Friday, May 29, 2009

Night at the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian

The sequel to Night at the Museum, Ben Stiller reprises his role as Larry Daley, now owner and CEO of a company he founded himself, manufacturing inventions he created himself. However, even at the start of the movie, Larry can be seen to be stressed and overworked, and then Larry pays a visit to his old workplace, the Museum, where he finds all the figurines being packed up in to boxes. It was only then that Larry found out the Museum was to be closed for upgrades, and most of the figurines shifted to the Smithsonian Instituition, underground storage the next day. Or as far as I remember anyway.

But then, Theodore, or Teddy as Larry calls him, suddenly reveals to Larry that because the tablet that brings them all to life isn't following them, that night will be the last night they were able to come to life as well. Larry tries to help, but as influential as he was then, he wasn't able to help much. That,and the fact that most of the figures there doubted Larry's loyalty to them, especially because Larry's phone seemed to be constantly ringing off the hook for business all the while he was there.

Larry's efforts prove fruitless, and the next day, all the figurines were moved to the underground storage. But that evening, Larry received a call from Jedediah, remember the miniature cowboy? He called Larry, and said apparently they were in big trouble, because Dexter the monkey stole the tablet and brought it along, and it had awakened Kahmunrah, Akhmunrah's elder evil brother. Remember this guy?

Yeap, thats Akhmunrah. He apparently has an evil elder brother. I think his cuter. :P

According to Nicky, Larry's son, if that was true, then the worlds largest museum would come to life. Anyway, Larry rushed over to get to Jedediah's and the rest's aid, and that's when the story starts.

I actually found the second installment just as amusing as the first! There were much more new characters, The Thinker, Abraham Lincoln, even Einsteins! But I can't choose between the two I like most. There was Jedediah and Octavius!
How those two were enemies at first in the first movie, but how they gradually became friends? You can actually see how Octavius and Jedediah are really best friends in this movie. Its really amusing to watch their friendly banter, yet at the same time see how they cover each other's backs.

And then there's Dexter.

Remember this cute lil monkey? His got a counterpart in the sequel! Its amusing how he meets his counterpart, and then in monkey language, the Smithsonian one asked Dexter, "What are you doing in my museum?" and then Dexter replies, while pointing at Larry whom was standing next to them. "His my human, of course I'm here!". Dexter claiming Larry is way too amusing. :P

Of course, not forgetting the Cupid Jonas Brothers! I didn't actually realize it at first, but when they started singing LoveBug, I went 'OMG IS THAT JOBROS'. xD Joe Cupid Jonas is rather adorable. :p

All in all it was a good movie, with new characters, but still integrating the old ones, and rather humorous too, despite the rather cloudy plot on how Kahmunrah wants to take over the worled with Napolean, Al Capone and some other... leader, I forgot who. But it was a good movie, and I'd give it a 7.5 over 10.

yes yes I know

I do have Computer Science and exam on Monday, but hey, what are Saturdays and Sundays for? So guess where I went today?

Pyramid! Together with Charlene, Rosh and Ravee, whom were celebrating the end of their exams. *muttergrumble* But anyway! We first got to the cinema to buy the tickets to the 2.30 screening of Night At the Museum 2. The line was bloody long. I think me and Rosh spent about... 20 minutes lining up there? Got the tickets to the movie, and then we went for lunch at Ajisen Ramen.

The one with the tongue peeking out is Rosh, the crazy, smart girl who got her JPA scholarship, and then one on the right is Ravee, the silent but so amusing girl. :P From Kuala Selangor, she's so quiet, but she's really very amusing, in a cute way of course.

Me and Lene. Blurry pics courtesy of the smart JPA girl. *smacks Rosh* But also partly cause our food came by then, and of course, who can resist food!

Yummy yummy chicken teriyaki bento set at Ajisen Ramen. The rice that day was a little dry though oddly, but the miso soup made it alright. :P After that we went to do a little shopping! Didn't buy much though that day, since we were sort of busy rushing for the movie at 2.30, so all I did was get a tank top from F.O.S and three earrings for RM10. :P

And then we went for the movie at 2.30, where SHOCKHORROR we found that the guy we booked the tickets from booked the 1.35 movie for us instead of 2.30's! The four of us panicked a little, me, Lene and Rosh went to the counter to ask what happened. But luckily, TGV was kind enough to let us have four seats in the 2.30 slot, and we got in.

