Thursday, October 29, 2009

last day blues

MUFY, has been awesome, honestly speaking. I entered the course so freaking scared cause I didn't attend the orientation and I knew virtually no one. I was freaked out cause I missed my first class... but the whole year has been something I will never, ever forget.

Now waking up every morning to go to college, facing my classmates and the friends which have made my whole course memorable will never, ever be erased from memory. The inside jokes, the lunches and laughter, the stress facing exams and the sighs of relief after every paper, everything I cherish deeply in my heart. Ending the day had always been a joyful event, but for today it hit me like a rock in the heart.

My Econs A/B girls, the one whose been with me from the very first sem. The ones who always had lunch with me everyday. I feel like laughing when I think of them, cause somehow or rather we always end up laughing together no matter what. The five of them have been awesome friends, always there for each other and me, and the inside jokes we share are incomparable. Short fingers, anyone? xDDD

The stars of my college course, the food we share, the knowledge we give, and the randomities we do together shall always be loved.

Econs B1 class of 2009, forever love.

Bio class had always been more serious, no thanks to the ridiculous imbalance between the syllabus for Bio A and Bio B, but never the less, class had always been fun. Eating in class *coughLenecoughJoeYeecough* and reading Bio at the same time had never been better. xD I doubt I'd have found Bio class fun if not for Gan's super hyperactiveness, Lene's sarcasm. Btw, Cynthia, I never knew our immune system used memory cards to remember the pathogens that had attacked our body. :P

Bio A7 class of 2009, forever love.

Our 'hardworking' English class. xD Real hardworking we are, with the fact that almost half the time half the class isn't there. Skipping class kings. :p But never the less, class with them was fun. The random comments, the debate during our presentation for our research projects are unforgettable. GT and Tumo fighting are hilarious, and glowy fishes, Eng Hwa? Seriously. xP

Half of the time in class, we spend it taking pictures anyway, since with only theme study and research project, there really is not much to study about. But never the less, Ms. Putri was always extremely accomodating of us, and we can't thank her enough. Class would never have been the same without random remarks from Joe Ee and Eng Hwa, and the debates between Tumo and GT, with the rest of us either rolling our eyes or laughing. :p

Eng B4 class of 2009, forever love.

Globalization class had always been one huge picnic. We always bring food in because Miss Uma allowed us. Its the fun class, basically, with a lot of reading. Miss Uma's sarcasm, Naveen's lameness, the pokes of the Musketeers behind, Mr. Chinamen and Mason the Hulk makes the class. Definitely going to miss the lameness so consistent from Naveen, as well as Akram spouting the knowledge we're all so amazed with each time.

And this guy whose able to make me actually look short for once, Mason the Hulk, whose a head freaking taller then me. :p Of course, I will miss the best teacher of all pwnsome times, Miss Uma.

The best teacher ever, whose always looking out for our interests first. Not to mention her legendary sarcasm. xD Like what Naveen suggested, she should write a book for comebacks, it'd get #1 on the selling list fohsure. God knows how many times she bombed Zooeid and Akram and Mason with coming late. :p

Not the full picture, since people ran away, but anyway...
Glob A class of 2009, forever love

Bio B class had always been slow, like I said, the syllabus distribution for Bio A and B is horribly imbalanced, and as a result we don't really have much to study in Bio B. But never the less, Nadia, Kumari, Melissa and Tharveena always made class fun, not to mention with Gan's hyperactiveness and Lene's never-ending questions. :P

Of course, not forgetting Jia Qing, fellow fangirl. :P Bio B class is fun, despite the fact that we can go insane trying to memorize facts from evolution and inheritence sometimes, Ms. Kavitha helps a lot, and its the classmates that makes a class.

Bio B3 class of 2009, forever love.

Yes, if it isn't obvious enough, I'm emo-ing about the last day of college. I've spent a year with these people, and they've given me awesome times. *coughnevermanagedtogetapictureofjonghyuntheescapartist* but anyway! Finals start tomorrow, and then we have genting trip after exams! I can't wait, and year 2009 of MUFY will always be in my heart<3

Sunday, October 25, 2009

one day break

yes! Next week Friday would be the start of my finals, which also means next week I'll be studying like a headless chicken, so this is probably going to be a last entry, and then my hiatus will go on till november 12th or something.

Went to the temple again today after 0380830432 years of not going. But apparently, teacher's not around again. Pssh. There's this annoying kid who comes around to our class though. I... don't exactly like him. Now don't get me wrong, I like children well enough. Children who are well behaved. This one just... I don't know. Psh.

