Tuesday, August 31, 2010

first kiss

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The sound proof room proved effective in the prevention of annoyance of the neighbors, as he belted out to 'My First Kiss' by Kesha. He sang along too, but only softly, for he thinks his voice isn't all that much to talk about.

On the ground she sat, her back against the wall as she listened. Should she know what he thinks about his voice, she would say otherwise. It may not be the best, but she wanted no other voice to lull her to sleep. A smile played upon her lips, her feet tapping the ground along with the music.

As he finished, she clapped. As always.

"I hate that song, just so you know." she said. Her eyes flashed, the cheeky grin in place as she spoke.

Taking off his guitar, he laughed and headed down to sit next to her. His lips met juice, the refreshing liquid running down his slightly parched throat to relieve him, before he spoke, turning to her. "You clapped."

For lack of a better response, she stuck her tongue out at him as a flimsy excuse of a retort before turning her attention back to her propped up feet. Seconds later, she asked. "How was your first kiss like?"

"You honestly want to know?"


"My first girlfriend, you know her. Back when I was fifteen."

Silence fell again, the material of it like a silken blanket falling softly over the both of them. Finally, he couldn't resist but ask. "Yours?"

She didn't reply. At least not immediately. Being together for a month didn't really give them much leeway to start delving in to each other's past relationships. Heck, he had only held her hand so far, just because he didn't know what she wanted. But to tell the truth, he honestly wanted to know.

"My first kiss?" she finally echoed, in a voice tinier then normal. His eyes fell on her, he nodded. And in turn, she too turned up to look at him. "Went a little..." In a short second, she had reached up to press her lips briefly on his, a probably the most chaste kiss he had even received from a girl that lasted a mere split second, before she pulled back.

"Like this."


Was on the way home one day and 'My First Kiss' by Kesha came on the radio. I was always annoyed by that song, but I realized why that day. How could anyone ever desecrate a first kiss like that? Its supposed to be something sweet, something that might not come with silver bells or white doves, but most definitely comes with something that is wholly from the heart.

And I actually wrote this on my phone, my most awesome awesome new Raphael♥

Sunday, August 29, 2010

hi there

Hi people. Meet my new darling, Alexander.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Apparently, this is what happens when uni starts. *dusts blog* IS SORRY. VEWY SORRY. But I have an actual update now? ^__^

Has picnic! One thing crossed off our extremely long list of 'to-do's! And look at all the yummies♥

No picnic is complete without sammiches! J made them, and they is awesome. Egg mayo is♥

Camwhore-ness, because is what we do best.

We even has music! Cause I lugged Shiroi down together with the speakers, and her battery is a very very good girl.

Oh! Someone forgot to bring cups, so we had to be inventive. Because no way am I staring at three bottles of ice lemon tea and not drinking any, ditto for J with her coke. So we improvised! Number 1, put ice in mouth.

Number 2! Take a gulp of favourite drink. in this case, coke!

Number 3! Swallow drink, but not the ice! Don't choke yourself now. It sorta work, sorta. I resorted to spazzing out with drink + ice still in my mouth to make it cold. :P

We flew kites too! Is awesome please. Sort of. If you count running around like a couple of hyper kids awesome. I do! ^__^

We tries! We is stubborn people.

And it flew! Sorta. :P

He tried too!

And it flew! And he spazzed! Like the idiot that he is! xD

Apparently, he wants go to war with that as the weapon. J says his gonna color shock them, I think he'll just bomb them all with his width. xD

He looks like his trying to squish us wtf and with something weird on his face too. =.=

And we were so bored we ended up playing with the stick! xD More cool poses at J's blog, but here he just looks ridiculous. :p

They had pretty furry plants! I think they're called cat-tails? I dunno. But they is awesome picture taking material.

He tries to act cool. I think he looks sorta stoned though? :P We went home after that cause it was getting late and mosquitoes were gathering~ Picnic was fun though. Someone explain to me why food tastes better eaten outside?

And from here on commences random pictures taken! Because nothing particularly interesting has been happening anyway.

The boys being fools. They were.... fighting ala Star Wars with lightsabers. Yes, those are their 'lightsabers'. =.=

Weee! i love taking pictures of people holding hands. To me its the sweetest thing someone can do? I dunno, I just find it really sweet. Those are Mun Yee's and Arman's hands. Their impossibly cute together, trust me.