Night At The Museum 2 was really good! Ben Stiller was as good as ever, and the whole plot was fast paced too! I never really watched the first one, but never the less, I enjoyed the second one immensely, and i can't wait to get my hands on the DVD. Planning to watch the first one tomorrow too, before I do a full review on the movie. :P

Anyway, after the movie we went to the toilet, where a camwhoring session ensued. God knows how many times we made fools of ourselves that day. First at lunch where we were busy taking pictures (*cough Charlene and her million pictures cough*), and then at the toilet like madwomans. :P

Me and Lene, with her awesome Nikon DSLR. I'm so in love with it. Everytime she brings it, I end up taking more pictures then her! Which reminds me, LENE! Send me the pictures I took,and the ones with me in it. I want i want i want!! Plase? :P

And the four of us together in the toilet of all places. Nice mirrors ma! Look at me, the tallest kena push behind wuwuwuwu. ;_;

Rosh with my Lene's DSLR. She apparently likes it. :p Who doesn't?! Its a darn DSLR!

Then after the half an hour long camwhoring session in the toilet, Lene went off to get her hair cut, and I brought Rosh and Ravee to Marrakesh to get their bags. Of course, I wasn't gona get one, I have way too many bags already, if I get one I risk getting my eyes cut out from their sockets. So while they buy, I...

Whore out my camera again wtf.

Okay la enough with my syok sendiri pics la! Thats it for today. There's actually more pictures from where I was sitting with Lene while she was getting her hair cut, after Rosh and Ravee went back, but the pics are all in her DSLR, so... next time then. :P

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

end of exams! Not.

Yeah right. Most of my friends ended their exams today, so I went out with Joyce, Chien, Wei and Joe to Pyramid for lunch after my Econs exam earlier. Wtf super last minute lor our plans, but doesn't matter. :P One thing though, Sushi King is awful if you wana get good Jap food. Cheap food yes, but in terms of freshness or variety, its the worst.

Didn't bring my camera so no pictures. :(( Its so unfair lor! The econs/accounts people finished exam today, Lene, Rosh and Ravee finishing on Friday. I think I'm the last of my gang to finish on Monday, Computer Science. Sheeeesh.

On another note, exams today was pretty easy. Not that easy lar, and I wouldn't guarentee an A, but its not bad. Damn its I spent hours studying Market Structure and the paper gave me PPC. Pssh.

So! Some random pictures.

Made dumplings! You know the chinese dumplings they make every year, with the meat inside and the glutinous rice outside? Yeah! Made it. But I never got to take a picture of actually making it, as in wrapping it and all, cause I was at college, so I only took a picture while I was making the meat. >.<
The book that took up most of my week last week. But it was well worth it la~ Cause it was for my dhamma teacher, whom we celebrated teacher's day late a week cause she wasn't around on the week of teacher's day. We even bought a cake for her! Well not be specifically, but Ben. Lookie!

What was it again? Mocha? Marble? It was a cheesecake la, that I can remember. And it has the damn awesome oatmeal crust which was super mecha good.

And then on Monday, I moved to my new house. I'm gona miss my old house lor! But I get my own room in a new house, so... I guess it compensates. A little. I took lots of pictures of my old house! Which is a must of course, since I practically stayed there for how many years? Ever since I could remember, thats for sure, but thats another story. :P

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I got tagged wtf.

Alright alright I'll do it. Rawr.

1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
Forehead. :P

2. How did you feel when you woke up this MORNING ?
SSleeeepppyyy. Damn internal clock woke me up at 7 something. >.< 3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo WITH ?
Shien! After that exams la, where got time to take pic. :p

4. Would you consider yourself SPOILED ?
Erm? :P

5. Will you ever donate BLOOD ?
Of course. :P

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite SEX ?
Eh? Duhh. xD

7. Do you want someone to be DEAD ?
Can I want exams to be dead? Are exams considered someone?

8. What does your last text message SAY?
Lene freaking out about the Monash U signing in thing. :P

9. What are you thinking about right NOW ?

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right NOW ?
Erm. Sort of?

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
11 something.

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
Free. Firefly shirt, so comfy. :P

13. Is someone on your mind right NOW ?

14. Who was the last person who text YOU ?

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz .
1. Mei Xin
2. Prudence
3. Farah
4. Shi Man
5. Lene
6. Frhna
7. Muimui
8. Jaddeee
9. MinXian
10. Liang

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship WITH ?
Eh? Dunno wor. Pru ar, who ar?

