Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Years is coming!Last day of 2010, And I'm at the gramma's house now, so I .... might not be able to prepare the habitual, something-everyone-does new year reflection post. But we'll see how things goes, ne? For now, Imma try and get rid of more picture backlog. xD

Bak Kut Teh last week when the cousins were over! Apparently, this shop has the oldest bak kut teh history, one of the first few shops to be opened in Klang, the haven of that sinfully delightfully Malaysian dish.

Honestly speaking? Its really, really good. The soup may not be as clear as we're used to, nor is it cooked like how we normally see it. But the soup is really aromatic and flavorful, and placing it on your oiled rice to eat is like heaven landing on your tongue. I'm a bit iffed cause there's no dry BKT, but then again, dry BKT isn't really original. And since this is the oldest BKT shop around, I guess it adds up.

The plan for the day was Pulau Ketam, so we headed to the jetty.... where we were 30 minutes earlier then the arrival time of the ship.

Hence, ensue a lot of camwhoring. I'm gonna save you the torture and post up my favorites. xP

Ferry finally came! I was hoping to ride something like what I always do when we head over to Penang by ferry, cause then I'd be able to breathe in air and watch the sea roll by beneath me. This was a modern version though, so it gave me a bit of a headache. >.<>

Got to Pulau Ketam! Where no cars are allowed. And one had to walk everywhere. xP Interesting stuff, but only cause I've never seen it before. Other then that its about as interesting as watching paint dry. D:

The kids on Pulau Ketam playing with cement. They're that bored apparently. xD

Look what we found! Egg-shaped ice cream! xP

We each got one. xD Two lychees, passionfruit and... dragonfruit, if I'm not mistaken. Omnomnomnom. It tasted really good. Someone import this here! xP

The dogs we saw there! There were two, and they looked so darn cute<3>

The only school there! Primary school, if I remember correctly. xD Honestly, if I stayed there I think I'd spend most of my time in school. The school garden looks more interesting. D:
Cousin saw this while we were walking back to the jetty after spending 45 minutes on the island. Cute, ne? xD

Went home afterwards, and I sorta started spamming my cousin's DSLR. If you haven't guessed, all of this pictures are from his epic, high definition DSLR camera. xP My christmas tree! ^__^

My doggie! It would've been a nice shot if the red light from my stepdad's camera. D:

Dinner! My favourite butter claypot prawns at the corner shop at ss19. They taste heavenly, I'm telling you<3

We made tang yuans! For... the festival for which I forgot the name of temporarily and am too lazy to google now cause I'm on my netbook and my cousin is lying on top of me and restricting my movement. But yes, we made tang yuans! Multi-colored ones. Without using food coloring. The orange ones are from sweet potato, the green one is from pandan, and the white one is the normal ones. Forgot to get bunga telang to make blue ones. D:

Even made special ones! Yes, this one looks epic cute cause its next to my heart shaped tea spoon. xD

Cooked it with the visiting family! :P

Mickey mouse ones! xP

and then we omnomnom-ed it and then went to sleep cause I think we finished at 3am. xD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cousins and family came down last week! Making the yearly trip as they always do, to come and shop here in KL I guess. xD I just look forward to spending time with them~

The Taiwan mix dessert thingy we had when we went to Sungai Wang on Sunday last week. We headed down to the Golden Triangle! Spent most of the day in Sungai Wang, but then around evening we started walking down towards Pavillion, since we were there anyway.

Uniqlo! Finally managed to visit there. I love the winter apparel! ♥ Wrong country though, but if I ever get to study in Melbourne, so getting my stuff from uniqlo. xP

Finally reached Pavillion after shopping in Fahrenheit88! Pretty decorations~

A sea of people too! The crowd here is ridiculous, and as much as I like shopping, I hate doing it in such a huge amount of people. Hence why I prefer to head to Pyramid to shop during breaks, since there's hardly anyone there. Shopping during the holiday season/weekend/peak hours is insane. D:

Decorations in Pavillion was gorgeous though! Lots of wreaths, chandeliars, shiny thingamabobs and whatnot!

They even had a sleigh! Which I guess Santa is gonna sit in for children to sit on his lap, when Christmas rolls around.

On the way home, we had a gorgeous view of the Twin Towers. xP

Played Monopoly Revolution with the cousins that night! Call me jakun, but I've never seen this new monopoly before! It did away with the annoying paper money and stuff, and instead replaced it with credit cards and this nifty little calculator. I think it looks epic cool!

Ended up playing till 2am that night. xD That was my final tally!

And that was my cousins. D: Lost by 4k! Demand rematch. D;

Headed over to Pyramid the next day, but I've been there so often, its like nothing at all. We made pie at midnight that night though. xD Weird hours, but figures, we tend to do the oddest things at the oddest times.

Mushroom and potato pie! It was niceee♥

Topped with mozarella cheese slices.
And baked to perfection!<3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OHAITHUR. The family's over now, so I'm barely at home these days. But here, lemme clear up the backlog of pictures before familytyme pictures are posted up, ne? Again, random picture dump.

Brought the golden monster out for a walk the other day. He's such a super poser. xP

Kanna! Best banana leaf rice I ever had. People say Nirvana's better though, but I've never tried that before, so I'll stick with Kanna for now. Their fish is the awesomesauce♥

The daughter had a haircut the other day! A literal shave, cause she was getting too much mats in her fur. She looks like a rat now. D:

Comp died, remember? this is how Mike looks like inside, with the brother vacumming cause he says its way too dirty and clogged up my harddrive. D:

Pure chocolate ice blended from coffee bean! I haven't had this in ages, and I use to have a weekly does of this back when I was 14 or something. Oddly, I took the regular sized one and got a headache after finish the whole cup. Oh please, tell me its not caffeine I'm allergic to. =.=

Made sushi with the sister in law! Omnomnom. I made the square eggie ones myself. ^_^

Went to eat at the new T-bowl concept store with the bestie last week! I can never find anyone whose willing to go eat at that place with me, till the bestie suddenly decided to be free. xP

Omnomnom! Grilled egg plants in a bathtub. Doesn't look half too bad, ne?

The bestie's toilet bowl tomyam hot pot thingy, which wasn't half too bad.

Ice cream! Their ice cream is seriously omnomnom, really good! ♥

Designer chocolate the mother brought back agesss ago. But I could never bring myself to eat them, so pretty. ;_;

Ended up eating the green one after a couple of months, and it tasted really good! no kidding. Slightly lemony, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. ♥

This was from... Memory Lane, if I'm not mistaken. They have adorable Cupido and Cupipi headgear! And it costs fifty bucks. ;_; I would've gotten one if it wasn't so expensive. ;_;

The pizza from dave's, which is ridiculous... ridiculously good. No kidding. *flails*

And now its back to playing monopoly revolution with the cousins. That game's addictive I'm telling you! xD