Friday, February 24, 2012

can't decide

now i can't decide if the boredom is letting up or not. xD the whole week has been pretty busy, because the residents association has been keeping us filled with many many activities, and making friends with the RA's have gotten me in the fun too! sorta anyway.

I got away from playing grubby games by saying I was helping Pam prepare the food! Seriously, I did not want to play it. It involved getting down and dirty, wet oats and ketchup poured all over you, and I value my clothes too much to get myself in to that!! So instead, I stuck inside South 4 and stayed in the kitchen with Pam and Faezah to prepare dinner for the players. Pam got attacked. Thank god I stayed inside walls. xD

last night on thursday they had free dinner and movie under the stars! first time watching an outdoor movie, but i have to say, i adored it! it was gorgeous, walking around the grounds chatting with Tong, getting amused watching the guys play with 'optimus prime' ants, and eating buttered popcorn and fairy floss! and then at 8.30, they started the movie, Inception, which I can finally say I've watched. xD The movie was not too bad, but the experience was gorgeous. It go ridiculously cold halfway through the movie though, and by the end of it, you see me, Pam, Frank and Tong half speed walking back to our rooms, because it was so bloody cold and all I had was a scarf. Ridiculous weather changes here.

What I didn't manage to get a picture of though, was the gorgeous gorgeous stars they have here! Kenneth was telling me about it, but it wasn't till last night when I got to see it, and I have to say they were gorgeous. Pictures will not do them justice, because its really really mindblowing. Unlike KL or the city, here you look up and it literally looks like diamonds got embedded in the sky. I swear I could even almost see the milky way, and constellations! So pretty<3<3

Sunday, February 19, 2012


and i'm now in my prison cell bedroom, bored as hell and extremely homesick. i wanna go home to my comfortable bed, routine lifestyle and familiarity. ): Mom just boarded the plane too, so the homesickness is just increasing as the minutes tick by. I can't wait for classes to begin, I need the distraction away, so the next four months can fly by and I can go home in July!! July 8th, you just wait for me, I miss everyone back home. ):

Don't believe me when I say I have a prison cell bedroom? Everyone keeps saying it can't be that bad, but when I put up that picture everyone says it really does look like a prison cell. xD I think its probably cause of the walls, but I dunno, the room is basically, to quote Penny, me living in a tiny box for the next few months. *claws*

Did sorta meet people though! Wandered in to the kitchen to wash my plates after my pathetic dinner yesterday, and saw a girl named Pam there making chocolate puffs, which I ended up helping her make. xD She's a Malaysian too, but she's been here for three years and graduated last year. She's still here as a residents worker I think, but she won't be in my house for long either. ): I think we clicked well, which is why I'm kinda all ): that she's moving to her own flat next week or so. But she lets me crash her place? xD

They showed me this cute game too! They have magnetic balls stuck on the fridge, and a target pasted there. So you're supposed to throw the balls at the fridge and aim for the middle spot, kinda like archery, except with a fridge and magnetic balls. xD Oh the things we do to amuse ourselves in this tiny area.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

inexplicable attached

Sometimes I don't get it. How could you just relinquish home like that? I understand it all well enough, Malaysia is a shit country. Hot weather, hopeless politics, useless welfare and biasness and corruption happening left right and center. Its not the best place to live in, I admit that myself... but Malaysia is not the only place with a completely gutter-fied government. I see people complaining about the government in Australia too, and with how great their welfare system here, I'm inclined to believe that people are just complaining for the sake of complaining.

But I digress. What I want to know is, how can you so easily say 'I don't like Malaysia, I want to give up my passport and residency immediately, but family keeps me there.' How can you just as easily say that you would only return there for holidays? Granted, I'm extremely grounded to Malaysia because of my family, but if so then I can just go back there during holidays.

So why am I so attached to my home? I don't know. Might be the ease of which I live there. There is nowhere else where I can just walk in and order my kopi peng or teh 'o' peng and know that everyone will understand me. Its somewhere where I don't have to worry about visa or my passport or even bringing my ID along. Its a place where I'm four hours away from my hometown and half an hour away from my brother should I need anything. I can't exactly text my brother telling him I need a HDMI cable within half an hour and expect him to be there with it if I'm in Australia.

