Saturday, October 8, 2011

I really really thought you were going to get better. It was just an anal infection, nothing big right? I thought you were shaking cause your legs were tired from standing up all the time cause you couldn't sit. Till now, I still wonder if I were to go over to Coa's place, would you be running to the gate with your stump of a tail wagging, pressing your nose against my hand, leaning your extremely heavy head against my thigh just begging for a pet.

You love it when I scratch under your neck, you love it when I bring you out for a run. I'm so so sorry I didn't manage to bring you out for a run the last time I was there, because I was too lazy. I'm sorry for tripping over you and making you fall that one time when I brought you out, I'm sorry for not giving you enough attention. I wish I could've given you a better, much better life then the one you had.

I love you, and I miss you so much Mimigirl♥ I still wish I could feel your huge head under my hand, feel your sandy, strong and lean body under my fingers. I miss your gallop, your strength when you pull me along for your daily walk. I miss you. I wish you were still here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Have I introduced you guys to the new ruler of my heart?

Its been a rule of thumb for a while now, not to get close to anyone or thing. They're just going to end up leaving one way or another, and I'd rather not deal with the heartache that follows. But there's this one bugger whose managed to worm his way under my skin.

Oh trust me, I've tried not to fall for that huge pair of brown googly eyes and fluffy skin. Even back when he was a pup, I... wasn't exactly the most attached of owners. I've seen people stay home all the time for a new puppy. Me? I go out all day, my routine hardly changes.

I can't say it changed now, I still go out most of the day. And I still bully him. Oh, trust me when I say I bully him.

I shove him around, I throw his toys at him, take them away from him. I make him run and I withhold his treats from him sometimes.

But I never push him around to hard, and I can't resist cuddling his fuzzy body and talk nonsense as I ruffle his ridiculously long and useless ears, while he just looks up at me cluelessly. Probably thinking I'm mad too.

But he does get revenge sometimes. Sometimes.

He never retaliates, he only play bites, he has the patience of a saint, and he's so attached its almost impossible for anyone not to be endeared to him.

Granted, he's a completely useless guard dog. He thinks the world is his friend, and give him some food and you can probably coax him to rob a bank.

But I dare you not to fall in love with that completely adorable face. I know I have.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

OKAY PICTURE DUMP. Though forewarning, I might not be updating my blog as often as before nowadays, cause uni is just impossibly busy, plus I find it easier to just dump everything on facebook and caption everything there, hence... yeah, just go there. xD

CUTES THING EVER OMG MEMORY LANE'S NEW RANGE OF PLUSHIES. SO CUTE. Their microbacteria actually, but they're so floofy and cute and lskdjksj.

AND CUTE BOTTLE. Bought it from daiso, it contains milk. So darn cute. klsjdlksd

Went out to meet Farah and Sophia the other day! At Full House at pyramid, where the mashed potato is omgsogoodlksdksjad.

And that meeting ended up leading to another one of a gathering of all of us at Snowflakes on Friday! I haven't seen this people in 2 years, and though we're missing some people, its so fun to see everyone there!♥

Also, went home during first of May for grandmother's birthday! The cousins there got a new puppy omg its a cute little fuzzball!

Its always like a family conference whenever all of us congregrate back home. The sofas are never enough so some people eventually end up sitting on the floor. Somehow, I prefer sitting on the floor though. xD

This is what happens when there's too many girls in a family. Lack of mirrors when an event is going on. xD


AND MIKU OMG SO GOOD♥ I only ever eat the ones at Penang, because the ones sold here is disgusting. D:

The cousin bought me this omo so cute!

The day before I went home, cousin brigade headed out for lunch together in the plus ones car! If you guys are wondering, plus one is one of my cousins' boyfriend, who has yet to gain full approval from all of us. Pending. xD

We went to Mae Salong! Its a place that apparently sells really good green curry in Penang.

I'm not food entrepreneur, but the surroundings were gorgeous!