16. Is no.3 a male or a FEMALE ?

17. If no.7 and no.1 get TOGETHER , would it be a good ?
Ermmmm..... I gues? xD

18. What is no.1 studying?

19. When was the last time you chatted with THEM ?

20. IS no.4 SINGLE ?
Hmmm. I THINK so. Are you? :P

21. Say something about no.2.
Cute girl whose damn awesome at making friends and being a friend. :P

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being TOGETHER ?
They wouldn't know who I'm calling. :P

23. Describe no.9
Random, crazy dota freak. :P

24 . What will you do if no.6 and no.7 FIGHT ?
EEPS! No idea. :P

25 . Do you like no.8 ?
Of course! She's my spazzing partner. :p

Saturday, May 23, 2009

whats so great about love?

Yes yes I know I'm supposed to be studying, but I got bored! And i need a break, so I picked up one of my many many romance novels and started reading. Which got be on the topic of love. and then suddenly I thought, just how important can love be? Seriously though, is it that important?

Wikipedia's defination of love; Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection and attachment. Any number of emotions and experiances? Whaaa...? Argh. Nevermind. Forget the complicated explanations, we'll just get to simple answers. :p

From my bestie, MeiMei.
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
do you think love is important?
~*Mei Xin*~is indulging herself with a midnight drink. =) says:

WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
~*Mei Xin*~is indulging herself with a midnight drink. =) says:
cause love makes a person

love makes a person? Oiiii. Very deep la your answer. Simple minded me can't get it. *headwall*

From my crazy Rui. :p
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
do you think love is important?
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
dont worry too much la!
Uh, because without love, life is meaningless? not romantic-ish love

and she even thought I was worrying too much! sweet girl. :p Without love life is meaningless? Oh really? I guess she DOES make sense, since she said it might not be the romantic love type. :p
From one crazy Queen
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
do you think love is important?
Queen Min Xian. says:
yes it is

and then she dumps me for dota. sheesh. Rawr,

From my Catcat.
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
do you think love is important?
caτ --- 當我決定擁抱自己,世界就開始擁抱我 says:
love is important.. but not most important ?
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
eh? why?
caτ --- 當我決定擁抱自己,世界就開始擁抱我 says: well, right now friends and family would be more important to me

hmmm. true true. :p ----
From cutie Pru!
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
do you think love is important?
>l- Prudence-l< : Smile and Be Happy...=) says:
WanYing|| Ashita no Kioku says:
>l- Prudence-l< : Smile and Be Happy...=) says:
we gotta love
>l- Prudence-l< : Smile and Be Happy...=) says:
to experience love
>l- Prudence-l< : Smile and Be Happy...=) says:
and being love

wah. another deep answer. but she's right though. Hafta love to experiance the feeling of being in love.

But is it really necessary? I somehow find love somewhat over rated sometimes. The couples holding hands, sweet nothings whispered in ears, the gifts, the sentiments, only to have it break apart all over months later just because you find you're not compatible. Then what happens to the gifts? Watsed in the trash. The sweet nothings? They become just that. Nothings.

Yet sometimes, you have to admit, love is such a wonderful feeling. To feel protected, to feel cherished and love, to feel like someone wants and needs you. But yet, can't you get that feeling with family? So why do you need your 'other half' as the more sappy people put it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a total romantic. I love romance, and novels and dramas were, and will always be a weak point with me. But sometimes I have to shake myself and remind myself that this is the real world, and fairytale stories just don't happen. No Prince Charming, no Knight in Shining Armor. I however, am willing to settle for nothing less then true love when it comes to marriage, wishful thinking it may be. But for now, my family and friends would suffice, and I dare say I would be nothing without them.

But sometimes, a girl can't be faulted for dreaming of her very own Prince Charming, no? :p

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

omg the amazement of the morning

first thing i heard when I stepped in to class this morning, was Ga Yi, Shir Yee and Qing laughing their heads off. and then I heard their conversation.

Shir Yee : No no! Thats not the way a horse neighs!
Ga Yi : But yes! They go EEEEEEE-OH.
*everyone starts laughing again, Ga Yi with irritated/amused look*

She sounded like an ambulance! And she's so adorable doing it. xD And then they ask me to imitate. I went' mehhh!" and then she went, "NO! Thats how a SHEEP calls!"