I'm here for six months, and its a learning experience I wouldn't exchange for the world. I love the ease of the public transport here, I adore the weather here to bits, temperamental as it may be. I love the campus lifestyle here, but I wouldn't exchange a life here for my home under any circumstance. Malaysia is home, and its very inexplicable on my part, to explain my attachment to the place. Its just the idea that I've been born and bred there, and no matter how horrible or bad the country or government is, it is still my home. My family and friends are there, my memories linger there, be it good or bad. My whole life is there. I can't just up and leave so easily, and good or bad, its been my home since I've been born.

So I have to admit, when I hear Malaysians saying they don't want to leave Australia or that they would rather come here... I'm just a tad dissapointed that you can just disregard your home so easily.

heart is sinking

Annnddd its the last day of orientation. Technically. Well technically there's the Monash Dash at Clayton tomorrow, but for one I'm not even going to be in Clayton, and for another I'm too lazy to run. Not that I'm not athletic (actually, I think I'm turning to be a real lazy bum, but shhh. :P), but I would rather hike/climb/swim/bike rather then run around like a headless chicken. I like treasure hunts, but only when I'm organizing it. I rather like watching people running around frantically. *sadist*

But anyway! Clayton campus is huge, I can't iterate that enough. Its massive! I swear I almost got lost, except the map is pretty easy to read. But after three days there, I only know my way around Building 63, and the Campus Centre. Anywhere else and you'll see question marks appearing above my head. If I were to go there and had back to back classes, I'll lose weight in a month, I swear to you. I don't know how do people get from class to class here without either running madly or getting a bike!

On another note, I think I've lost my picture taking mojo. I can't be bothered pulling out my camera anymore, and most of the time when I do end up taking pictures, its just with my Ipod and those photos usually end up on instagram. Speaking of which, follow me! Its at kittykits! :P

Last day of orientation and i took the public transport back myself, which surprisingly isn't as complicating, even if it is tedious and long. Bus from Clayton to Huntingdale, Pakenham line to Parliament and change to Sydenham line at Flagstaff all the way to Watergardens, all in all took me an hour to take. Then again though, I'd rather do that journey then study at Gippsland, which is a twenty dollar fare to the city via V-line. *sour face* but meh, I don't have a choice anymore. It rained on my journey back though, and I did like just sitting by the window with my earplugs plugged in contemplating the problems of my world. :P

Crossing fingers for an awesome O-week next week and a fun semester for the next six months!! ^_^

Monday, February 13, 2012

whoah. O-O

Yeahhh. Figured I should just keep a blog during my six month stay in Melbourne, partly because I doubt I can remember everything and just want to keep stuff as memories, and partly because.. well Gippsland is a hella boring place. There's really not much to do here! Literally. I'm back in Syndenham now at Uncle Eddy's place, thankfully. But that's only because there's the Abroad orientation going on in Clayton this week. Next week is when I move back to the land of wild bunnies roaming around my not-so-big-but-complicated campus. Meh. ):

Life through instagram! That seems to be how things are these days, and while my Ipod is only workable with wi-fi, i'm semi-addicted to that app. I update like crazy when I get wi-fi. :P But either way, Uncle Eddy's food is amazing. Its like I never left Malaysia! Curry, char koay teow, nasi lemak, you name it he makes it. And in Gippsland I have to make a ten minute trudge to Hazelwood in the next village to get my groceries. Meh. I'll survive on bread and butter.

Totally does not help that v-line tickets are so expensive too! Fortnightly trips to the city it is, I can't afford to make one every week. Psh. But oh well, I'll be the asian kid who sits in her room and stares at her computer all day, school-shooter tendencies and all. xD Fingers still crossed that I'll make awesome friends and have an awesome six months here, but I'm all resigned to being friendless and sticking to my room.

That said though, Melbourne city is an amazing place. I love the culture and lifestyle here, and had my campus been closer to the city, I have no doubt that I would have had an amazing time here, friendless or not. I'm quite fine with adventuring by myself, and I can walk for miles alone had my campus not been so far.

But ah well, life sucks that way. Loneliness, here I come! xD