Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SO. MUCH. BACKLOG. OF PICTURES. *rolls* And Chinese New Year's a week away! *happy dance* I can't wait. xP But lets have random dump of pictures again, shall we?

Face to Face with ML last week! I've never eaten there before, methinks, so it was my first time. Me likes! Especially their honey milk omo, its really good♥

Made pineapple tarts with the family last week! Its a tedious process, but its my favourite during CNY, so we make it anyway.x P

See?! Oh my sweet, darling pineapple-y goodness♥

Random dump of my daughter, who still looks like an overgrown rat. But better d now that her fur grew out a bit. xD

Lok lok at mom's friends house! Chinese new year party, I think. xD I had fried kangkung wtf, it tasted weird. xP

They had a gorgeous schnauzer! He's fur was groomed beautifully, and he was so gentle~

That was their bathroom door. xP

Was in uni last week. Someone built a beanbag fort! xD

And Leilei came back from Macau! Look what she got me!

Beanie! Pink beanie! I loveeee it!♥ I've always loved beanies, and they had those furry balls hanging down too!♥

Been cooking again. This is Pettole with Creme Patissiere~

Cheese baked Creamy Mushroom & Potato.

And Mushroom & Onion's Quiche!

Battlescar. D: They hurt! Well used to, but they're not too bad now. xP

Golden monster all grown up now.

I was just looking t his old pictures when he first came, and he looked so different!

But oh well, he's still my clueless, clumsy, silly golden monster♥ xD

And its the mother's birthday! Yesterday anyway, so we went to Daorae for dinner. God knows why the mother likes korean food while I like Japanese food, but I don't mind Daorae all too much la. xD

Pretty fire embers!

I'm pretty sure this stuffed zucchini was what Bong Joon Gu made for Chris in Playful Kiss. :p

Sam gye tang! Chicken rice ginseng soup, and always my favourite. xP Well that and Kimchi fried rice, but I didn't feel like it that day.

Meat on the fry!

And meat on the plate. Omnomnom!

They always give us plenty of service! Like steamed eggs and soup and watermelon, but this is by far my favourite. Mini korean pancake! I love it!♥

Went home for cake cutting! Small cake, cause hardly anyone eats cake in the house. xP

The stepdad doing husbandly duties. Like getting strangled. xDDD

Coffee cake. *makes a face* I still don't like coffee.

But its her birthday, so she gets whatever she likes, I guess. xDDD