Everyone starts laughing again. xD You have to be there to know how hilarious it sounds, cause I laughed till tears came to my eyes. Apparently, the conversation started when Ga Yi said her little sister use to take her as a horse and ride on her back. xD

and then we started talking about how our jaws hurt after laughing, and Qing went to say our jaws could drop out if we laugh too much. Then i said how Wu Zun has his jaw drop out after eating too much and had to go to the hospital with his hand supporing his jaw, and then Xian Wei started laughing, which illicited another round of laughter.

I swore I never laughed so much before. First time in the year, they made tears come out. xDDD I love these peopel.x DDD

ARGH! Now that college blocked Facebook I have nothing better to do during breaks. ;_; Everyone's not there at AF, cause everyone at school. what am I supposed to do? can't even watch youtube. pffft. ;_;

Thursday, May 14, 2009

random spazzings

Right. Trial exam for econs is tomorrow, english on Friday and my Finals are in a week, so yes, my posts are going to be very very sparse for the next two weeks. I've taken lots of pictures though! So i'll just do a random post with random unphotoshopped pictures in no particular order!

English A5 had a random brainstorming session last week Thursday! Topic given to us was 'Create something new to put on the market. Must be something never been created before'. I was in the same group with Kah Sing, Edmund, Risha, Rosh, and Lynn! We went a little psycho. There was a time machine, Kah Sing came up with some random magical pen idea, the crazy! And then we finally settled on a car that folded in to a cube.

Right, and apparently all of us has zero art skills. See the car? It looked like something a kindergardener could draw! *runs and hides* But Edmund could draw pretty well actually, despite his refutations. xD He drew the control at the bottom, and the wheel spokes. Ye sthe idea is abstract, the idea of a car folding in to a cube, but we had nothing better to do. xD
Group photo! The one on the far left is our teacher, Miss Jennifer, who sadly we're not going to see for the rest of the term now since she had to take a long MC due to medical reasons. ;_;
Yes i look very fugly in this picture please ignore that. :D

Went out for dinner with visiting cousins at Sushi Groove some time last week too! They came down for the Lee Hom 'Music-Man' concert (which I so desperately wanted to go), and then stayed for a week before they went back. Oh! And they went all the way to KL to buy me Krispy Kreme just cause I had no time to buy it! Do you know how much I loveeee Krispy Kreme?! Its the best donut on earth.

Adorable younger sister! She's so so cute, and she's such a princess. She loves all things pink. If you see her wardrobe, you'll get faced with a huge wall of pink!

My mom and her sister aka my aunt. So ridiculous looking right my mom? I sometimes don't know if I'm the younger one or she's the younger one. :p

My new room! I love the white contrast! xD Yes, all my furniture is white. Including my bed. The only color changing things in my room are my curtains and my bedsheets, which are currently purple. I'm gona change them to beige soon. xDD And see those soft toys? gots lots of history behind them! I have a huge amount of toys, but I'll save that for another time. :p

Went to have dinner at some steamboat place! It has like, those individual steamboats for everyone, and its really like any other typical steamboat la. But this one is special a little, cause you get to choose WHAT soup you want, and it has so many different varieties of steamboat soup! From the typical Tom Yam and clear soup, to even bak kut teh, herbal, fish head milk soup! So good! And their baked potatoes were...<333

Got myself a Dior makeup set too! Flew from Taipei in here by my mom's husband, and its so damn nice. I love the purple and pink eye-shadow, and the mascara too! I don't feel like using it cause its so expensive, but since I already opened it.... :p

Then went to Ikea on Sunday. I'm so addicted to Ikea food, their Sweden meatballs especially! Its so delish, and their daily different menu's are nice too! Too bad I can't go there often. :(

Monday, May 11, 2009



No la, not a real ghost. This is a Malaysian TV series, and perhaps one of the few series from Malaysia I really enjoy.

Season 1 was awesome, with Cheryl Samad as Eza and Nazrudin Rahman as Zack, the ghost, was really really good. Eza was a struggling reporter determined to find out the cause of death of her favourite popstar, Zack. Then she suddenly realizes she can see his spirit, and tries to find out the cause of his death with his help. The twists throughout were just right too! I have to admit though, I mostly watched Season 1 for Zack, and I found the 'chemistry' between Eza and Zack really good too, despite Zack being a Ghost and all, but he seems like he really cared for what happend to Eza at the end. They make quite the team, and I was rather dissapointed when it ended.

