Thursday, November 18, 2010

if only i could say

Self is now in Melbourneee! Yes, land Down Under, where the weather is pretty pleasent, but I think i froze my nose off watching penguins coming up on Philip Island yesterday. Weee! But Melbourne updates for another day, let me get rid of my backlog of pictures first. xD

Snowflake again! Three diff ways of mixing it. From bottom up, the carefully mixed, the evenly mixed, and the.... 'you guys take picture and tag me on facebook, i eat first' (Manan, L., 2010). xD

Lookit! For those of you who remeber, this used to be a 'permanent fixture' in McDonalds. Somehow they removed it though. And now they bring it back as a 'new' product, and call it thw Twister. Honestly now? You'd think we're dumb and don't remember it. I still like it though! Nomnom. xP

Golden monster was starting to look like a shaggy mess of fur, so we decided to give him a groom!

Now he's all bald on his back! Honestly, I prefer him this way, but the parentals didn't. I find it much neater and cleaner though, but oh well. *shrugs*

Sleepover again! We had a picnic in Mel's backyard with our egg sammiches and biscuits for the yeast-allergic KML. xD

Kaya Kok for midnight snacks! Yes, all the way from Ipoh yo. ML brough it back for us, and I think I breathed in about 5 of them. Sooo good♥

Playing Pokemon Cards! With ML and Kevin, Mel mummeh was my teacher because I haven't played them in so long, I literally forgot how to play them. xD Is all good though. And Kevin gave me my Eeveelutions cards! ♥

Poriddge for breakfast, which Mel's mum cooked for us. Not a poriddge person, but this one was omnyomnyom pretty good!

Cereal for midday snack! Yes, we eat about five meals a day when we have a sleepover, so there. xD

Oh! Mel's wall can be decorated, so Lei, Mei and me all decided to leave our mark on her wall. Thats me and Lei slaving over our tiles on the wall.

Thats Mei doing hers. Notice the empty wall?

10 minutes later. Yeap, still empty. She's way too OCD! xD She kept rubbing whatever she wrote off for about... twenty times, methinks. :p

Twister at Mel's place! Because it was raining and we had to wait for the rain to stop before we went swimming, hence to pass time. xD As usual, Mei being the most limber of us all, won. xD She should be banned from playing twister. xD

It was wednesday! So as usual, we went for Pink day at BR. Strawberry Cheesecake and Baseball Nut♥

Ikea meatballs on wednesday too! Because they had to go for rehearsals, I tagged along just so we could go eat ikea meatballs, omnyomnyom! ♥ And now, I has to go cause we're going to QV market today! xD

Monday, November 15, 2010

it all starts making sense!

Hi there, let the choked dog getting strangled by this strange, horrible person greet you! xD Nah, the golden monster was just being difficult and trying to struggle out while I take this picture.

EXAMS ARE OVERR! Boo-yah, movies, series, books, all come to me! ♥ I actually have the time to sit down and read and watch now! Without the guilt of course. :P Ooh! Pokemon! xD But anyway, this also means I have the time to actually sit down and do random picture dump again. xD

Waffle's at A&w! Yes we were still addicted. Keyword being were. Next up on our addiction list~

Snowflake! Only the best dessert shop ever. Everything just tastes epically good there. xD

New six cheese pizza from Pizza Hut! I just take pizza in general doses, but the six cheese pizza is really really good! No kidding, I love it♥

UFO from Snowflake! Yeah, this is how they tell you your order is up. you don't have to stand around the counter causing congestion in one part of the shop. You just go back with this device to your seat, and when your food is ready it'll flash red and buzz, and then you go and pick it up! Nice, no? xD

IKEA MEATBALLS!♥ Went with the twoness, I haven't had them in forever and a day, and they're so so good. So addicted to them, I can drink up all the sauce and never get sick of it.

Brownies and ice cream at dessert bar in subang parade is epic loves too! The rest of the traffic light sisters just spammed on it. xD

Potluck at Leisha's house the other day! With soba, bolognese spaghetti and aglio olio, we were spamming on noodles. But everything finished anyway, which just proves we're hungry monsters who'll consume everything in our way. xD

Look what da jie jie gave all of us! ♥♥♥

We played a game called ginrami too! Leisha's family plays it a lot apparently. That tile up there, is the joker. Lisa calls it a carrot though. xD

Its addictive! I swear to anything holy, its very very addictive. That day, we sat down to play at 6, and played all the way up till 10pm at night. Even after exams, the first thing we did was go and play ginrami at Leisha's house. VERY ADDICTIVE.

Chibi-chan at brother's house! She still looks like an overgrown mat. xD

Epic awesome BBQ roasted chicken rice at Johnny's steamboat. Oddly enough, their called a steamboat shop, but IMO their best food is their BBQ chicken and fried chicken. xD
Epic trident/spork/whatchamacallit that Ben made for his devil costume! The rest of the Halloween pictures can be seen at J's blog. :p Too lazy to copy them.x D

I went as an angel! Lookit mah halo! The very handyman made it too. xD

Making jack-o-lanterns! And having coconut juice. :P

See! people with murderous tendencies, tsktsktsk. xD

Ooh ooh ooh! Cubed fruits with yogurt, only the best thing ever created. It tastes so good♥

And I can has new maxi dress from Kitschen! :P