Tuesday, June 30, 2009

asia cafe pool<33

Right! So I went out today, after two days of stoning at home with nothing to do. Its my last week of holidays, and i so-called wanted to make the most of it, but almost everyone in college is back at kampung, and old school mates either had class or didn't have time. =.= Lucky though, today Mei didn't have class, so I dragged her out to lunch, and she in turned dragged Jeremy and Jez a.k.a Ah Tan, as Mei calls him, and we met up with Chris and Jess at Asia Cafe. xD

Went to pick up Mei and Jer, and then went to Asia Cafe. Reached there damn bloody early, mainly cause I was scared there would be a jam. Not that it makes a difference. Got there at 11am and there was still bloody congestion. =.=

While waiting for Jess and Chris, whose classes at Taylors only ended at 12. Was talking with Mei about a million and one things, from old friends to fandoms. xD Damn long never see her edi. :p

Ah Tan was drawing some masterpiece on a paper while he chatted with Jeremy. I wanted to take a picture of the drawing! But he didn't let me. Rawr.

Jess got there around 11.40, and then Chris came hardly 5 minutes after her. Was starving by then, cause I didn't take breakfast. Woke up late and realized it was 10, I jumped straight out of bed to change and get the car. xP

My lunch. Teppanyaki. Ok so I'm a Japan addict, all Mei's fault. xP It was amusing watching Jess trying to eat my salad though. She was eating honeydew before that, so you know that sharp stick thing they give you with fruit to eat it? She was using that and trying to eat the salad, so its like, she was eating it strand by strand. xD

Went to play pool with the guys after lunch. Or more like, they were playing pool, and the three of us girls just sat there and watched them. But after watching them for a while, I actually find pool fascinating? I wana play! Next time I must drag the guys to play. :p

Jeremy though, seems to have a losing streak. xD But then there was this one streak where Chris's white ball kept falling inside. xDDD

And while the three of them were playing pool, the three of us did something we do best, or at least girls did best.
Camwhore of course! :p
This was taken when Jer was waiting for his turn, and Chris and Ah Tan were playing at the pool table. xD Damn gay lar the guy, after so many months away from high school and he still has his iconic super gay pose. :p

I realized something though, that Ah Tan is actually a very considerate guy. xD He actually remembers that I'm sensitive to cig smoke and walks far away when he smokes. Unlike *coughJercough* someone that forgets. xD

His tattoo he had gotten just the day before. yes it was at his back, so I had to pull down his shirt to see it, and thats only half of it. It looks super pretty though. Even if it looked like it hurt. The skin around it was still red. Ouch. >.< I would love to get a tattoo. Been wanting one ever since forever, a dragon twisted around my wrist and ending on the top of my hand. It'll look GORGEOUS. But I'm too chicken for the pain. T-T
Drove Chris, Jer and Ah Tan back after that. Those stupid guys couldn't make up their mind and almost got me crashing in to the curb wtf. *headwall* And they were screaming like mad man behind. Heck, I find the whole situation way too amusing though, couldn't stop laughing. xDDD Ah Tan and Jer was screaming their head off, even if they were proclaiming they were 'safe drivers'. yeaaaah, sure you guys are. xD If driving like a mad hyena at night is called safe la, that is. :p

Anyway, after we dropped the guys back, me, Mei and Jess went to Subang Parade, cause i wanted to get a book and Jess wanted to stay there and read until her mom came to pick her up. I got myself another Judith Mcnaught book, whom is officially one of the best novelist, together with Julia Quinn, and then I went home.

And I've been stoning in front of the computer ever since. xD Tomorrow, its lunch with Ariff, May and Nat at college before I come home and stone again. Two more days, and its college again! :P

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daicon here I come!

I'm going to DaiCon!

Its a Japan exhibition of sorts, and there's going to be cosplay stuff, Japan snacks, even Seiyuu and the famous Japanese seiyuu Chihara Minori is coming too! But really, the only reason I'm going there... is for the Arashi stall there. Omg I can't wait to go.

