Thursday, September 30, 2010

forever & always!

Uni again! Yes, random photo dump once again. I'm barely home these days, and nothings particularly exciting unless you count rehearsals from 10am-5pm everyday, even during holidays. So lots of random photos taken sparsed throughout the day! Shows next week though, so rather excited nao. xD

Pre-show night! Cyren was performing 'Nicest Kids in Town' for the Engineering club, and the rest of them were dancing. And that could be mr. hairdresser himself who always seems to use a gallon of hairspray on his hair. Whyyyy. Your hair is perfectly fine without hairspray! Its so fluffy. Dx

And I was bored! And hijacking random camera's until I finally ended up with my own camera. xD I was wearing a baseball cap that day cause my hair was terrible wtf. BUT I THINK I LOOKED SPORTY ENOUGH. Did I? *bats eyelashes*

Look what baby bought me! I lost mine that day before rehearsals, and the stall wasn't open the next day, so I was sad. T_T But then that week baby went to the market and she saw it and bought for meee! Nommy caramel honey lollipop is pwnful! ♥

Lunchbox dinner again! Yes, the restaurant name is called Lunchbox. Its awesome! Does delivery to uni and all, and the butter chicken is awesome like no ones business. Balinese is nice too, but its too spicy for my taste, so I stole a little of Rocky's chicken. Barter system!

One of the few edible things in the cafetaria. Three different ways to eat it! No I didn't take one plate. I was still in the bet then, but no more! I can now freely eat this. oh! And now new sushi stall opening in uni, yay! More sushiiii. It better be good, and cheap. xD

Banana leaf rice! Just a little jakun cause I haven't been to Kanna in ages for lunch. They serve the best fish!

I'm no fish person. In fact, I avoid fish like the plague. But I got coerced in to eating this last time, and it was really really really good! So yes, it is awesome. Very fresh! ♥

A&W lunch date with baby and Lei! We had a craving for curly fries and the float, so off we went before rehearsals! KML dressed pretty well that day, surprisingly. xD

Orgasmic waffle is orgasmic. Just look at how the strawberry syrup flows off the cold ice cream that sits on the warm waffles?! *spazzes*

And yes, you don't even want to know what wrong connotation they gave me with that wtf. Anyway, its back to movie, sequins and rehearsals nao. Bye world!

Monday, September 27, 2010

if i said you're the one

My feet. I feel like cutting them off wtf. Try dancing without shoes on parquet floor, trust me, its the worst of worst. T_T On the bright side, finished com assignment yesterday! Now in the words of these two, its time to switch boyfriends. Meet the new one, his name is film & television studies. But i'll start on it tomorrow, too lazy. Now, lets backtrack to... two weeks ago? PROM NIGHTT♥

Did my hair in the afternoon! I really liked them curls! They straightened out after I washed my hair though. T_T
The most awesome girlfriends for the night! ♥

VOTE VOTE VOTE. oh, drama story. So apparently, we were given a choice between table I6 and K6, so we chose I6 cause it was an aisle seat, and very close to the stage. But then, this silly tittering group came and went all 'No we have to sit here. You guys should move, because we booked it first!' or something along those lines anyway. So we initially didn't want to move, but in the end we moved cause we didn't want to cause unnecessary drama. Longer story then this, but thats the gist. BUT STILL. Nothing will ruin prom night for us~

Nominees for Mr. and Miss Monash! The crown bearer was Fumie, and she had a beyond gorgeous dress to wear as she brought them in. /flails

And it took so long for the food to come out! But when it did, the first course was deelish! I'm no veggie person, but goddamnit they had cheesy mayo PLUS extra blue cheese! How could you ever resist something as pwnful as that!

Main course was okay okay nia, so I didn't bother taking a picture. But the dessert was really pretty! Strawberry mousse apparently, but it tasted more like raspberry cake to me. xP

Really pretty prom tickets! They looked like credit cards, but since KML said there were prettier ones she's seen before, I shall digress. xD

Obligatory toilet pictures, though I really really liked the wallpaper! There are more, but I'll save you guys the torture and just post two. The rest are at FB!

Dance floor opened after that! Awww look at the couples dancing. I went to dance while Ikky was performing, but I didn't bother after that cause it was a slow song. The date and I tried waltzing, but since both of us were in dresses it didn't really work out. xD

Flower from KML! Got home around... yeah. Never mind. But point is, I got home late, and had to get up like ridicu - effing - lously early the next morning. Woken up by someone who sounded way too happy to be alive at such a freaking early time. So needless to say, I got to the temple feeling like the bottom of the garbage pile.

But we had our amazing race! After our weeks of labor, it came to fruition! And its pretty good too, for first timers like ourselves. Thats them playing the clump game!

We played with the blindfolds before they had to use them. NINJA-NESS!

