Monday, August 31, 2009


birthday last night was awesome. I love the girls. Shall update tomorrow. Here's a preview.

Haz to go do research project now. <33

Thursday, August 27, 2009


No one would ever be able to comprehend. Comprehend how scared I am, I can't find words to describe it.

I'm not the best student. I have read my brains out for exams. I can't study like other people can, and I'm no natural genius. The requirement marks increased, and I'm so fucking scared I can't take it. The next few months is going to be nothing but exams, due dates, projects and oral. And I really can't fail. Not for myself, but because I want to prove to all those whose looked down on me that I can fucking do it.

But I'm still so damn scared.
No. Don't come and ask me/talk to me about it if you see me. I don't want to talk about it. I just want to let it out. Leave me be.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

stress x wtf.

Stress. Exams exams exams is all I here these days cause apparently, August equals to MUFY topic tests month, all my topic tests and assessments are cramped in to this month, I feel like exploding. My pores are exploding, I've been having pimples all week. Rawr.

Random pictures from throughout the week.

Random graffiti on Ben's arms while we were doing the mural at the temple. Me and JJ got bored and decided to start decorating our boss's arms. :p Yes we're ridiculous sometimes.

Random game we play during Globalization class. Its a reflex game from Kahar's Iphone, which Daniel found wtf. Obsessed with beating Kahar's reflex... I forgot edi what was it. And NO! We did it AFTER we finish our work, lest Miss Uma lambasts us all. :p

RUBY! Ben's dog, whose SO ADORABLE. She just sits there and waits for you when you come to the edge of her enclosure, with her ears back, tails wagging and looking at you with those big bright hopeful eyes, and when you go nearer she'll jump on you and start licking you omg so cute! Ben I wana kidnap her, can I kidnap her? I WANT HER<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 256px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5373152190295329010" border="0">Mr.Boss, who JJ said looked cute with the clip-on shades, so I took a picture while he drove us back. Notice the pout? So ghey. xD

Went to Japanese food fair at Pyramid after that. Yes its the first time in a long while i put on full make up, including mascara and eyeliner, so I took a gazillion pictures whilst on the way there. Shall spare you the misery and only put one though. :p I really like my hair today, good hair day. *grins*

My loot. *evil grin* See the bread in the top corner of the basket? Its melon pan! Melon bread, which is AWESOME<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5373153289244180674" border="0">Yes I was too bored to shop. I'm not the typical girl. I don't shop often, and I only do it when the whim hits me, like during the mega sale. I was too lazy to shop today, so I just tagged along while my mom flew from one shop to the other, and I spy lots and lots of mirrors!... No, I shall post only one. See how kind I am? *angelic face*

Dinner at Canton-i, which is really nothing great. I have no idea why people make such a big fuss over Dragon-i and Canton-i when the food is really not all that good. If its good dim sum I want, I'll go to PJ, and if its chinese food, I'll go to my grandma's house. =.= I do like their dessert though.

MANGO! *grabby hands*

Back to studying. Econs assessment tomorrow. *groans* I can't wait for this week to end so that I can get back to watch the new drama I just finished getting, Love Shuffle<3

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MTV World and I'm stuck at home. damn

Screw studying. I can't concentrate. Especially when MTV World Stage is TONIGHT, and I'm STUCK AT HOME. Boys Like Girls is there and I'm actually at home! This is insane. Argh. I'll study tomorrow.

Friend's performance at college last Wednesday. They were performing 'Knock You Down' by Keri Nilson, which is pretty good. I think I like it better then the original one actually, cause the original one sounded like it was TRYING to be a ballad, but totally failing.

Was at the temple again today to do the painting of our mural. Me and JJ got there first, and we felt lazy wtf. But we still did a bit, cause Boss was on his way. When Boss came bearing the delicacies below though... unproductive day here we come!

Our drinks and his lunch, and what happened was a lot of eating, chatting, and a completely unproductive day. We hardly did anything, except did some touch ups and polishing ups. Rawwr.

And then I went home to hear that apparently, my housing area is getting threatened for wanting to terminate our contract with them, when they didn't do a proper job in the first place. No patrols, sleeping on the job, and now the head is saying he'll 'kacau' my family if my stepdad wants to terminate the contract, wtf.

Don't know if I should feel pissed or scared. Too numb to feel anything. I wana sleep but I can't sleep. Stupid internal clock.

Friday, August 14, 2009

romances are awesome

Rewatching 'A Walk to Remember' after reading about it at JJ's blog. Remember, the one with Jamie who was sick with leukemia?

Ultimate love story. Crying again dang its. I cry too easily at romances. *dies*

Don't expect update. Very very busy. Rawr. Will be back soon I hope.