I couldn't resist taking 90829038123 pictures. I'm sparing you with only two. xD

The really good green curry, which I guess is actually pretty good since its really creamy and stuff. But the rest of the stuff we had was major spicy. And most of us can't really take overly spicy food.

And that is the end result, everyone sweating like mad as they eat. xD

Also, we finished three jugs of water. Ice cold water. xD

I hate saying goodbye. ):

But once home, the sisters brought me to roller blading!

2 out of 4 of them anyway, since the other two was busy. D: but roller blading is always fun with more people!

We found the canopy walk to pyramid from college! Omg it took a while too!

Its a five minute walk, but the view is actually quite pretty as you walk. You can see Lagoon as you walk too! You come soooo close to the roller coaster rides.

Lunch date with the Meis! Creme bruleee~

Of course, we always have our Kindori. Is that even a question? xD

We all wear slippers to school! Because we're all too lazy to wear proper shoes. xD

Also, I think I beat almost every single one of her high scores on her Itouch games. :P

CCF after rehearsals! Ahhh, dance concert just ended. I hate it when an event ends, it feels so empty. D:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Well hello there, remember the horrendous finger from last week? It sorta got popped and bound so it could heal. That was how it looked last week though, since its all fine now. so lets jump to my barrage of food pictures and what I've been up to, shall we?

Went to Ikea with the sisters last week! omnomnom, they call this the Princess cake, and its awesome♥ Sweet and creamy.

I can't decide between the Princess cake or Daim cake though, since both are equally good♥

Of course, a meal in Ikea is never complete without Meatballs! Its meaty goodness with the jam they serve.

I think I found a new favourite though. Their vegetarian pasta is really good! The pasta itself, is chewy and soft and ... just all round omnomness♥

This was dumplings from the Saturday me and Mei was studying and decided to kidnap Lei and go for Snowflakes. yes, I can never resist dumplings. xP

Dimsum breakfast! This is what I always have when I go for dimsum. salad prawns, HK chee cheong fun...

... and har gao! I usually get the spare ribs and some other stuff too, but I had a craving for glass skin stuff that day. xD

Made mashed potato to bring to uni the other day, last week I think. Because the sisters have been bugging me about it. xD Its like I'm their unpaid cook!

Crisis in the uni! We couldn't get the locker door to open. D;
Oh, and Mel brought her new polaroid camera that day! its so pretty, if the film wasn't so expensive I'd definitely get it. D:

We spammed on it. Sort of, not really since the film is expensive. But we made the most of it!

Even changed it to all of our wallpapers! xD

We surprised her on that day for her birthday too. :P

The brother has a new BB, and i love this wallpaper!

This silly thing came and pick me up from uni the other day! Stupid fuzzy monster stole my passenger seat. D: *cuddles him*

Bought a set of keychains for the sisters!

And also the stepdaddy's birthday last week! Spammed on Mahathir's memoirs for him. Which btw, I find entirely uninteresting but he was enamoured with. *shrugs* Grown ups. Aish.

Lamb date with Mei! Our lunch consisted of shepherds pie, and lamb shank!

Yes, we both be humongous lamb eaters. It was so good♥

Of course, its never complete without cake! Her chocolate indulgence and my strawberry mashmallow cheescake, epic win♥

Wall of Hated Food in Monash. Its the students protest against the cafetaria food, which is horrendous and expensive. Its why the sisters and I have been bringing food to school instead of buying these days. Dx

Was baking again the other day! Why, you ask? Because its for the sleepover we had of course!

Mei and I gave out the stuff we had for the sisters. xD Cute towels omg♥

Chicken! Kokkokai~

Why yes, we did have our dinner at 10:30 pm that night, any problem? xD

Again, polaroids are ♥

Its been raining a lot these days, and its such a hassle if I was in uni and need to go home. but if I happen to be at home while it rains, I can't be happier. Its such a comfy weather! Except, I really don't like the lightning and thunder. Dx