Friday, May 28, 2010


Remember when I put those in my blog? those handmade sweets that look so amazingly awesome but iz too amazingly expensive to buy?


No I didn't buy them! Momma's company colleagues gave it to her, and since she doesn't take sweets a lot, I took them. It costs RM 6 for a teeny bottle like that, so yes still expensive. But its yummy! And you can see its definitely handmade, from its disproportionate sizes and ways its cut. Eee! ♥

Wesak day today. Heee. Will post more about that after I get the pictures from JJ!

Monday, May 17, 2010

gamer OTL

I've never actually acknowledged the fact that I like playing games. But from my NDS, to my brother's new PS3, to (when everything runs out of battery),

Neopets games. Thats right. I use to slave over these when I was younger until Neopets suspended my old accounts. I DID NOTHING WRONG. All I did was collect avatars and get moneh for the Lab Ray! And they suspended it.

But I did a new account two days ago! And I've been playing the old games ever since. And itching to play Gods of War and Mini Ninja on my brother's PS3.

Damn. I think this is why I don't own a proper game console. *picks up NDS to play some more*

Saturday, May 8, 2010

imagination takes flight

If I was bred in a village, I would sit by a river when the days were cool. I'd splash water on my friends and laugh while running away. I'd try and catch fish with my bare hands, and just enjoy a cool day while soaking my feet in the clear water. I'd wade when the whim strikes me and trace the patterns of shadows on the ground.
If I was bred in the village, I'd marvel at how the rickety old wooden bridge manages to be so inexplicably important in our lives, and stand under it when the days became too hot. I would hide there when we play games, or just sit there and stare upriver, wondering what would happen if I follow it.

I would dangle my feet at the side of the bridge at night, enjoying the air while I lie down on my back and count stars. I'd make my own constellations, and dream one day of very own knight in shining armor. I would fantasize about working in my dream job of tending to helpless animals and wondering if someday, I would be the person everyone expects me to be.

If I lived near a forest, I would draw pictures of the enchantments they hold (Actually, scratch that I can't draw to save my life, I'll just imagine). No, not animals or bugs. Of how each leaf may be hiding a dancing fairy, a playful elf or a cheeky gnome. How each rush of wind sounds like the secret whispers from the oak tree to the stately willow. I would marvel at the way the lush greenery forms a mosaic above my head, a canopy that sends dim light scattered throughout the area.
I would hide behind leaves and trees, and pretend I'm a magical creature too! One who would be able to make cakes and tea appear with just a wave of my hand. I'd imagine myself in a dress that was made out of sheer air, with long curled hair and eyes the color of onyxs. I would pluck fresh flowers everyday to decorate my home with, and enjoy the colors they bring, they scent they give.

If i lived next to an ocean, the sounds of water against rocks would be music to my ears. The white foam would be an artwork in my eyes. I would hope from rock to rock as if it was my home, laughing when I scared people with my acts. I would crouch by the sea when the mood strikes and just observe the way life in general goes on.

But I'm a city girl through and through. I love the two biggest shopping malls at my disposal, the computer I definitely can't live without, and the air conditioning that has become essential with the heat. Yet sometimes I close my eyes, and smile at the thought that if I lived somewhere remote, I would have the wind as my companion, the river as my comforter, the sea as my bolster, and the forest as my fantasy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

a day of respite

I haven't been shopping in ages! This is what being a student in Monash entails, I suppose. Sucking your life out of your bone as they be so generous with assignments and skimping on the time to do them. So yeah, momma had work near 1U today, and I tagged along to do some shopping. Not much shopping per say, more walking around aimlessly alone. :p

Had lunch at the food court of 1U! Which, if i do say so myself, has the most variety of food there. They just lack the place to actually SIT and eat. But there's so many Japanese food there! Perfect for a Jap junkie like me.

Obento! More like donburis, which is basically just a single/dual dish on top of rice. But its delish! Albeit, the rice given may be just a tad too much, but the way the sauce just drips to soak the rice completely is delicious, especially if eaten warm. And the Jusco at 1U is particular good at this because they have so many different varieties! The one at Pyramid only has Unagi, much is the pity.

Tonnes of sushi choices to pick from! There's two counters, I only snapped a picture of one!

There's even Okonomiyaki and Tako! My two favorite, and I haven't been able to find okonomiyaki stalls anywhere! Its not as good as the ones in Japan I bet, the ones here are a tad too thick with batter, but hey its okonomiyaki nontheless.