"Love like the wind. You can't see it. But you can feel it." - Landon Carter, A Walk to Remember.

Monday, August 10, 2009


For those that don't know, I'm a partial otaku, which means I have an awesome real life social life, but I have adorable, lovable online friends too, many of which comes from a forum I frequent, Asianfanatics. We have the most ridiculous of conversations, which involves Mojojo, Powderpuff girls, boyfriends, monkeys, apes, and cabbages, with Minxian, Rui and Pig.

Stuff like animated daddies and being born under a cabbage leaf.

And the cabbage makes an appearance! When the daughter suddenly claims she's the daughter of an ancient royal family thingy. And we're still at it now. xD Minxian claiming that she's being sentimental. I wana whack her now!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

senjyu sushi @ sunway pyramid<3

Its a new restaurant I think, if I'm not mistaken. I've been wanting to try it out for quite a while now, but just got the chance today, where I dragged my mom and step dad there. For the clueless, Senjyu Sushi has two outlets, one in Sunway Pyramid, and the other at Cineleisure. I went to the one at Pyramid, which is located at the cinema area, the floor before that. What really amused me was this, when I first went in and sat at my place.

Self-made wasabi zomg so cute! And it doesn't taste like it has any additives too, so I think they really do make their own wasabi, which imo, is darn cute.

Other then that, they're ambience is really nice, but the food... not everything is major super awesome, but there are a few which aren't bad, actually. Like my yakiniku don.
I love the beef, cause it really has enough seasonings, but my favorite part is that they use fully Japanese rice for their rice. Other Japanese restaurants I've been too, I'm quite sure they mix the rice, normal and Japanese. But this one... I'm not a connoisseur, but I'm pretty sure its fully Japanese. :P

They had mentaiko on their agetoufu! Admittedly, the portion was so small I could hardly taste it, but MENTAIKO<3333

My dessert, vanilla ice cream wrapped in strawberry crepe, nothing special. But I thought it looked pretty. =p

Overall, I really like some of the dishes in Senjyu Sushi, but its pretty pricey, so unless its a special occasion, I wouldn't go back there. I wouldn't mind eating the yakiniku don and agetoufu again though, the latter just for the mentaiko. :p

Oh! And I went to Nichii after dinner, and got myself this.

Kawaii deshou? Its so adorable, the mini flying plane as a pendant! :p Its gona go awesomely with my black tops. I got myself a white top for my formal wear presentation next week too, but lets save the picture for when I actually wear it, no?

College starts again tomorrow. *groans*

Friday, August 7, 2009

outing is funz. :P

Oh! I forgot to mention. I never knew my Globalization class would involve so much designing! From posters, to campaign, and everything to be done by hand. And I'm hopeless at drawing. So usually I'll let Mason do the drawing and I'll just sit there and collect dust. But last week,

Mason was sick dammits. The guy could barely think, much less draw. So I had no choice but TO draw, since Akram refuses to draw, and Kahar, Naveen and Annie are all in another group. So I drew.
And ended up with that. Don't ever ask me to draw. Period.


Anyway! Holiday for the Pre-U students at Sunway College today, cause all the lecturers had to attend some conference, so I ajak-ed Sophia and Mei out. Mei came later, but me and Soph went to watch The Proposal at Pyramid. :p

Eating at KFC beforehand. Which by the way, I've been itching to try their Cheesy Chikalicious thingy for weeks now, but now that I've eaten it, its nothing big. Just meatballs. And they're the instant type, not even the real meat ones. Pssh.

The Proposal was a really good movie too! Very good. At first I was scared the heroine would be too domineering for the guy, but in the end, it managed to balance out very nicely, and the ending was very sweet too! Gamma pwns, just cause she's awesome. :p I recommend the Proposal to EVERYONEE. :p

Movie ended at 4. Then Mei came to look for me and Sophia, and we went a little insane, and did things like this.
Sophia had to catch Mei by her shoulders to keep her in the picture. =p

But Mei damn cute right! People say her cute she tak mau, but she super cute, like baby like that. See!

I rest my case. ^-^ And I have Japanese class tomorrow wtf. Damn lazy to go, but its the only time i can go, and its the most conveniant for me. I'm not even sure if its reliable, but I might as well give it a try. *yawns*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

vegetables are meant to be eaten

My mom has a growing obsession with juices. No not the kind you're thinking of. Juices, blended fruit and vegetable juices. I do like a few, like watermelon blended with carrot, or apple with pear. I even made one myself today.

