Monday, November 30, 2009

Family 2009 - Day 1

They reached on Saturday afternoon... was it? Yeah, Saturday afternoon. But I was at my brother's house, so I came back late, so I found a whole house full of people when i came home. *happy*

Momma and the Stepdad cooked dinner, and then me and my cousin was setting the table. The girl's a camwhore, so here's an obligatory picture of her.
Dinner was pwnsome, and then the family went separate ways? Sort of, some in the room to play games, some watching TV, some just doing nothing at all, which I completely don't mind. Though my bed was complaining, with the amount of people piled on it. xD Somehow, no matter whose house we go to, the cousins bed will always be first choice we pile on, its an unwritten rule, and no questions asked too. =p

And then somehow or rather, one of my cousins I think, mentioned the existence of a pig named 'Pukii' that has its own song and video. Anyone in Malaysia should know that puki is a foul word, no? Well the pig sings something along the lines of 'if you want manage your financial accounts, then go and look for Pukii!' Amusing, no? First time I had more then 10 people in my room and all were laughing over the silly pig, even if it is kinda cute. xP

Its fun having my house full of people! We even watched the video of Namewee and his TNB saga together. *snicker* And then the cousins retreated to the study for a session with the camera.

As you can see, I got squashed. I smartly sat in the middle of all of them, and i got squished by me cousins. xD But aren't me cousins pretty and handsome? Unlike years ago. Sample as below.

I'm not even going to mention which one is me. And yes, its mosaic and blurred because it is requested by my vain, pretty, and much loved cousins. xP

We were headed for Malacca the next day, so we slept pretty early. Day 2 will be up soon, complete with a wedding and tourist stuff, so meh. xP

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Messy room from making Christmas cards. 3 more to do. Family is here, so I'll be MIA for the next two weeks or so. Ja~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

just fade away

everyone's the same, no better or worst
but everyone has feelings, its fact, its real
anxiety, worry, stress, fear
its all happens daily, its all part of us

when your chest constricts, when you feel you can't breathe
when your brain gets jumbled
when you think you can live

but when you think all hope is lost
when you think all hope is gone
just close your eyes, forget the dismay
and let everything
just fade away


not really in the best of moods now. i'll be fine after 10th of december. actually, maybe not, depending on the results.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

of hair and egg tarts

Brought the bestie out to do her hair yesterday at 'A Cut Above'. She said she wanted a change of hairstyle, so we got it for her birthday present. xP Her hair was covered in marinade sauce first, a.k.a the chemical needed for the hair to be permed.

And then her hair was grilled underneath that super hot metal thing. See the round solar-ish thing around her head? That thing was bloody hot, I swear I could do a barbeque under it. xP

And while she was getting her hair done, I jumped in to wash my hair too. I love nothing more then a good salon hairwash, and since I was already there, why not?

Salon perfection, one I can never achieve. I don't know how they blow dry the hair, but it always shines and gleams and curls at just the right places! I can never get it. D:

After being marinated and grilled, she was in for a lil curling time, which should be typical of any perming session. And while she sat there, me and Jess fed her.

With portugese egg tart! Reasons undisclosed, but the egg tart we bought was really good. I think I'll go back to Pyramid on Friday to get more, they're so durn good to eat. Melts in your mouth, I swear.

Pretty? Of course. xD Curls suits her very much.

Monday, November 23, 2009

of balls and sweets.

No, not of the wrong kind. I'm talking about pool. xP Temple had a lunch thingy to celebrate our concert last week, and the extended family and me headed over there just for the heck of it. I was... surprisingly early though, considering I only left at 3pm, the time when the lunch was supposed to start. So while we waited, and listened to Ben and Jason chattering on about everything under the sun, I played with the hat they used during their performance last week.

They came after a while though, and as usual we just sat to one side talking and stealing each others food (okay that was mainly me. /shot), while watching the rest of the world do their stuff.

They had a little cake cutting session after lunch though, to congratulate everyone on a job well done, and then they elder ones were tasked with cutting and giving out the cake. I admit, I didn't cut the cake well, those goddamn fruits kept falling off. Rawr. But erm, when Yao Zhong was supposed to serve the cake... well.

Thats how it ended up. Apetizing? We couldn't stop lauging, and he was only making it worst. xD The grapes and stuff were rolling off, and Teacher Karen was asking him to fix it.

Oh well, he tried. xP

Pool after that, at Asia Cafe. It was my first time playing though, so Ben taught me. Trust me, I sucked, horribly. Never mind the fact that we were laughing at Yao Zhong again, this time because he miraculously shoots the white ball in to the hole - three times in a row. Its amusing to watch really, but I shouldn't be talking, its my first time after all.

I think I got addicted to the game though. Its impossibly fun. Rawr. But everyone seems to be busy with exams, and two people can hardly play pool can they? Okay they can, but its no fun. Anyone wants to play pool with me? 8D

We went home after that. And my momma brought me to One U today because she had to do work there, so I shopped by myself. Bought books to entertain self to prevent brains from falling out. 8D

This shop just opened at One U. At least I think its new. It makes sweets! And not the norm ones too, these are handmade, as I'm sure you can read.

First the soft malleable ones are pulled and moulded in to long thin sticks.

Then they're rolled like this to cool them off.

Before being cut in to small bite sized pieces, each candy comes with an outer coating and an inner coating of a different color, and you can even personalize the words in them if you want to! They'll end up looking like this.

Unfortunately for me, they were expensive so I didn't get one. Rawr. But anyone wants to sponsor me? I don't mind. xP

brain dump.

Hopefully this won't take long, since Imma rushing to go One U to get rid of boredom. Holidays are all good and nice, but with nothing to do, I swear I can feel my brains falling out.

Kimchi at home! Mom's friend from Korea bought it over for us, so now I can have my kimchi fried rice everyday. xP

Christmas tree I did on Wednesday last week! No I'm no Christian, I'm a Buddhist thank you. But I love pretty christmas tree, so I put it up. xP

Went to eat Sakae Sushi at Pyramid on Friday! Because no one would come eat Japanese food with me, I was all alone. ;_; But I enjoyed it! I have a super bias for Japanese food sadly. xP

My favorite there would always be the egg crepe rolled thingy. This was with soft shell crab, and it was good, but only if you order it from the kitchen. Don't take it from the belt, since that would be cold.

Can't say the same for their potato salad though. Tasteless and rough, i didn't enjoy it. In fact I could hardly finish it.

My spoils for the day. The green, red and white mochi as dessert was awesome! The green one had pandan kaya inside I think, and the white one had peanut butter. The red filling I didn't really like, but the other two was awesome.

Thats where I spend more of my time at Pyramid lately. Its the awesomeness. And when I went there on Friday, they were playing Lee Hom's music man concert! I almost didn't wanna leave. xp but I got myself a couple of movies and dramas to entertain myself to prevent brain from falling out.

Family came over for the weekend! Just for my aunts medical checkup at Sime Darby Healthcare aka SJMC, but they were here for three days. Fun. 8D We didn't go out anywhere, but just spending time with them is always fun.

Dim sum on Saturday morning is loves!

Singing session with cousin on his piano. Or rather, just me singing with my sumbang voice. xD

Klang Bak Kut Teh on Sunday morning with the family! Again at the same place. Is it not obvious how much I love the bak kut teh here?

Polished in less then one hour. We were starving people. xP

They went home after breakfast, and I went to Sungai Buloh with t he parentals cause they wanted to get flowers for our garden.

I ended up taking pictures more then looking at flowers. Pretty nature! I love seeing natural stuff apparently, flowers, greens yadiblabla. But we went home after that. The families gone home to Penang now. D8. But there's next week! Cousins wedding at Malacca, and then the family from Penang is probably gonna come down again for a holiday. Yay! 8D

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

holidays = borings

I know I was crying out for holidays to come when I was going through MUFY, but now that they're here, I feel so goddamn bored to my bone, I think my brains are about to fall out. Not that I particularly want to get back to studying. But can I have MUFY with the friends and fun, without the exams and books? Baah.

Browniessss. Beng You made the cake actually, and its the ultimate delicious-ness. Unlike the dry ones out there, his one is the perfect moist texture. Heat it up with microwave, and give it some ice-cream topping, and you get the world's most awesome dessert. For me at least. xP

I ended up being so bored I camwhored in front of my oven wtf. That, and because Hyun was late. Cyeah, I went out with Jung, Hyun and SuuJi for lunch today. Nothing biggie, just to Parade like, a stones throw away from my home.

Headed for Secret Recipe, after walking around the whole place. The guys were being fickle minded, and seriously, its annoying. Rawr.

I got bored while waiting for the food, and they were talking in Korean again. So just stoned there. xP

Jung's lasagna, which IMO was way too oily. I did like the bread at the side though, which is very unlike our normal bread. Put it with the lasagna sauce and its heavenly. xP

Hyun's mac&cheese. I love it, but its way too cheesy, I probably wouldn't be able to finish... not even half the bowl, seriously. Its very packed with cheese, and rather oily too, but I'm a girl who loves mac&cheese, so I'm moot point.
SuuJi's shephard pie. The girl eats too little, I swear. she says she ate before she came out, but still. the crust is too soft, but I love the mash potato and lamb filling inside, very good.

My vietnamese beef noodles. I love the spicy taste of the noodles, and the beef balls, but... frankly speaking, I think the coffee shop one near Taman Megah tastes better. The soup is really unique though.

I dragged them to the bookshop and Speedy after that, because I needed to buy something to fill boredom. Got myself magazines, and Kimi Wa Pettou to watch, as soon as I finish watching Nodame Cantabile. It was a good idea to start on dramas after my exams seriously, I'm addicted to Nodame Cantabile now, and I love their abusive relationship between Chiaki-sempai and Nodame, so cute! I can't wait for the movie out in December, and how am I supposed to wait three months for the next installment? T_T

Of course, I didn't manage to get a single picture of these camera-phobic people. I swear, they run to the other end of the globe when I pull my camera out. =.=

Hyun sent us back, and I was bored while he was chattering away with Jung. They're going back to Korea on Saturday. ;_; I won't have anyone to pei me anymore. D: