Sunday, October 31, 2010

fly like a G6!

No I don't like that song, but its currently the one song everyone keeps singing. Grawr. WE'VE BEEN SPAMMING SLEEPOVERS LATELY, the can can family. xD Yes, so this is another sleepover pic spam.

WE HAVE A CHILDHOOD WE NEED TO RELIVE. And swings will never turn to old for us yo. I LOVE IT♥
And being the monkeys that we are, of course we have to climb to the very top of the monkey bars kan? Without a doubt yo. SIX OF US. But one had to be the photographer at all times wtf. I wish we could just hire a photographer to follow us around taking pictures of us. xD

ROMEO AND JULIET. Yes we have romeo and juliet, live with it Capulet. xD

See-saw surfing! We're the cutest things on earth yes deal with it. xD

Romeo and Juliet captured us and put us in jail! With scary guards! D8

ITS OUR NEW HOUSE. But mummeh doesn't have enough money to buy it for us, so we're trying to climb in to it. xD TO BE A MAN~ WE MUST BE SWIFT AS A COURSING RIVER! ;p

We were taking a walk, and ended up near Highland Tower, where ML said it was abandoned and a lot of drug addicts stayed there. Scary looking. Very very freaky. Dx

KLCC for waffles afterwards! The waffles on a sticks was epic, and we have to go back there to get it again one day, kay guys? ♥

AMPANG LOOKOUT POINT♥ It was gorgeous, and I would go back there at anyday, at any given time.

Pretty heart shaped straw! And I love the conversation flow that never seems to end between us. We can sit there for hours just talking and talking and the conversation never ebbs. xD

Watched My Fair Lady after we go back from Ampang Lookout Point that night, but that night we all passed out fairly early cause I think we were pretty tired. xD Next day, its the family outing at Butterfly Park! Picked up the boy, and then went to get more people and its off to butterfly park we go!

Pretty, no? I love going to the butterfly park! Its so pretty in there. But one thing I don't like, its the heat. I wouldn't mind going in the evening or something though, cause its honestly very pretty there.

Obligatory family picture! Awesome outing day, and october 22nd is anniversay yo. Forever♥

*Pictures all credited to Lei's baby! xD

Saturday, October 23, 2010

crack open your piggy bank!

Tiring! I'm hardly home these days, apparently. But I have a social life now! Would you rather have me stuck on the computer all day, or at least out socializing with people people? Aish. Just got home from sleepovers, so this will be a random dump of backlog of pictures again. xD

Kitty from the temple! The keeper from the temple saved them cause their mother died methinks, and thats how they feed them milk. The black kitty had died though, the last time we checked. Dx

OMGWTFLOL! I had to buy it la. It was so... us. xD


I stole someone's sunglasses, cause I have my own pair but almost never take them outta the car. They look sorta cool though. Me likes!

Random cricket I saw courting death cause he was sitting on top of a scorpion, aka the one whom will eat him soon.x D

Bobdog! Had an infection to his back, so they had to shave off his fur, and now he has a bald patch wtf. xD

Went to car wash with Jase's car! Yes, I haven't been to an automated car wash in a long long time, let me be jakun for a moment. Grawr!

Give a couple of long time friends a camera with special functions, and this is what you get. xD EPIC PROPORTIONS OF CAMWHORINGGG! :p

Commercial break = food!

Hot chocolate is always epic! Okay, back to our daily program.

Hairspray celebration dinner that night! But the family went earlier because we wanted to look at the bazaar plus spend some time together. xD Oh! Pictures that are pretty are from Leisha's Baby DSLR, because my crappy camera has no such awesome quality pictures.