Aww look sho schweet! xD

My station was the boring one, because I had to study for my japanese exam that day and I wanted some peace and quiet. This girl was really cute though! She kept singing and humming random tunes while she worked, and was utter adorableness in pint size. xD

Went home to penang the next day!
Obligatory strawberry cheese ice cream from tapah! ♥

Mama had some random surgery done on her lip, so she had to eat soft foods. So I brought baked beans! Not that she likes them, but she didn't have a choice, hah!

Was to visit the grandmother actually, since she's not been at her best lately. But at night we headed out for dinner session with the cousins. Whats a trip to penang without food, nya? My favourite jawa mee stall was closed though. T_T

Had wantan mee instead! I only eat the ones in Penang, and I hardly, if ever touch the ones in KL. They're so different. >.<

Went home the very next day though, since I had class and already skipped FTV in the morning. Again, obligatory dadih on the way home! I can never find them here, only in Penang. ><

Look what I found on the way back! xP

And more obligatory ice cream when you stop at Tapah! The one on top was cousin's peanut butter chocolate, because I wanted a wafer and wanted to share with him. My strawberry cheesecake is at the bottom. Yes, I'm boring. But its delicious! ♥

Silly cousin trying to act all cool. xD

Weee! Boring car ride induces a lot of camwhoring sessions, even if I look dead here. Long car rides make me sick, and if it wasn't for the family waiting I would never go. >.<

Thursday, September 23, 2010

two am and i'm cursing your name!+

yes i shall now title my blogs with whatever music I'm currently listening to, because thinking of blog titles is tiring and annoying. Weee! We shall now take a commercial from my random photo dumps to look in a boring day of my life because I'm random that way! *bounces around*

Yes, I will wake up half an hour earlier then I'm allowed to just because I want to use the computer. Ignore the books there please, I was working on my assignment the night before, and I'm a very messy worker. Speaking of which, I still don't understand Meyrowitz damnits. THE DAMN AUTHORS WERE ALL HIGH ON CRACK WHEN THEY WROTE OUR READINGS! Quote, unquote Kok Mei Li. xD

Change and go out after getting done with the morning ritual of checking mail, facebook and twitter of course. ^__^

On a typical Thursday, I'll be in uni with my breakfast in hand for my journalism tutorial by ten. But class was cancelled that morning cause lecturer fell sick, soooo went for brunch before uni!

Random insert, but I have hella lot of things to bring on Thursdays. My typical file + laptop, communication reader, extra clothes for dance class, home cooked lunch because it'll be a long day, not to mention the normal stuff in my school bag. X-X

Communication tutorial! Callum may look boring, but he is awesomesauce yo!

Just for today, went out with Leisha and KML to go take pictures for our JRN assignment! You know how we always avoided jams, especially during lunch hour where everywhere would be packed? Well, we needed pictures of jams. So today we actively went to LOOK for them. Guess what? Not a single road was jammed. =.=

Dance class! With Miss Sharon, which is usually tiring as hell. Usually after 30 minutes I'll be sweating like a mad cow, and we're not even halfway done with warmup by then. The dance is only like... at the last 15 minutes of the class. Though because the competitions coming up, we've been cutting down on the warm up time. xP

Have lunch in the women's room after dance class! Cause we're usually starving by then. I would usually have home packed lunch with KML, but I was lazy to bring one that day. Heehee.

I'll usually stone in the women's room till 5, and its to 9305 we go! MPAC meeting of course, but these days its turning more in to rehearsal time. It was costume day today!

Yes, this is the ridiculous things we do in uni. Note how Leisha's rock candy is almost falling off her tongue. xD

Oh, side note! Remember my rock candies? Well all I did was leave my bottle unattended for like... five minutes last week during rehearsals, and when I went back to get it all my candies were gone. T_T

Meet Prudy! Yes, her daughter is taller then her. Yay! xD

Pretty blind glasses and me sitting on a table.... like a jailhouse? xD

And our very own Edna! Honey, your boobs are sagging. xD

Oh, the most awesome thing happened today! We saw fireworks! The first blast we heard, everyone froze and we thought it was a dynamite. Mun Yee even asked if we needed to hide under the tables wtf damn cute. xD But it was fireworks! From South Quay's opening, according to Bagus and Sarah!
Okay fine, according to someone, its still considered dynamites. BUT THEY ARE THE PRETTY KIND, YES?! Was gushing the whole time cause omgosh these dynamites are the prettiest things♥ We were in the middle of rehearsals when we finally realized they were fireworks, and ran like mad cows across the hallways to get to the bridge to watch. /flails

Meetings/rehearsals usually end at 9pm, and then driver will come pick me up to go homee. OH BUT DRIVER HAS PRETTY THING TO SHOW TODAY. The one he ignored me for days to do. BUT IS PRETTY AND HE CAN GO TO THE LEFT TO THE LEFT CAUSE IS SOO INTRICATE. I don't have the patience nor the skill to do that sadly. Dx

And yeah, I'll usually end up eating my lonely dinner alone in the kitchen and end up here? So yeah, my day's pretty pointless. And how has your day been? ^__^

I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Because they now make me happier then you guys ever could. Perhaps ignorance would be better.