Snow Ice! Went out to get it with Mei Li right after dance at 7 on... I forgot which day. But was awesome, and we had a random craving. :p

American breakfast this morning!

Bacon, sausages, and cheese omelette! I love my eggies♥

Amcorp Mall with the parentals afterwards. Look at pretty bird flower! Is prettiness on a plant, no? :P

Ramadan bazaar after Jap class! it was so bloody hot I wanted to turn tails and run immediately. Why in the world I agreed to go to a damn bazaar at 4pm on such a hot day I have no idea. >.<>

If only for these. Kebab pita, roti john and murtabak! my absolute favourites in any ramadan bazaar, and I will stay for them. Just for them. I couldn't wait to get back to the car afterwards though.

But food makes it worthwhile♥

Sunday, August 22, 2010

random brain dump!

Don't really have much to update about. Except omg my new header, I look so spazztic in it. xD I like the cat tail plant though! Is so pretty and floofy, is why I had it there. And the gateway at the park near my house.

Stoning in Uni! Yes we have epic beanbags and even better company, because all of us apparently has superbly random stoning times. xD That boy in second picture is my stalkee (?) because I apparently talk to him more now that I don't share with a class with him, then before when I actually did share a class with him. Weird. :p

My book for my music assignment! Japanese Music & Pop Culture, but I took the picture only cause I like the picture. Its an angel guitar, and the angel is playing a harp if you can't see it properly. Looks epically cool please.

Remember my shoppping trip with KML? YES. WE HAS SAME SHOES NOW. Actually, she bought them first, I went back afterwards to get my pink ones. But yes we match now, sorta. Sometimes. :p

Yes, we love our shoes very the muchies♥

Stalkee's Ipad!!! Which is damn epic cool, I love playing with it. Its not something I'd spend money on la, and not something I would use long term. But if you need something to go online with cause you're damn bored, and can't find a computer/laptop, its perfect. Its like a book! Scratch that, its lighter then all of my readers.

Brother's house on Friday night! Been a while since I last went there, grandma cooked awesome 'shark fin' soup for me. Inverted commas cause their all vegetables inside, and I don't eat shark fin soup anyway. I find the way they get the fins of the shark completely inhumane, I can't stomach the thing.

My daughter! The cutest schnauzer you will ever see, please. Chiko-chan is adorable, see how she cocks her head? And she can dance too! Look!

Is she cute, or is she cute? She can do go round too! Everytime I sit down, she just goes one round around me and sit down in front of me, expecting me to give her a treat. Pssh. Spoilt child, she is.

And my other children too!

My giant, who loves to give me that superbly clueless look. Cause she's such an idiot la, I swear. But she's a sweetie at the same time. :P

And my bodyguard! Superbly protective of my family and me, but is so so jelly in our hands. His such a sweetiepie, and I adore him♥

Okay, should probably get started on the last two assignments now. Dx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

shut up and kiss me!

I... have nothing interesting in my life to update on. Life's pretty boring these days actually. So I shall dish out a dose of random pictures taken throughout the last couple of weeks!
Couzzy's birthday on Friday! Had no class, but had to rush to uni anyway cause I needed to print the cover page and bind it. And then rushed to Empire to do my stuff while it was binding, and then drove all the way back to uni to get it and wrap it up and wait for the jam to ease up before dropping it at his house. Heehee, its pretty? Hoped he liked it! ^__^

Lotsa assignments these days. Have three whose deadline is next week. Yes, thats three computers you see. Netbook has the notes from class, laptop has the notes from old classes, and Mike the desktop is where all the stuff is actually done. Not to mention all the books around. I'm apparently a very messy worker. Dx

Rose! Lindley's birthday was on Monday! Andrew got her a rose, so pretty can?

Birthday girl who got two birthday songs sang to her, cause whichever lecture theatre where all of us were at, we just launched in to a birthday song for her. Heehee. ♥

Alex's doodles! The girl's such a cutie, she draws on her notebooks whenever she's bored in class. Is so cute can, her drawings!

Stalker pics during lecture! I was bored during COM1020 la! Callum's a superbly nice lecturer, but the topic itself is so dry, it makes me so sleepy. Dx

Alex doodles, like a lot! Her milk and cheese is superbly cute please.

MPAC rehearsals! I was bored, so I spammed pictures with my pretty ballerina bottle. xD My camera actually takes pretty nice pictures, surprisingly. O-O As long as it focuses correctly of course.

Obligatory. ^___^