I'm going on July 11th, taking the bus from Summit to Cyberjaya with MeiMei, and probably, her sis too. Dang I can't wait! Daicon here I come!

And I'm sorry for the lack of pictures and updates, but I've been busy lately. :p Gomen! Will update more next week.

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

He was the icon of music back in the 90's, and till today, still known as the King of Pop. Even if he has done many things questionable, and near ruined his life, Michael Jackson is still undeniably the King of Pop, and nothing can change that.

First thing I did when I woke up today was go online, and the news hit me like a 16 tonne weight. Never saw it coming.

RIP, King of Pop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

one day out! 17 again. :P

My two accomplices for the day. :P

Went out to temple at 9.30 that day to help Ben and Shien on the mural we were doing for the temple. I was technically supposed to be there at 9, but I... eh, woke up late. :p

So all we did that day was basically draw the grid for the picture, and then filled in the boxes with a smaller version of the picture Ben drew on paper... Did that make sense? Aish! Point is, we were to draw on the wall la. But I phail at drawing, if you don't know yet. My drawings are horrible. I can't even draw a straight line! If i try drawing a cow, it'll end up looking like a football with ears.

Yes, that little round thing on the paper that Sakurai Sho of Arashi drew is supposed to be a cow. Arashi is my fangirl love, but point is. I'm as bad as him when it comes to drawing.

But heck, Ben says draw, so me and Shien draw. Don't blame me if the arm comes out looking like a tree trunk. :p Sometimes though, me and Shien would end up slacking while Ben the 'Future Architect' (chewah wtf. :P) corrects our drawings, so we do things like this.

Typical when it comes to girls, no? xD

At 11.30 though, we kept our stuff and went to change, before driving to Pyramid to watch 17 Again. Before the movie started at 12.10 though, we had some time to kill, so the three of us headed to the arcade, where me and Shien played this ridiculous, yet utterly cute game. xD

It involves the pushing of that red and blue joystick in to each other and avoiding things, and if I'm not mistaken, involves a little of teamwork too, in certain games. In other games though, its just a question of being mean and pushing the other to its death. xD Its really fun! Me and Shien were screaming the place down. Apparently, Ben wanted nothing to do with us then. :p

And then, we went in to watch 17 Again after the game, and the movie was actually quite good.

The story was about Michael O'Donnell, a star athelete with a full college scholarship guarenteed if he impressed the college scouts, whose also dating the prettiest girl in school. However, on the day of the big game itself, Scarlette, his girlfriend, informed him that he was pregnant. That moment, Mike threw everything away, including scholarship and basketball, and proposed to him.

20 years later, they were divorcing, his life was in shambles it seemes, and Mike moved in with his geeky, millionaire best friend Ned Gold.

But! He was given the chance to relive his life once again, when he was magically transformed back to his 17 year old self. At first, Mike thought he was to get his life on the right track, scholarship and all, but after attending Hayden High, he realized that his true goal was to help his children, and made friends with his son. Using a pseudonym and posing as Ned's son, he helps Alex as well as Maggie, and at the same time, helps Scarlet in her new job, a landscape designer. At the same time, ned fell in love with Hayden High's principal, Jane Masterson. Sequences of Ned trying to woe her was hilarious, and a definite must to see.

The rest of the synopsis can be found at Wikipedia, but the gist is that Mike finally reconciled with his family, and now was the high school basketball team's coach. Its a very nice story, filled with comedy and yet, has its sweet, poignant moments. Although I found it odd sometimes when Mike, the 17 year old version played by Zac Efron was dancing/kissing with a woman old enough to, literally, be his mother, but I guess it makes sense in a way. its just me.

After the movie, we went to eat at McD, where the two of them proceeded to fill my head with highly... amusing scenes from the movie Love Guru, which remind me, to never ever watch it with my mom. And then I headed home at 2.30. Spent 2 hours and a half doing my nails, and ended with this.

I like this one! All red and shiny and bedazzled. :p Anyway, I'm darn tired now, and super sleep, so I should head to bed. Malaysian Studies again tomorrow. *groan*

Monday, June 22, 2009

four days in one

Right. I swear I just spent fifteen minutes trying to get here and update. Grrr. Is blogger doing maintainence or something?

Bah! Anyway. I'm sorry I haven't been updating! I was just rushing to finish up my presentation for Malaysian Studies class, which I did today. Which also means I'm going to skip my class tomorrow cause I've seriously had enough of Malaysian Studies. The lecturer asked us to switch off laptops off today! Luckily we needed to use it again five minutes later, or I'd have died from boredom. No joke.

Back to life, last week around... Thursday or Friday? I was feeling generous, so I did a bento lunch box for my mom. :p Yes, I'm a Japan lover, sort of, and I love preparing cute bento boxes!

Not that mine ended up looking anything resembling cute, that is. I just had fun doing it. But the original japanese bento sets are really cute! Some look way too cute to eat in fact.

Like these, which will probably take hours to make. heck, there are chicks, ducklings, cats, bears, dogs, raccoons! It'll seriously take hours.

This, which is sold in a Japan Shinkansen (Bullet train) station. Its a grab-and-go lunch set! And its filled with all necessary nutrients too! Fish, meat, rice, dessert, and veg. Heck its so much easier to eat on the go in Japan, and it still keeps you healthy too!
And this is adorable! Little piggie rice balls, with a colorful upper layer.<33Saw this huge huge single croc shoe there, same material and everything. Just quadruple the size. Smaller shoes there are the normal ones, for comparison. :p

Found the baseball cap-ish cap at Kitschen. Loved it! The golden design on top made it look so intricate. But mom said I was impractical if I wanted to spend so much money on a cap, so I didn't get it. ;_;

My lovely new Mizzies! The last pair of sport shoes I had was a pair of blue Nike's, which spoilt like.. three years ago, and I never bothered getting a new pair. Now I got one though, just cause I can exercise and jog every evening. I've started getting fatter lately. :p Wana exercise, just so I don't end up being an unhealthy, obese lil girl. Rawr. Yes I'm extremely obsessed over my weight, even if I love eating. I gave up eating my lovely fatty pork meat because of it. T_T

Then later that night, after buying my stuff, we headed over to uncle's brothers place, where Uncle Siew Pan cooked lamb stew! Absolutely delicious I tell you.

Pot of lamb stew not around, but on the table was salad, pasta, saute mushrooms and pumpkins. The highlight had to be the lamb stew though! I got so indulged in eating it the moment it went on the table, I forgot to take a picture of it. Was so delicious, I think I took like.. four huge chunks of it, forget the diet. :p

And then for dessert, I made caramel pudding!
Turned out perfect. The first time I tried making it a few weeks ago, I think I added too much milk and cream, came out too soft, ended up looking like tauhu. :p This time though, the texture was just right. Wee!

And then I had Malaysian Studies again today. =.= Pictures of my presentation's with Lene, will probably post them up next time if I get them. Wana go for my jog now. *bounces off*

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bartender go boom!

I found the cutest game! Well, actually, Joyce introduced it to me. The boredom of Malaysian Studies does that to you. We were fiddling around with Jo's laptop, when she suddenly decided to play a random game. And I sorta got addicted to it. :P

Its called Bartender: The Right Mix, at http//y8.com, and its amazingly random, but amazingly cute. xD

See, all you have to do is mix a cocktail for the bartender to drink. If you're lucky, all you're going to get is a non-chalant look like this.
Or if you're even luckier, your cocktail might have him becoming a sudden rock star like so.
But the most fun stuff happens when you whack it up. Of course, who wouldn't want to see a bartender getting sick cause of one cocktail?