But the friends went insane as usual. They had to practice for a dance for the concert, we were laughing over Jason's ineptness to dance. He looked like he was doing a hula dance instead of a hip hop dance. xP

Went to Midvalley with the family after that, since youngest aunt/uncle and cousins were here for a visit. Yet again, I went off as a lone wolf, to play this!

Taiko drums, my love! Yes I'm a game addict so sue me.

I didn't have much time to myself though, since the little one wanted to come with me, so I brought her to go play toys 'r' us. Did I ever mention how cute my baby cousins are? I have proof. :D

Cute, no? They're mine i tell you. The little guy is more boisterous and naughty, but he'll grow out of it. My family are all quite the taskmasters to their children, hardly any of them are rascal-y. They wouldn't dare face the wrath of their parents. I was terrified of my momzers when I was younger. Not that I don't love her. :p

Toodles! Off to watch CSI:NY. My new love<3

Saturday, October 24, 2009

random updares v4.

Yes I know I've been MIA, and this is only going to be a short update too. *shoots self* But I just finished my trials, and my finals are like... in a week. 8D How joyful, no? Pssh.

Anyway, my week was spent... studying. Even my mom is saying I've been doing nothing but studying lately.

On friday though, went out to McD at Pyramid with Mei, for this!

The McD Large McValue Meal + Sundae, all for the Coke Contour Glass! I've been pining after the royal purple one, and it was out on Thursday and Friday! I love purple, as well as white, so after the royal purple, I'm going to go after the Sparkly Clear one. *evil look* I'm not sure when it comes out though, since there are no set dates for releases this time around, so you're going to h ave to check their site everyday to find out what colors are available for that day itself.

Just finished my economics trials today, on a saturday yes. And it sucked. No questions asked. I did study on Friday, and even Thursday, but I couldn't get anything to get in my head. Miss Raja is going to murder me and chop me to pieces I swear.

After exams, headed out with the girls to eat chicken rice at White's.

Sorry for the picture with empty plates, but I was so hungry I polished everything off. Exams make me hungry. *nom*

I'm definitely not the world's greatest chicken rice eater. In fact, if given a choice, chicken rice would be the last thing I go for, but this one. Is. Pwnsome. No words said. I love the rice here, especially the one with the steamed chicken leg. Its deliciously, sinfully good, and I would willingly eat it everyday.

Went to watch movies in the library till 2 after that, and then I went home, cause the youngest aunt and uncle, along with baby cousins are here. Heading out tomorrow. Weee!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Night air is awesome tonight. So crisp, clean and soul-cleansing. I wanted to stand the whole night at the front of my house just to breathe and think.

Finals are very very near, just around the corner. My marks recently haven't been great, and English has been worrying me to the core. Theme study intends to murder me, and I'm now extremely extremely extremely worried that I won't be able to get the required 270 marks I need to get in my chosen course in Monash, as well as the 65% needed for English. I can't even surf the net or read a book lately without thinking about my finals.

Everytime I think about it, I get this tight, constricting feeling around my chest. My course ain't cheap, and I don't want to waste my mom's money by putting it down the drain if I can't get in Monash, but I was never good at studying. Give me Photoshop, or the net, and I can use it all day. Give me an exam on historical romance, or fangirling, and I'll score a perfect for you. But I can't do studying, seriously. I try, I memorize, but my marks are always mediocre.

And I'm worried, oh so worried. Worried that I'll dissapoint my mom, waste her money and not get in the course I chose myself. All I need is 270 and a 65% in English. I want to make it. I have to. But at the same time I'm so worried, I can hardly sleep at night, and its eating at me inside, so much so that I can't even live my life comfortably until finals are over. Thats why I'm so desperate now.

Desperate for the required marks. Desperate to not let my mom down. Desperate to make sure I can get in university smoothly, next year in February intake and not pay more money and continue in my Pre-U longer just cause I'm stupid and dumb and didn't get the required marks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

drive a bigger car

Went to Subang Parade to pick up two paintings the parental units bought for decorations at the new house which they bought last week. They drove the Volve S40 to Parade to pick it up, and this was what happened.

They couldn't fit the painting in to the boot! I was standing in the carpark for like half an hour sweltering in the heat while they try to figure out how to put the painting it. In the end, I was the one who ended up taking care of the painting. Like this.

Not amused. My feet hurt! And I felt so constricted. But they brought me for a Japanese dinner, so I'm happy. :D :D Yes I'm easily coaxed, all it takes is something I like, is all. :p

Pretty cool ambience. The seating on the floor was above on the second level, and they even provided these shoe cupboards for you to put your shoe in so you don't clutter up the place. The 'key's were special. They were these block of woods.
Unless you slot these wooden plates in to the slot provided, you can't open the cupboard. Don't know how the mechanism works, but I thought it was adorable, the concept. The place was a little pricey though, and I doubt I'll be going back there again, but if you're willing to fork out the bucks, its not bad. Pretty authentic, and the food wasn't bad.

From top, my sukiyaki set, my mom's grilled salmon set, and my stepdad's teriyaki beef set with garlic fried rice. I don't favor their chawan mushi, but their miso soup is nice, with some red strips which I have no idea what are those, but they're umai. Oh, and my favorite dish, is actually a side dish.

Creamy Croquette! Its practically mashed potato fried in batter, but Rakuzen somehow makes their potato filling extremely creamy and awesome, and I'm a sucker for creamy and soft stuff. Yes odd, but I like mushy food. I even like my rice to be soft and mushy, and my maggi to be soft and slushy. The momzers calls it disgusting. xP

Wafer ice cream for dessert! The biscuit itself was a little too soggy, but I like the ice cream. Can't say its all that nice though. All in all Rakuzen's a nice restaurant with nice ambience, albeit a little pricey, but if you want to try it just once, I say go ahead. :D

Exam tomorrow. Econs. I can't wait for my finals to be over and done with in a month damn its. Then its HELLO HOLIDAYS FOR TWO MONTHS. And there's NOTHING to worry about either. Damn can time go any slower. ;_;

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Performance I did for MUFY's talent quest. I was scared shitless, but I loved it.

Yes I love performing on stage. Been on stage since I was 10 for dance, and then gradually turned to singing instead. I may not be the best singer, nor the best dancer, nor have anything required to even be on stage, but I love being there and performing for others.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

food + dogs

Not in the literal sense of word of course. xD

Had dinner at my step-aunt's house the other day.Camwhored all the way there, cause my mom and stepdad were busy talking about something... or other. I WAS BORED.
I'm gona be kindhearted and only post one. :p

My step-uncle Siew Pan cooked up a storm. xD The prawns were pwnsome! I haven't had such awesome homecooked dinner in a while now. Even if I got bored of the pork's knuckle, but I attacked the prawns with much fervor. :p But thats a different topic.

Now see, at my step-aunt's house, there's this cutie named Bob. And he looks like this.
No thats not the monkey. Thats Bob, and his a Golden Retriever, in the best sense of words. xD His the best dog, period. Just got an operation a few weeks ago to remove a cyst, and whenever we wanted to look at his wound, all we had to do was get him to lie down and he'll lie down and let you look at it without any fuss. xD He even knows a huge range of tricks, and he would follow anything you say.

Well, anything except one. See, somehow this Bob... has a fear of camera's. Everytime i want to take a picture of him, he would turn tail and run the other end. BUT I GOT A PICTURE OF HIM.

Through bribery. xD Stepdad had to bribe him with chicken bones and meat to get him to sit still, cause this Golden Retriever is dreadfully greedy for food. But looks!

Isn't he the cutest thing? His the most obedient dog, period. He just doesn't like camera's for some reason.

Had Manhattan Fish Market for dinner yesterday, cause the stepdad's at Singapore and I went home too late to cook. So mom brought me to Subang Parade for dinner. For the first time, I didn't go in Speedy! Promised myself I won't go there till after my Finals, cause I'll just get tempted to buy DVD's too watch.

Excuse the fact that my food is a little... eaten. I was hungry! Super hungry! Dinner was at eight of course I'm hungry. But the food is awesome! The garlic butter rice was a little too dry, but the fish is nice, and so was the fried mushroom. Can't say much bout the salad, cause like I'm sure you guys know I don't eat my greens. :p My mom said its nice though. :p

Thursday, October 1, 2009

your definition of cute?

What would you call cute? Something like this?
Cute mushy with squishy head! I've been having a penchance for them lately, even if the momzer's calls the material 'disgusting. xP

Or maybe a cute maltese!
Who is adorable, might I add. I would die to own a maltese like that. Been my dream dog since I watched FTYL! Either a cute lil maltese, or a schanuzer, who looks so darn regal, but I'm off topic.

See, today in Biology class, our topic today was on respiration, and there was this picture of this animal called at axolotl or something on it. Somethig like this.
They called it cute. O.O

I on the other hand, called the picture on the other page cute!
Its a monk seal swiming! Isn't it the cutest thing ever! So squishy and round, and the flipper is so cute!

Lene calls my sense of cuteness skewed. =.= So whats your definition of cuteness?