Sunday, April 24, 2011

Well hello there, remember the horrendous finger from last week? It sorta got popped and bound so it could heal. That was how it looked last week though, since its all fine now. so lets jump to my barrage of food pictures and what I've been up to, shall we?

Went to Ikea with the sisters last week! omnomnom, they call this the Princess cake, and its awesome♥ Sweet and creamy.

I can't decide between the Princess cake or Daim cake though, since both are equally good♥

Of course, a meal in Ikea is never complete without Meatballs! Its meaty goodness with the jam they serve.

I think I found a new favourite though. Their vegetarian pasta is really good! The pasta itself, is chewy and soft and ... just all round omnomness♥

This was dumplings from the Saturday me and Mei was studying and decided to kidnap Lei and go for Snowflakes. yes, I can never resist dumplings. xP

Dimsum breakfast! This is what I always have when I go for dimsum. salad prawns, HK chee cheong fun...

... and har gao! I usually get the spare ribs and some other stuff too, but I had a craving for glass skin stuff that day. xD

Made mashed potato to bring to uni the other day, last week I think. Because the sisters have been bugging me about it. xD Its like I'm their unpaid cook!

Crisis in the uni! We couldn't get the locker door to open. D;
Oh, and Mel brought her new polaroid camera that day! its so pretty, if the film wasn't so expensive I'd definitely get it. D:

We spammed on it. Sort of, not really since the film is expensive. But we made the most of it!

Even changed it to all of our wallpapers! xD

We surprised her on that day for her birthday too. :P

The brother has a new BB, and i love this wallpaper!

This silly thing came and pick me up from uni the other day! Stupid fuzzy monster stole my passenger seat. D: *cuddles him*

Bought a set of keychains for the sisters!

And also the stepdaddy's birthday last week! Spammed on Mahathir's memoirs for him. Which btw, I find entirely uninteresting but he was enamoured with. *shrugs* Grown ups. Aish.

Lamb date with Mei! Our lunch consisted of shepherds pie, and lamb shank!

Yes, we both be humongous lamb eaters. It was so good♥

Of course, its never complete without cake! Her chocolate indulgence and my strawberry mashmallow cheescake, epic win♥

Wall of Hated Food in Monash. Its the students protest against the cafetaria food, which is horrendous and expensive. Its why the sisters and I have been bringing food to school instead of buying these days. Dx

Was baking again the other day! Why, you ask? Because its for the sleepover we had of course!

Mei and I gave out the stuff we had for the sisters. xD Cute towels omg♥

Chicken! Kokkokai~

Why yes, we did have our dinner at 10:30 pm that night, any problem? xD

Again, polaroids are ♥

Its been raining a lot these days, and its such a hassle if I was in uni and need to go home. but if I happen to be at home while it rains, I can't be happier. Its such a comfy weather! Except, I really don't like the lightning and thunder. Dx

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DURIAN. Yeah feeling like blah now cause I accidentally put salt in to my dessert which by the way is supposed to be sweet, and meh, ruined dessert. But anyway, meet Bob the Dog who eats durian! Such a Malaysian dog he is. xP

The brother brought me our for dinner the other day, cause the parents were at a wedding dinner and I was all by my lonesome. I haven't seen barley served like this in ages. O-O

The salad prawns were amazing, except they put papaya in them. PAPAYA. I abhor that fruit. >.<

Sweet and sour POK! Heh. ♥

Best part of the whole dinner, the bacon pepper soup. It was soooo good. Peppery and fragrant, with the tender bacon♥

Night market after dinner! They were selling smelly tofu. ): I think I wanted to die when I walked pass that stall.

My Marie collection!I recently fell in love with this white, pink hued kitten. I even bought a Marie cup! xD

And a random bucket I bought along with the Marie charms I snagged, now sitting on my new charm bracelet. I have a huge weakness for charm bracelets. >.<

Marie sits in the bucket!

The mother made sambal eggs the other night. Oh. So. Good.♥ I can't really take spicy food, and yet I eat them anyway. Torture much? ;_;

Ooh ooh! Chicken stew is epic loves too!

My dog getting a haircut from the mother.

His usual fail expression when he's getting a haircut. xP

This is what we do when we lose focus in class. Or rather, Lindley loses focus and everyone else starts falling like domino blocks. It only takes one of us, really. xP

We're all barely average drawers, I swear.

But we try anyway! Cause its either that or start sleeping. We didn't have food! D:

Oh! Check out my horribly infected finger before I got it popped and bounded up by the doctors. Disgusting, no? xD

Colorful sticky notes to get started on the assignment, which my personal deadline is next week tuesday, latest wednesday!

Ooh! Awesome bakery I found in Empire Shopping Gallery. I'm so amused by the chef there, but ooh I love the macarons there. Sooo good♥

I only ate the chocolate one though, cause I don't like green tea and passionfruit always tastes a bit odd for me.

We got a chocolate fondant too! Oh, so, good♥

The car battery died the other day after dinner. D: So me and the mother was fooling around with the only thing we had to amuse us - the camera. xD

Its getting fixed, finally!

I was bored, shush. The pole was the only remotely interesting thing there! xD