Sunday, May 8, 2011

OKAY PICTURE DUMP. Though forewarning, I might not be updating my blog as often as before nowadays, cause uni is just impossibly busy, plus I find it easier to just dump everything on facebook and caption everything there, hence... yeah, just go there. xD

CUTES THING EVER OMG MEMORY LANE'S NEW RANGE OF PLUSHIES. SO CUTE. Their microbacteria actually, but they're so floofy and cute and lskdjksj.

AND CUTE BOTTLE. Bought it from daiso, it contains milk. So darn cute. klsjdlksd

Went out to meet Farah and Sophia the other day! At Full House at pyramid, where the mashed potato is omgsogoodlksdksjad.

And that meeting ended up leading to another one of a gathering of all of us at Snowflakes on Friday! I haven't seen this people in 2 years, and though we're missing some people, its so fun to see everyone there!♥

Also, went home during first of May for grandmother's birthday! The cousins there got a new puppy omg its a cute little fuzzball!

Its always like a family conference whenever all of us congregrate back home. The sofas are never enough so some people eventually end up sitting on the floor. Somehow, I prefer sitting on the floor though. xD

This is what happens when there's too many girls in a family. Lack of mirrors when an event is going on. xD


AND MIKU OMG SO GOOD♥ I only ever eat the ones at Penang, because the ones sold here is disgusting. D:

The cousin bought me this omo so cute!

The day before I went home, cousin brigade headed out for lunch together in the plus ones car! If you guys are wondering, plus one is one of my cousins' boyfriend, who has yet to gain full approval from all of us. Pending. xD

We went to Mae Salong! Its a place that apparently sells really good green curry in Penang.

I'm not food entrepreneur, but the surroundings were gorgeous!

I couldn't resist taking 90829038123 pictures. I'm sparing you with only two. xD

The really good green curry, which I guess is actually pretty good since its really creamy and stuff. But the rest of the stuff we had was major spicy. And most of us can't really take overly spicy food.

And that is the end result, everyone sweating like mad as they eat. xD

Also, we finished three jugs of water. Ice cold water. xD

I hate saying goodbye. ):

But once home, the sisters brought me to roller blading!

2 out of 4 of them anyway, since the other two was busy. D: but roller blading is always fun with more people!

We found the canopy walk to pyramid from college! Omg it took a while too!

Its a five minute walk, but the view is actually quite pretty as you walk. You can see Lagoon as you walk too! You come soooo close to the roller coaster rides.

Lunch date with the Meis! Creme bruleee~

Of course, we always have our Kindori. Is that even a question? xD

We all wear slippers to school! Because we're all too lazy to wear proper shoes. xD

Also, I think I beat almost every single one of her high scores on her Itouch games. :P

CCF after rehearsals! Ahhh, dance concert just ended. I hate it when an event ends, it feels so empty. D: