Monday, May 7, 2012

twinkle twinkle!

things to do during one month break.

1. have a pokemon/mythbuster marathon courtesy of benny-pc. xD
2. learn more kpop dances
3. bake/cook all the recipes i've amassed but never got around to doing
4. get more books
5. read the pile of books by my bedside i never got around to reading
6. redecorate room
7. train the dog to do circus tricks
8. reorganize and download new songs for Itunes

because i'm currently procrastinating on finishing the last couple of assignments for the semester, before starting to study for exams. its all too much! doesn't help that I discovered the full fourteen seasons of pokemon and have been running a crazy marathon with them ever since. bad for health, but crossing fingers assignments will still do fine.

on another note, its may! one and a half more months to going home, and bittersweet feelings all around. so many reasons to go back, but so many reasons to stay as well. T_T 

not to mention its bloody cold these days. if its not winter yet, I can definitely feel winter coming. its so difficult to get out of bed in the morning. its too ridiculously cold and it feels too warm and toasty under the quilt to get out, so I usually just lay around in bed for an hour or so playing on my ipod or reading on my kindle until I have to force myself out of bed. Lesigh. ): 

lack of updates due to assignments, exams and pokemon marathon. to de loo! xD