or perhaps, you'd rather see your bartender choking to his death, because of your cocktail again?
Ooh! Maybe you'd like to see him have a 16 tonne weight dropped on him, for apparently no reason other then the cocktail you make?
Sometimes, he'll even throw a party when what you made didn't kill him... not that his very enthusiastic. Hmm, I wonder if he wants you to kill him?
And of course, who can resist, fire-breathing bartender? Not me. xP
And there are tons of selection to mix too! There's Cranberry, Orange and other juices, champagne, vodka, gin, tonic, absinthe, and even some odd named ones like Creme de Mathes and Triple Sec or something like that. xD Its highly amusing, and if only for one day, can amuse your boring classes or afternoons.

Who knows, maybe if you shake hard enough, you'll get to make him explode.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

birds! dogs! lizards...?

Rawr. So its been days since I last updated, but I lost muse. Gomen ne? But I went to The Curve today! And met the most awesome function they have there.

It was some bird fair, not that I really took notice of what or who organized it, but what captivated me were the animals there who looked so impossibly cute!
White parrot, which look absolutely fluffy! No don't ask me what its real species is, I have no idea. :P

Small, colorful parrot! It was smaller then my palm, but so darn mischevious! Its the smallest of the lot, so the handler would usually put this little one on the head of the person taking pictures. Then the rascal will go and nip at the person's hair. xD

Spiderbird! These two are African Gray Parrots or something. They're apparently the smartest of their kind, but these two in particular, never stood at their roosts! All they did was climb around the ceiling of their enclosure all day. Its amusing watching them, and I'm not so sure if they're fighting or showing affection. xD

By far the most gorgeous, handsome bird there! It was a species of owl, I'm not so sure. But the feathers above its eyes were arched upwards, and he looked like some world knowing scholar or something. So darn gorgeous. I wanted to take a picture with him, but it costs ten bucks. T-T

Cutest things there! Tiny chicks and ducklings, which were so noisy and so darn adorable! All fluffy and yellow and cute and innocent. So comfyyyy! I swear, if my room were bigger, I'd so totally buy a four poster bed, complete with curtains and the like. Its like... some princess dream bedroom. Xp

Went to Bubba Gump for dinner, and the food was good!
Run Across America. Which reminds me, the movie Forest Gump a little silly lor! I've never actually watched it, but from what I saw at Bubba Gump, he ran across America for 3 years or something? Not logical, and... >.< Baked seafood cheese rice. Which was so so mouthwateringly good. I think they used Swiss cream or something to make it? It tasted a little like Pizza Uno's Carbonara, but instead, they used baked rice. Very very good.

Caeser salad. I only ate a little of it, but its not b ad at all. Of course, I was never one for greens, so don't take my word for it.

They have a really cool way of calling the waiters to your table too! Say, if you want service, all you have to do is...
Put up the 'Stop Forrest Stop!' sign. And then when you don't want anything,

Put the 'Run Forrest Run!' sign.

There was once, I was just playing with the signs, when the manager whom was walking past suddenly slowed down and looked at me. Heh. Probably wasn't a good idea to play with the signs when its supposed to call the waiters, but my fingers got itchy. Xp All in all though, Bubba Gump is a pretty good place to eat, albeit the price being a little on the high end. I'll give it a 7/10, just cause the food is ridiculously good.

Oh! And guess what I found while at Daiso today?

A cooking timer just like the one Bambi uses in Baccanale, in Bambino! I know, I super jakun,but what to do! Besides, it'll be useful for me when I cook, so I'm happy. :P

And i have a new prized posession!

Arashi Around Asia 2008 Kokuritsu DVD! I've been wanting this for ages! It may cost be 140 bucks, but it was money well spent, for me at least. Its like, my most wanted thing since last year, ever, and now i have it! And I'm going to go rewatch it for the millionth time now! :P