Alam, Eza and Harom the Lady Ghost.

Of course, when Season 2 was announced, i couldn't be happier. More time to look at Zack! But sadly for me, Zack didn't appear in the first few episodes. ;_; There IS a new ghost from. Isma Hanum as Harom, and Eza's job this time however, is the find out the kidnapper for Alicia Soo, and try and solve Harom's death at the same time.

Alicia Soo, some random guy, Harom's boyfriend Ridzuan, and Eza's fiance. I don't like the guy. >.<>

There's also another person working together with Alam (Anding), whose basically a guy with sixth sense. He can see anything when he touches something related to someone. I somehow get the feeling that Alam will like Eza, cause to tell you the truth, I don't like Eza's fiance at all. =.=

Anyway! Yes I'm sorry I'm weaving a romance plot in it but I"m used to Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean dramas already okay. :p But I really DO like this series though! ANd I'm hoping Zack will appear already darnits.

Anyway, watch it guys! its really not that bad. 8tv, every Sunday Night at 10.30 - 11.30pm. Its even on youtube I think, and its really not that bad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a day out + cutes! + urgh.

Argh. Assessments tomorrow, and after studying for 2 hours in the library earlier, I don't feel like touching the book anymore. T_T

Someone remind me again, why did I pick Econs as one of my electives? *groans* I mean, its not that bad, as in I can cope and all, but its really starting to give me a headache. So many factors and determinants to remember, firms and its determinants of demands, industry, reaction of consumer when A happens,w hat will happen if B happens. Rawr. I'm so annoyed right now. But annoyed or not I still hafta study cause of the damn assesments. >.<Thats her eating at KFC. Yes she's pointing at the coke cup, cause she's not suppose to drink it but she drank it anyway! Apparently her mom was putting her on some odd chinese medication thingy that said you can't drink cold stuff. xD I don't think she cares. :p

Didn't buy much things though, cause both me and her were sorta broke that day, so we walked, we chatted, walked some more, before taking the cab back to my place for her to hang out a while before she went home. I haven't seen her in ages! Missed her so much, so luckily got to see her after my driving and my class on Monday. :p
Of course, camwhoring is a must. Was there ever a doubt? xD

She went home at around6, and I lazed around again. Went for class as usual the next day, and would you believe it if I said I went to Pyramid again, second day in a row? Cause I did. :p This time went there with my cousins after class, the ones who're down from Penang for the Lee Hom concert and a shopping trip to boot! I did buy things though this time!
Thats from Nichii, the top. xD It looks so much like a sailor doll I just had to buy it! 49.90 wuwuwuw. ;_; but I can't really resist sometimes. Someone teach me where to find thrifty but nice clothes~! Thats about the only thing I bought that day, whilst my other two cousins bought much more!
Camwhore session as usual, whilst waiting for my mom to come and pick us up. And ooh! Guess what we saw?

Cupcakes? Guess again.

They're lip balm! The cutest things ever! There were at least 12 different kind of cupcake designs, with 4 different lip balm flavors. Melon, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. The lip balm wasn't all that nice, but the cupcakes were so cute!!!!!11oneone zomg I wanted them so badly. But they costed RM18 each. ;_; how to buy I ask you! so expensive for such a tiny thing. but so kyute!

I was so fascinated by them. I initially thought they were real cupcakes okay! So nicely displayed in the window on plates and everything. Mana tau I ask, they say its lip balm. So adorable!!

And then we spent another half an hour waiting for my mom in Jusco. We got so bored we ended up playing this.

Which is for kids. =.= Ever played it? Like simple learning games for kids, showing you the color and whatever things are there using Lion King and Little Mermaid. Super bo liao okay! But we had nothing better to do wtf. We felt so ridiculous playing it, but it was actually quite amusing okay! Watching Simba jump around wtf. :p

Then my mome came around and took us home at 8. Reached home at almost 8.30, I was starving to death wuwuwu. Woke up, repeated the whole process, and now this Kitten needs to go study cause she has a darn bloody assessment tomorrow. *stabs*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

busy busy days.

