would bring now. More loss, more pain, more heartache?

They took you away too early. Its always been a ritual for me to meet you at least once whenever I have business in Building 6. And you would always greet me with a smile, sir. Most of the time you would be holding a cup of coffee, or returning to the office. Between the lecturers, you and Chin Huat were the hardest to locate whenever we needed your assistance on assignments. So we would camp outside both of your doors, since they were conveniently located next to each other.

Today, we camped outside your door again. Hoping, so fervently that you would turn up. Its is a fat wish, but we looked, nonetheless. It feels so surreal, that time should go on without your presence. Your sarcasm, wit and charisma was legendary. You always had time to help us, no matter how tight your schedule was. And the way you spoke about your most passionate subject, always had us most enraptured. Why else do you think we spoke so little during tutorials? Not because we had nothing to say, but because we were so content to let you speak. Your joy and enthusiasm was infectious, and a marvel to watch.

And you were so proud of us too, whenever we did well on our assignments. The proud, satisfied smile you would give as you hand us a HD or D back on our assignments is probably why all of us work so hard to please you. You were one of the first lecturers I honestly looked up to, idolized, and loved. You had knowledge and wisdom, and you were never afraid to share them. I only had one semester with you, and that was enough to make me look forward to FTV, and even wonder if I should change one of my electives to independent film studies. The way you spoke about your senior subjects made everyone so curious to try it out.

But it looks like I'll never get to have another semester with your great presence.

Wouldn't it be great if I could hear your laugh now? That sarcasm dripping from your words as you reprimanded someone, or the way to rebuked a comment about a film that you felt particularly strongly about? The way your out-of-the-blue comments are so accurate, yet carry so much of your essence, it would never fail to make us laugh. I remember your comments on so many films, and so many other things. You were a force that was unlike any other, a personality unique above all else.

But the world had to take you away. Way too early. If we were given our choice, it would never be your time. Because everyone deserves a chance to know you. But we're not the one pulling the strings.

We'll remember you, thats forever true. You're the one that we'll always miss, never thought it would end like this. Benjamin McKay, greatly loved and sorely missed. May you be happy and well wherever you are, RIP.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bon odori funness with the lovelies♥

Meet Bob the Dino! His the guardian of my chocolates! And er... stares at me when I sleep at night. Considering getting him a blindfold. xD But he damn cute la! Though the amount of chocolates is gonna make me turn in to a hippo. Dx

Charlene and Kathy came over to Malaysia on 12th! Though I didn't see them till Thursday, on the fifteenth. Brought them over to Jalan Alor to have local nomz! Didn't find it all that nice though, which is probably why I didn't take any pictures. xD

Came back to my place after Jalan Alor, to wait for their flight time! Their so impossibly cute, Charlene even got me awesome keychain from the Phillipines! Sent Char to the airport, and then woke up at 5am to let Kathy on the cab. I only had like... 12 hours with them. T.T Miss them nao.

Bon Odori on Saturday! Had to drag the two along cause I have no idea how to go, and I really don't wanna bring the parental units there. I highly doubt they would like it. Heehee. That would be Ben looking absolutely ridiculous in his ... men's kimono? I don't know the exact name for his though, since it reaches his knees only. Not a haori nor a yukata. So... i have no idea. Though honestly, I think he doesn't look all too bad in it! xD A lil out of place though. :p

Anndddd I was totally right on refusing to drag the parental units along. They would've hated it there, the amount of people. SO MANYY. I felt like I was being suffocated. And so many of my friends said they were gonna be there! Even Yoshida-sensei, but I couldn't find any of them. Okay, I coudl've went to find sensei, but she said she was in front of the stage, and I had to fight through a crowd to get there sooooo, nvm. xD

Pretty dancers in kimono's on stage! I wanted a kimono to wear there so bad, but the cheapest me and JJ could find was like... Rm185? T__T

Hearts for pretty girl! Yes, we were bored, sort of. And we matched? Look at ring! ^__^

Turned stalker, especially for little kids in kimonos and yukatas! Damn cute okay. And I got too utilize a little bit of my japanese to ask for a picture from little japanese kiddies's mother. Very very little, but is still fun. xD

Obento for dinner! Which the boy above had to line up for super long to get for us. Thankyouuu! ^___^ It wasn't extremely superbly nice, but we were hungry and it was awesome. Oh, factor in the fact that we were eating under a roof of stars and sky too! Awesome thing. :P

So many people! Feel like I was packed. And my face felt like it had enough grease to fry a sausage on it after the night!. Dx

Last picture of the night of us! Pretty girl on the right is mine, kplzthanks. But this picture shows pretty purple eyes of ours!

Had sleepover with the two of them after we went home, totally impromptu but totally fun. Movie! Till like, four plus. I died twice throughout the movies, but was fun! Next morning went to Parade for breakfast at McD's, before I went for my facial at 12.30pm and JJ brought Ben to get his haircut. Now he officially looks more boyish then ever. For pics, please head to JJ's blog/fb. xD

Pretty dress we saw! I want it so bad. Dx Its so pretty! Like, very very very pretty. I want it so badly. JJ and I both agree that the dress is pretty damn gorgeous damnits, and there's only one of them left in the shop. T__T And its so expensive! T__T Okay gonna try to get momma to get it for me. TRY. Dx

Awesome dessert bar is awesome! Crepes and puddings there is epic love, though a little pricey. But I can never get enough of it! Its a good thing the only guy among the three of us has a sweet tooth too. xD

Aish, class starts tomorrow. I feel so lazy. I may complain about holidays, but I'd rather have holidays then class. Though the upside is that I get to see the lovelies in uni again. But class at nine is a DNW. Dx

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

little raindrops on your glasses

Watching the rain fall calms it. Or gets me in more of a thinking mood anyway. Ever wonder if every single raindrop somehow carries a different set of genes with it, like how there are never two identical snowflakes, no two human beings exactly the same?