Banana and milk smoothie, which I think I'm starting to get a growing obsession for. But thats not my point. My point is, I love mummy dearest. But she is, of no way, no how, ever gona get me to drink those juices she does each morning! I don't mind fruit, but seriously, capcison and bitter gourd? Tomato and winter melon? Vegetables! Vegetables are meant to be cooked and eaten! Not drank! Yuck. I hate them. >.<

I chopped it off. :p Couldn't resist, since it was annoying me when I went to college, so I chopped it off this morning, and ended up with this.

Not much difference? I didn't want it too short anyway, I just wanted it out of my eyes.

Better go sleep now. No classes tomorrow, since poor Pre-U teachers at Sunway College all have a conference to attend, so the students are home free. = p But I have to get up early to make lunch for my mom, so I'll be going to sleep now. Outing with Sophia tomorrow! Can't wait. xP

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i need haircut + movie<3

I need a haircut. I can barely see anything when I comb my frinch down, and I hate parting it to the side cause I look so odd. Rawr. Too lazy to cut myself.... probably will do it later though. Don't wana go to college looking like Ju-On reincarnated.

Anyway! Remember what I said about watching a movie a couple of days ago? It was 'Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past', and I have to say, it wasn't all that bad, even if its essentially such a guy movie. I kept going 'such an ass' at the beginning of the movie, cause the hero, Connor Mead, is really an ass of a womanizer.

Connor Mead, reknown photographer, known for taking pictures of skanky whores and trying to kill them by asking a 6th placer Olympic archer from Japan to shoot an arrow through the apple on her head, but thats not the point. Point is, his known for never keeping a girl for long. Heck, he broke up with three of them at once, whilst having another girl waiting for him on the couch in his studio! Tell you much?

But apparently, Connor has one love. His first and true love, his childhood friend, Jenny Perotti, whom he scorned because he was afraid of commitment, and he left her years ago. They meet at his brother's wedding, where Connor was forced to face his past, present, and bleak future if he continued as he was, the womanizer he wanted to be. Three ghosts came to him, one of the past, one from his present, and another from future.

I'm going to stop now, in case I give out spoilers, but I have to say, it wasn't all that bad. Really sweet towards the ending, and how Connor still went back to Jenny. I like the concept of one love for a lifetime, but thats just me being the romantic I am. xP I have to say, the ghost of girlfriend future was gorgeous though! If I'm not mistaken, she was Olga Maliok, a model or something. Darn gorgeous.

On another note, I just came back from my Bio Topic Test 1. Wouldn't say I did good, but probably better then Econs, which I screwed so badly I feel like stabbing myself. = ( The only thing I'm looking forward to is the Sunday movie I have date with Sophia. The Proposal. Lene said it was good, so I'm giving it a shot. xP

Sunday, August 2, 2009

movie marathon phail + pindapatta

I did my nails again a few days ago! But thats not the point of the post. =.=

I'm an active student/member in my temple, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. Its probably my second mother school, since I've been attending it since I was what... 7, 8? Thats a good solid ten years now. And its my last year there. So today! We had Pindapatta, where we offer monks food. My last year offering as a student.

Still amazed at the turnout each year. Not only students + parents + teachers, but the general public from around the USJ area too. We poor senior students had to squeeze in sporadics spots around the area cause we couldn't find a place to kneel. T-T

JJ + Diane

Me + Shien

We got bored waiting wtf. xD And my legs hurt SO MUCH. Cause we were sitting in such a cramped space all of us, but I shouldn't be complaining. The monks had to walk barefooted, under the hot sun. Owww.

Started around 9? 8 something? Not so sure. Wasn't exactly looking at my time, but all I know was that it was quick, which was surprising considering there were twenty monks, and such a huge line of people which snaked all around the main hall of the temple to the back.

Time to eat (Yes I just had to add myself in. :P)! Jason was like some hungry ghost when this picture was taken. Cause this was taken while we were waiting to offer food BEFORE we got to eat, and by then we were all starving, so imagine how the guys were? They kept trying to steal food from the plates, when in fact we weren't supposed to eat before the monks did. x_x Torture, holding food you're unable to eat. T-T

Shien being baka. Holding food we can't eat made us insane. Even Jason and Yao Chong were doing idiotic things during the offering wtf. Did I ever mention I love this extended family I have? Cause they're adorable sometimes. xP

Sillies who were so glad they could eat, I had to frustrate them more by asking them to pose first. :p Sorry Ben, Diane blocked your face. xP

We ate in the corridor, where we eat every year of Pindapatta, just cause we find it less quiet, more solitude for us. Too bad Jo Ann and Chyna, and more weren't with us this year. T-T The gang is getting less and less, just cause everyone went overseas. T-T

Went to Pyramid with Shien and Ben after that for a movie, 'Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past'. But thats a story for another day, since I'm bloody sleepy now, but I have an econs exam tomorrow. Shall go mug now and update about the movie later.