Dinner was at 7, at Bubba Gump. Look at our superheroes! Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and our very own Flash. xD

With their... um, so called damsels in distress. Because honestly, I doubt we'll ever be in distress, even if we are damsels. xD

Sarah darling! I'm going to miss her so much. She was an awesome president to work with. T_T

But we have Su-Ann next sem! And she's just as awesome, so I'm not too worked up over it. ^_^

This dude though, I'm definitely going to miss. Because c'mon! He's probably never going to come back again, and thus never going to see him again, like, period. Darn you Tommy Irianto. Grawwr!

This dude though, probably not so much. because he promised he'll come back and I'm keeping him to that promise. Silly boy cried from ring wtf. SO SOFTTT. ;p

Is ring pretteh? Yes yes yes?! Its purple! :p

Cute little cauldron! With Gwen's scampi soup I think, but I just like the cauldron shape. Cause I didn't eat much that night anyway. :p

Favourite family picture of the night! We all look so happy! xD

Yes, huge group hug with more then 20 people is like... I was getting sauna-ed to death. Orgy of faces! Yes, I believe I'll miss these people very, very, very very much. Dx

Monday, October 18, 2010

its a pajama party!

Two days in a row, first day is D&D by MDFC on Thursday evening! The night before production. Did the dance Miss Sharon taught us with KML, but weee she has the video and I forgot to get it from her so yay lets go! xD

Skipping all the way to production day because after D&D we basically performed and ran all the way back to rehearsals because goddamnits its production night tomorrow. Oh look! KML brought hangers with almost the same colors! xD

I got dragged in to the boys toilet cause he wanted to do his hair. xD The boys toilet had a lot of holes in the roof! Spies much. :p

DANNY ZUKO! Very very Danny Zuko, no kidding. :p

They all had awesome hair, but Leisha's pwns all. Darn, I couldn't even recognize her until I walked closer to her and went "Lei?!" O-O. Because honestly, the hair is outrageous. xD

Backstage was really messy of course, but we cleaned up so that we can run back and forth from stage left to right without much disturbance.

Pictures as of this quality is stolen from Ivan's camera! Yes, this is our darling Sarah who became the bitch we all 'love to hate' in Cyren's words. She was epic! I love her, and she pulled off Velma awesomely. :p Bagus was awesome too! Played the stoner dad to the D. xD

Bagus and Weiyan! Or rather, Wilbur and Edna, doing the cha cha! Yes, sweetest couple throughout, I don't care what you say. :p

Notice Leisha/Tracy's picket sign. *coughcough* Poor Charles forgot his lines though. BUT IS OKAY. He was an awesome backstage helper, seriously. xD

Hairspray 2010♥ The year that will never be forgotten, and the people I will definitely never forget. I feel so heartsick as the year draws to a close, because the idea that I will probably never see some of you ever again makes me want to cry like no tomorrow. Dx

Of course, thanks to you guys who came to watch! I hope you all enjoyed the show. And to our backstage helpers and make up artists, thank you too! Especially to the can-can family♥

Actually had lunch with the Momzers at Empire the next day after production, something I haven't been doing for a long time, ever since rehearsals started. Fruit mix something at Pasta Zanmai is super good! Omnyomnyom. xD

Cousin's birthday party on saturday night! Party for ten year old kids actually, so I wasn't too keen on going. But its my cousin so I couldn't say no. Thus! I went in hand with ten pink and pearl balloons! Yes of course I camwhored with it before I gave it to her. Is that even a question?

Cute baby niece Wei Wei who eats everything and wants more! She's super adorable.

And she lets anyone carry her! Not really fussy too. :p

Newborn Jenson! He's so tiny, and when my cousin passed him to me to babysit for a while, I was a little iffy about carrying him. But he's super precious! ♥

Birthday girl opening her presents with her friends. The din in the house that night was ridiculous, and I was feeling so tired after production I just sat there and watched as she had her fun. Her mother was the one doing all the work though. xD

While the girls were preoccupied with the pink presents! The guys were watching gore and horror on screen. xD

Abrupt ending because I need to study for Music exam on Wednesday. Here's the golden monster staring mournfully at me as I was going out! xD