Thursday, April 30, 2009


That, for you ignorant (kiddin.:P) ones out there, is Sunway's cafe, the most expensive place around. Swear to god, I never eat there for lunch. Or at least, most of the time anyway. When its raining, I'm not really left with a choice, but I don't really like eating there. Me and the gang usually head out to Orange or Medan anyway. Cheaper food, awesome quality.

But thats besides the point. I do buy from the cafe though. Only two things. I'm absolutely addicted to them.

See that? No? Don't know what it is? See it again!

Recognize it yet? Thats bubble tea! My utter, most favourite drink on eath. The one in the picture is the choco flavored one, but I adore, love and am addicted to the original flavored one. I only tried the choco today cause my friends said it was not bad, but I still love the original one. I swear to god, I'm so so so addicted to it!!!!!111 I but it like, every other day, cause its hard to get around Subang, and I was soooo darn happy when I saw it was sold in college.

Kitten loves her bubble tea, and NO ONE TRIES TO STEAL IT. Kitten will go lion-mode on you if you try and deprive her of bubble tea. Rawr~!!!

And bubble tea's not the only one. See this?

That, is Hot&Roll. Or as I like to call it, my wrapz. I LUFF IT. I. LOVE.IT. Chicken&Cheese especially. Just look!
Flaky, cheesy goodness, with chicken ham in the middle. HOW TO RESIST. They like... put the pratha, roti-canai like bread on the pan, and then put the chicken ham on top, sprinkle mozarella cheese and onion on top of the ham, and let the cheese melt, spread some mayonisse on top, and wala! They fold it up in to triangles and serve you. I tell you, its super good!

Even Charlene approves. :D

Monday, April 27, 2009


I've just been reading through some old stuff, scouts stuff, class stuff, whatev. Saw some pictures, read some blogs of old juniors, and then suddenly, a sharp pang hit me. I just realized, just how much I really, really miss my secondary life.

Life in my primary school was not the best. In fact, I don't remember it at all because I don't want to remember them. But life in U8 was awesome, and I remember almost ever single detail.

Perhaps the one with most memories for me would be scouts. I mean, who could forget? Days we spent meeting in the canteen, where we would eat, talk crap, and then discuss on what to do in the next meeting. Playing around during camp, cooking over the fire whilst at Ledang, hanging around our darling 'Gary'.

They were days never to be forgotten. Campfires, the games, the activities. Despite the fact that I never really took part in anything, I really was content in just watching. Watching, smiling, shouting out comments whenever needed, and just... watching really. Watching idiots play, watching crazy guys biking around the school compound. Building gadjets together, watching marching practices, skipping class just for our scouts, they could never be forgotten. We worked hard at everything we did there, because to us at that time, it was probably our definition of an extended family.

I can still remember quite clearly actually, the days where we lost our voices after campfires, or after sports day. The times when we almost brought the ceiling of Burger King crashing down merely because we were all just too high. Disappointment at not getting first place, encouragement, angst, they were all part of teenage life.

And the class I was in was the best. The Bean gang, the times we spent just hanging around class. Doing projects together, discussing folio's and bullying each other. The sketches? The plays? The inside jokes we had with each other? Indispensable memories, each and everyone of them. You guys were like family to me. Through the chaotic things happening at home, you guys were like a pillar to me, and I can never forget my class of 5 Beans in SMK USJ 8. Each and everyone of you, important factors to our classroom family, and unforgettable till the ends of time.

No, I don't want to go back. Its just wishful thinking after all, its impossible to go back. But I know I'll never forget those times. And the mood that hits when I suddenly miss high school life, so so so much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

its really not that bad

Now really, I don't mind college. In actual fact, I'm starting to love it lots lots, so don't get sidetracked by my complaints of how I dislike college. Sure, I was nervous like a rattling old man the first day, but after the first week or so, I... actually love going to college these days. I mean, my classmates are all so diverse, and really nice people, I don't get why i was so nervous in the first place!

But fact remains that I have to go home so late everyday, and thats the part I hate. T_T I seriously do NOT like going home at 6 or 7, just cause I have no transport. Damnits, I can't wait till the day I can drive.

But anyway! Point of this post is to tell how college is really not that bad. See, a typical Kitten-day in college is when you start the day at 8.30 in the morning! My first class would be Econs. :D

Thats Shir Yee, and Lee Chien. Shir Yee's adorable, seriously! I never did have time to camwhore with these girls cause every morning we come in, its hardly 10 minutes before we have to start class, and after class they rush off to accounting while i head to computer science. But the day will come when I can camwhore with them! :p

Anyway, Shir Yee's really sweet, adorable little girl. She can totally pass for the cutesy type, and her eyes are gorgeous! Lee Chien's the more... sarcastic type? She has an awesome willowy body though, and I envy her soo much for that.

That would be the two sitting beside me. The one in white is Xian Wei, and the head is Joyce. Joyce's my buddy, and those two always come for lunch with me at Medan behind the college. Xian Wei's such a cutie, she over exagerates everything. Me and Joyce would usually just sit there trying to... er, comfort her, while we snigger away. No we're not mean, rawr. We're just... being human. *snigger*

The one at the corner is Jason, the laziest, most snarky, most awesome basketball player I've seen in a while. xD His such an idiot, but I have to admit, his awesome at playing basketball. His habit is to come in class every morning with a box of milk and drink away at it during class. Sometimes I feel like throwing my pencils at him for those annoying sounds, but hey, I bear with it. Until one day I lose my thread and throw him three floors down. :p

See the girl with the fluffy curled hair? Thats Ga-Yi, our Korean onni! She's the eldest in class with GT, both are around 20. Don't ask me why they came in so late, I never did ask them. But Ga-Yi and GT are the braniest one around. They're so totally awesome at the subject, we'll be flailing around without them. xD

And then after Econs, I'll head off to Computer Science, where I sadly have no pictures. I would usually be busy going online anyway, so I wouldn't have any pictures. :p We have our classes in the ComLab, but since I usually finish our practices first, I spend it surfing. Yes I know I'm supposed to be doing my work, but hey! I finished it. *angelic look*

After Computer Science, I'll usually have my break. Lunch would be with Joyce and Xian Wei on Monday and Tuesdays, Wednesdays would be with Ariff at the godawesome Sunway Cafe for the Hospitality students (They have the awesomest food, but thats for another post.). And then Thursdays would be with Charlene, Rosh and Ravee. Fridays, like today, I'll usually go out with my mom and cousin to Pyramid, where I would eat lunch, and spend an hour shopping. Like today, where I went too...

Nichii! My absolute favourite place to get clothes, next to Forever 21. I saw like, 03789278 different things I wanted to get, but didn't have time to try them. T_T Was in a rush to head back since my cousin had to get for class, but no fear! I shall head back during the weekend. Clothes = must for any girl! xD

And then, college girl heads back for English class, which is pretty awesome too! xD Like yesterday, cause Miss J came in for class late again, the guys and us spent the hour watching a movie!

Just watch them. xD Mason's on the table, Naveen's on the table, and the rest of them clustered aorund that tiny laptop just to watch a video. Heck, even Edmund was sleeping on the table. I don't get them. :p The girls on the other hand, were playing hangman. Or at least, me, Rosh, Ravee and Risha were. Charlene was sleeping on the table too. But Miss J came in after that, we had to have class again damnits. Not that we don't like class. Ended up playing a game actually! Cause the rest of us were all stressed out, J was kind enough to let us play a game. Hilarious watching Armanthur trying to describe KFC and his brother out for us. I tell you, charades is the most frustrating game ever created! Try and imagine, you can speak, you can tell, but you can't say a word, and tell someone something! Can you imagine how frustrating that is?! Its like you're starving and you have a bowl of rice but you can't eat it wuwuwuw. T_T

Class today was more sombre today though, cause we had, jengjengjeng!

Another assesment. =.=

I swear! Its like every other week, we have assesments, assignments, topic tests, everything! Me and Char, Rosh and Ravee were ready to burn the expository essays before the week was up. I know I was ready to burn mine up. Like seriously, I'm so sick of social networking now. I spent weeks reading on it, and then when the question came today, it went 'Social Networking gives many societal harms. Discuss.' or something like that. Seriously! I didn't know what to write, so in the end i crapped and I crapped. I ended up with 500 words plus, and Miss J said it wasn't really enough, I couldn't write anymore! I was so dead tired after a week of classes, and I stil have class tomorrow in the morning, I just couldn't work anymore. 15% for internal wei, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. T_____T

Ah well, I'll kill myself again when the exam results come. Wuwuw.

Oh! And guess whose this!

Can you guess? Can you guess? No? hah! Thats the crazily random, crazily full-headed Miss Charlene! One of the trio of Rosh, Raveena and Charlene. xD She's mad, and she's awesome, and she's getting blocked by Rosh's hand and my hand. :p

And now tish time to sleep, cause I'm dead tired and still have class tomorrow. Thank god next week is a long weekend. T_T

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Short update.

I hate coming home late. >.< Going to college everyday is fun! I love going to college these days. With friends, I get to go online, fool around and all that. but its the coming home part I hate. Don't get me wrong, I love coming home, but everyday I have to wait till at least 6 or 7 if i'm unlucky, to go home, when my classes end at 4. Its horrible actually. T_T

Even if I go online, there's only a certain extent I can do on my college computers, since they restrict youtube, no java for me to play FB games, and I can't even download stuff. So yeah, not much to do. And there's just something about home, being home, that is so much more comfortable then being in college. Frankly, I just wana go home.


Ah well. I have two more assignments to finish, so I'd better go now. Hopefully, I get to come home early tomorrow, and then I'll update again! Xp Ta now!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its cute!

Yes, I've blogged before, and yes I've quitted multiple times. Reasons being I just can't seem to come up with stuff to blog about! But now I shall change. Yes I shall change!

... Or at least hope to? :p I'll try to blog often enough, but if you, or whomever is reading, sees a lack in posting, feel free to give me a good sharp thwack through comments just to remind me to goddarn update already, okiedokes?

And to explain a little about my blog name, I just like cute things! No, i'm not implying I'm cute, nor am I implying anything else. But I just have a penchance for cute things! Yes I know they're useless things destined to sit on my tv or cupboard to collect dust for the rest of eternity, my mom tells me that often enough ... but they're cute! How could you resist cute things! *big watery eyes*

Tell me how do you resist something like that?

Or something like that cute little mushroom? *bambi eyes* Okay, I don't own them. Sadly, my mom still monopolizes my money... any kind soul willing to get them for me? Please with cute little cherries sprinkled on top?

PS: No cbox, cause I want some comments in my posts. :P