Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Have I introduced you guys to the new ruler of my heart?

Its been a rule of thumb for a while now, not to get close to anyone or thing. They're just going to end up leaving one way or another, and I'd rather not deal with the heartache that follows. But there's this one bugger whose managed to worm his way under my skin.

Oh trust me, I've tried not to fall for that huge pair of brown googly eyes and fluffy skin. Even back when he was a pup, I... wasn't exactly the most attached of owners. I've seen people stay home all the time for a new puppy. Me? I go out all day, my routine hardly changes.

I can't say it changed now, I still go out most of the day. And I still bully him. Oh, trust me when I say I bully him.

I shove him around, I throw his toys at him, take them away from him. I make him run and I withhold his treats from him sometimes.

But I never push him around to hard, and I can't resist cuddling his fuzzy body and talk nonsense as I ruffle his ridiculously long and useless ears, while he just looks up at me cluelessly. Probably thinking I'm mad too.

But he does get revenge sometimes. Sometimes.

He never retaliates, he only play bites, he has the patience of a saint, and he's so attached its almost impossible for anyone not to be endeared to him.

Granted, he's a completely useless guard dog. He thinks the world is his friend, and give him some food and you can probably coax him to rob a bank.

But I dare you not to fall in love with that completely adorable face. I know I have.