Just watch how the rain falls on the windows of a car while its moving. No two drops are exactly the same size, none fall in exactly the same spot, and definitely do not stay there for the rest of eternity. They race across the window panes, buffeted by the wind of the moving vehicle, leaving a wake of clear window behind them, before the rain washes that away mere seconds later.

Its impermanence in its very workings. And the fact that everything is unique.

But then again. Not really. If so, what are identical twins? The exact size of gravel you find by chance on the road? Your soul mate who is this close to sharing your thoughts, because you guys tend to speak the same thing all the time anyway? Sometimes, it makes you wonder if life is that easily replaced. If you're that one person who can easily be disposed of once you expire on that individual's need of you.

Remember the days back in high school? The days where essays consisted of "I'm a 2B Pencil, I was born in a factory located in the main city." Back in the days, I wondered just how many pencils can tell their own story. And if they could, what would they say? Would they use the same enthusiastic tone most kids use to write their monotonous essays?

I use to stare at my eraser, or my ruler, and just wonder how it felt like to have 2934187392 clones of you, the idea that you can easily be replaced if you're misplaced. When you look at someone, who do you see? A person akin to the faucet from a cut diamond, unique in every different way like the lights spilling from a precious gem?

Or do you see a normal, wooden 2B pencil?

Monday, July 12, 2010

part 2!

Where did I stop last time? *checks* Oh yeah! After the fair. Shien was back home and all, so we went to Pyramid to ice skate on Monday. I haven't skated in... a long, loooong time. So yeah, I pretty much failed at it. Fell god knows how many times, but I like it when people brings me for a ride! Anyone willing to let me hook on to them and you do all the skating? ^__^

What did we do after that? Er. Cwap, I don't remember. Oh yeah! Went to Empire and stuff on Tuesday with the two of them, and Wednesday I don't really remember. Super stone at home, all I remember was that we went out somewhere. And the mother didn't let us go Langkawi. So instead.... on Wednesday midnight, or Thursday superbly early in the morning, depending on how you look at it, JJ's friend, David, invited her to Genting.

And we all tumpang-ed cause either way, we'll stone at home anyway. So went to Genting on Thursday morning!

Boat ride! The lil paddling boats you sit on. Believe it or not, I've only sat on this thing once before this. And I don't even remember how old I was. Pretty monotonous though, but is pretty! And very cooling, no? xD

Rather stoned though, cause all you do is paddle, and basically camwhore in the middle of the lake. Me and J were in two different boats yo! And we still managed to camwhore. Girls are awesome. 8D

Pirate boat! Where we screamed for the heck of it, because really, that thing is the furthest thing from scary. We even sang up there dang you. But after that it started rainingggg. And we ran inside to First World to have lunch and do more stoning there till after the rain subsided. Did a bit of shopping too! But its Genting, you're ridiculous if you shop there. Things there are so horribly overpriced.

It stopped raining after a while, so we went back out, and the first ride we went on was the OMGWTFBBQSCARY FERRIS WHEEL. Because Corkscrew was closed and JJ didn't want to sit that anyway, so we went to the OMGSUPERSCARY FERRIS WHEEL. SO HIGH UP CAN DIE. xDD Even spotted a guy cleaning the Space Shot ride! I'll never get on that ride, period. Stories freak me out.

Dinosaurland! Because yes, we were that much stoning and all the rides were starting to close again from the rain. Again. *fumes* David's feeding fishies again. Like J said, we're basically paying them to help them feed the fishes! Which is ludicrous, but oh what the heck, we're children. xD

On the way out of Dinosaurland, saw some menagerie-like place. Its understandable if the snake choked on the rat, but if their forcing the snake to eat, then its just bad. It was painful just watching it. Dx

Another lifeless ride. Basically just sit in the place, and there's supposed to be a random storyline and the whole ride just vibrates while the walls turn and its just... bleh. I got a headache riding it, but again. WE IS LIFELESS. And it was raining. Amusing to watch the foreigners reactions though. When it ended they all gave blank looks and were like 'Thats it?'

Got bored, starting dragging him in to take pictures. He tried to act cute and failed here, prz. xD

His saving grace! The place David brought us to had the most epic hot chocolate ever! Its basically hot milk and they give you three pieces of chocolate for you to mix it in yourself. And it is so, darn, orgasmicly good! Its HOT CHOCOLATE BROUGHT TO A NEW DEGREE. So in love with it♥

Stoned at the coffeeshop for an hour or so, and we had to catch a bus back down to 1U, so we went to have dinner at a mamak place which apparently, very few people know about. Enlighten me again, how in the world did my darling brother find out about this place? Owait, his a cheapskate, of course he would know. xD

On the way back. These two are horrendously heavy sleepers. How can they sleep in a bus? Nevertheless though, aren't they cute here? Now every say with me. Awwww!

Hmm, that was Thursday. Friday, someone went off to Langkawi, sooooo JJ and I had a sleepover at my house. Wee! Sleepovers are fun, especially when you spend them watching movies and doing the most brainless, ridiculous things ever. Not to mention the EMPTY CINEMA when we went to watch Karate Kid. *coughcough* Pictures are all with her! Go bug her for it. xD

Sunday was spent at Cheer 2010! Cutie DJ as host is cutie. I missed his show today! It airs everyday from 7 to 10. But I'll hear it tomorrow! His seriously super cute. Either that or I just like boyish guys. xD

Uni's starting again next week. I may feel lifeless and stoned at home, but I'd rather be stoned then back at uni, with his crazy workload. T.T Looking forward to the play though! Can't wait for rehearsals. xD