Bubble tea! My favourite! Except I never actually eat the black pearls, I just like the milk tea. Hee.
And any amount of fried stuff you can have! And buy of course. Its not healthy, but its yummy!

Cause there was no place to sit if I were to actually buy a donburi or something though, I settled for okonomiyaki and McD. Where i've come to realize there's a reason why burgers only have one patty. Two patties is simply too much, as much as you are a meat person. xP

Went to see sticky making again! Its so cool, how the sweet makers all have heat proof gloves cause all of the sweets need to be made on a hot surface. I'd lose pounds if I work there I guess. xD

Saw a custom request! As in someone wanted a custom made sweet jar, with the words Name♥Name. Well, there's an actual name but I forgot what was it, but either way, thats the literal meaning of darn, thats sweet.
I'm oddly enough, happy to spend the afternoon in a bookshop though. I had all of half an hour of walking around, before ensconcing myself in MPH to read a book. Funny how I can be happier with books and the quiet atmosphere in a bookshop then out shopping. Hee.

I thought shopping was a surefire way to get rid of any melancholy feelings. Why isn't it working?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

rose tinted glasses

I'm having an identity crisis. No, I don't think i'm Madonna or something. I just... don't know how to react sometimes. The world is making me confused. So guys, help me out here?

Truthfully, what do you think of me? What do you really think of me?

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Impromptu trip back to Penang! Cause its the gramma's birthday and I haven't went back for her birthday for as long as I can remember.

Jawa mee! I hate eating the yellow mee they use for this seriously, but the one in SP is so damn good, I just cbb. I just literally breathe in everything and still want more. Yes, I'm fat I know. BUT ITS AUTHENTIC SP JAWA MEE. ;_;

On the way out! You know how my Titanic is like, so it took like... an hour for us to even get moving out of the gates. In five cars. xD

While preparing! There's four full-grown ladies in the family, and there's going to be another four on the way. Now with us four, its bad enough. Imagine the future? xD

Chaos in the restaurant! Trying to have a sit down dinner with three hyperactive kids isn't exactly the best idea jsyk. But then again, we usually leave them to their own devices when the food comes. They know better then to cause trouble, so they're good enough. :p

Picture time! From the top, following the cousins in the years they were born. 1994, 1989, 1991, and its Form 2, Form 1 and Standard 6 clumped together. We're missing the three hyperactive kids, as well as the two guys and one lil girl that couldn't make it and Annie's elder sisters, but its still cousins♥

Waiting for food! Which would probably contribute to how we all look so bored and listless. xD

Birthday pau, birthday eggs and birthday noodles! A must at every chinese birthday celebration. They're suppose to represent longevity or something I think. Notice the red present at every dish? Albeit, the noodles one ain't much, but I doubt I'd want to eat red noodles. :p

Food! Finally! We were all starving by then, so I wasn't all too surprised when the first few dishes were wiped out quickly.

Look at the hands swerving in to get food! Its a battle of the chopsticks and spoons. Who will prevail?! Who will win?!

But here's the hilarious part. Back in the days, there used to be a kid table and an adults table. Now there's still two tables, except its more like teens and adults now cause we're all grown up, save for a couple of third generation kids. Now, back in the days, we were the ones who used to pass unfinished plates of food to our parents. Now? We're the ones clearing the food out.

See this plate of food?

We cleared it out in 30 seconds. I kid you not. Seriously. After this plate I couldn't even be bothered to take pictures of the food anymore, or I'd be at the losing end of the food-fest. Even whilst I was taking pictures, I could see my cousins all grabbing their chopsticks as if they were preparing for war or something. I swear, we somehow mutated in to hungry-hyena's as we grew up. xD

Cake session back at home! Because the restaurant was too noisy and it'd be way too hectic trying to arrange everyone for cake ceremony at the restaurant.

Carrot cake! Its like the one from La Manilla, but LM's one is better I think. This one has three layers, the top cream layer, the middle cake layer and the raisin based layer. One of my cousins will take the cream, cause she doesn't like the other two layers. I'll take the raisin layer, cause I don't want cake or cream. And the cake layer will go to my other cousin. Win win win situation. :p

Three pot-bellied uncles! People with small-sized bellies are rejected wtf. That small dude is my young cousin trying to use them as a punching bag or something I think.

Its really not too hard to believe their brothers, really. I find it harder to believe that they're the two youngest ones. xD

Took us five hours to get home, god knows why was it jammed up on the road. Its not CNY, its not Hari Raya, its not even Deepavali! So why is it jammed? Aish. Either way, its sleep time for me'z. Butt hurts from sitting too long in car. ;_;