Its the 1st of May~ Its Labor day~ Its a holi-holidaaay~

Ok fine, so its not labor day anymore, but it WAS a holiday, and I was so damn happy. Yes I get happy over the tiniest things these days, and a holiday to a college girl is a damn big thing okay. one day break from all the assignment assessments madness. And i went to PYRAMID! Partly to get a present for my cousin, and partly to shop. And shop I did. :p bought myself a new top, but then i had to go home before 3 to help prepare for my brother's house party.

we made satay! For those of you who don't kow, the pic on top is a tub of chicken meat marinated in kunyit and rempah overnight, before you slide them on sticks to form satay.

its not THAT tiring work, but sitting in the kitchen without a fan in the afternoon making 200 sticks of satay is no fun work. >.<

And then after that, we had to wash the tables and chairs for the party the next day. washing part wasn't that hard, it was these darn dogs! they kept getting underfeet. Rawr.
my dogs just had to get underfeet while i wash. it took two rounds of scolding before Sammie here consigned to her water bowl,

while my Boyboy just stared adorably cute at us with an innocent face. and i'm a sucker for innocent faces. *smacks self*

then cause we didn't want to waste time that night cooking, plenty more preparation for the party the next day, we had pizza for dinner! yes, kitten loves her pizza. No take pizza from her, or she shalleth eat you. *nomnom*

next day, we headed to my brother's house in the afternoon with my grandma's curry puff's, fried beehoon and mee, and then started the fire for the satay. 3rd uncle started the fire, while I was playing with the neighbor's dog.
the fire was so pretty! The flames licked the charcoal till everyting turned reddish hue-ish. This picture was took when the fire first started to fan out. It looked like a dance. :B

this is kunyit powder in cooking oil, and using pounded serai as a brush. its a must have n every satay barbequing session! Though really, I don't know why. :p make it more fragrant?

satay barbequeing session! The place was damn bloody hot, and it took darn long lor. Cause there was such a small space. I didn't actually go near the stove thingy after the fire was going strong, cause it was so hot. My brother and cousin did most of the barbeque-ing.

failed attempt at self timer. :p it was so hard to get the position right! And i wasn't really helping with the satay barbeque-ing at all in the end, cause it was so hot, and I was going to bathe, so I didn't want to get sweaty.

this was the neighbor's golden retriever, Girl Girl, the cutest thing! She would pop her head through the wall cracks and look at everyone with her tail wagging and big eyes looking at everyone with her tongue lolling out.

Amazingly, it was the smaller dog, the Pug, who was a fierce little bugger. and then the fire was started, and we started barbeqeuing teh satay!

and during the party, we ate, talked, ate, talked, ate, ate, and did i mention eat? xD of course, camwhore pictures are a must. my cousins came, from my mom's side.
wtf I don't know why but we started talking about our old school, and i literally rolled my eyes when he told me all about whats happening back there when he went back to visit. I mean, yeah sure, I love my old school nad all, but the so-called 'politics' happening there is ridiculous.

but anyway!
we celebrated my cousin's birthday! 5kg black forest cake for him bought by my brother, and the guy whose 25 years old and without a girlfriend is here!

pimp him people. he needs a girlfriend. preferably a sweet lady approved by his fathers who stays in Melaka? xD Kidding. Serioulsy though, he needs a girlfriend. =.= even his father his asking me to look for a girl for him! how desperate does that look? bargh. oh, and i look horrible in the 2nd photo, please ignore. :D

and then later that night, needed to go pick up two more of my cousins from the Lee Hom concert I was supposed to go to. T_T I couldnt go because of the darn party. i wanted to go so badly can! I even had a free ticket from my friend, but I couldn't go all because my brother scheduled his house party on the exact same day. *pout*

Night scenery was so cool though! Its amazing how peaceful it feels at night. Night time is associated to widely with robbery and rape, I feel it such a pity that the shroud of darkness is used to cover such dirty acts, when it is really such a peaceful time, and one filled with the beauty of silence.



okay enough of the poetic nonsense. xD amazingly, there was a jam! Traffic jam! at 12.42am in the morning!!!! road block by police wtf. no wonder la. fetched them, zomg saw lee hom for 2 seconds when I fetched them XDDDDD, and then reached back home at 1.53, and was so dead tired I fell dead asleep. and then the next day still had to wake up early to get to the temple, but sunday class is one thing i would never miss, so moot point. :p