Monday, April 26, 2010

Okay! Found this from friends blog. Much better then FML or stuff like that IMO. LGMH is much more encouraging. JSYK, LGMH is Love Gives Me Hope, and GMH is Gives Me Hope. Soon we're all going to BTLS. (Be Talking Like This). But anyway!

Recently, I tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.

My boyfriend saved me by jumping in after me and pulling me out.

When I woke up in the hospital he was in a hospital bed next to mine as he had suffered a minor concussion. He looked at me, smiled, and said "I promised I'd always catch you."

His unconditional LGMH


Today, my boyfriend told me that he loved me.

When I asked why, he took out a list. It was 337 reasons long, and he said he had a pen in his back pocket in case he remembered any new ones.


I'm still a cynic here. But everyone come say with me, awwwww!
How can you not be touched by that? I'll probably post a lot of LGMH things when I run out of things to blog about. Its hopeful. xD

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Did my nails again! After oh so very long. :p

Assignments assignments assignments. Finishing up my FTV and Com before Penang trip next week for the weekend. And always always hoping that somehow, someway my interview request will be granted by next week and i can finish all the recordings so I can lock myself in the editing suite and go crazy with video editing and finally finally have a good nights rest without worrying about JRN. I really don't want to ask for an extension.

Please please please please.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

laced fingers

i can't sleep. stupid ftv essay. ;_;


she lies in his arms, content to just bathe in the silence that was punctuated only by the whirring of the ceiling fan, the hum of the motor from the air conditioning. picking at it, the laced pattern of their twined fingers seemed like the most intricate pattern she's ever seen, as if they were the one thing she wished would never end.

"you know?"


"I never thought I'd be here in five years. In fact, the last third, fourth, and this fifth year anniversary all surprised me."

he chuckled, and then gave a fond look at her. "and why is that?"

"well, you were the perfect guy."

he scoffed this time. "my first girlfriend said I put my friends before her too much."

"thats because everyone needs their own life. i definitely don't want you hanging around me too much." she replied cheekily, smacking the hand she had previously inspected as if it was the most remarkable thing in the world.

again, he chuckled. "bias girl. my second girlfriend says i'm way too cocky for my own good."

"confidence is a good quality! besides, thats why you have me to keep that constantly inflating ego of yours down."

silence. a momentary pause between the two, before "why do you love me?"

"because you're an asshole who manages to make me turn to mush everytime you sing. because you're good looking," she flashed a cheeky look. "but also because you're confident of your own life, because you treasure your relationships. most of all, because you're you."

and this time it was he that brought those laced fingers to his lips, kissing the conjoined skin in a most reverent way. because he knew, she may wheedle at his shortcomings, poke fun of him and stomp on his ego. but when push came to shove, she was also the one who would always be there for him.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Summing up my weekend this time should be pretty easy. Please refer below. ^__^

My boyji! Whose kept in a cage cause his a savage who'll bite and maim anyone who isn't me or my family. His horribly over protective and never trusts anyone but the five hands who fed him since he was a kid. Even my cousin whose been staying there for the past three years never managed to make friends whim him. Loyal doggy, but hard to handle. He's let out everyday of course, but always under close supervision. And if my brother goes away, I have to drag myself over to walk him because well... no one else can do it.

My most demure doggy! She's a monster, taller then me if she stands up on her hind paws. But she's a darling girl whose the direct opposite of boyji. She always lies down with her paws crossed though, never figured out why. But don't think she's friendly. She warms up to people easily, but she's rather protective too. She almost attacked a neighbour who approached my brother once, cause she doesn't know the dude well enough.

And the newest addition to the doghouse which is my brothers! This was Celine, now named Michiko. They changed the name a couple of days after, and she's now... what, 4 months old? 5? She just got her last jab last week. 8D

She was such a ratty, mousy little dog!

Now she just looks like a large, gray furry mat when she lies down like that. xD

Still my darling girl though, mousy little rat that she is. <3

Cats on the other hand, have the hugest attitudes I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, I still find them very refined creatures, but its no wonder people have usually associated cats with females and dogs with males. I mean, cats are refined, structured, but at the same time keep their claws sheathed and masks covered, as they watch you slowly, calculating their movements, and only moving at the last moment. I'm not condemning my own gender, but you've never heard of someone calling a pair of ladies clawing their eyes out, dog fighting have you?

Then what about dogs? Do they associated dogs with males because their loyal, kind, loving and friendly? Or is it because of their territorial behavior, the fierce fights they get in to, and the way they run around in packs? Well, I'm no male so I wouldn't dare speak on behalf of the other gender. But do please enlighten me?

On the other hand, I made cupcakes over the weekend for my baby cousins birthday! Or rather, the mom made the cakes and I did the icing and decorating. ^_^

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stand again and i'll stand by you

Ever tried being in a situation where you just have to drop a subject, because you know harping on it will only hurt you more. I have.

But you know, I know, the world knows, dropping something, forgetting someone is never easy. Would never be. Especially so when you've spent the last few years fixated on a subject. You know how its like, the daydreams that filtrate to your fantasies? The images that are so brightly hued, finding their way in your dreams, making it seem so real, you feel extra disappointed when you wake up? The dreams that feel you in with so much hope and happiness... and everything just crashes when you wake up.

Its that disappointment, that feeling that just tugs at the corner of your heart and never lets up that I really don't like. I feel the same thing after I finish a book, that feeling of non-closure. But unlike a book where I can just hop on to Word and write something about it to get rid of it, I can't do it for this one.

There is no 'happy ending', there ain't no prince charming. There's only me and foolish wishes, paper cranes and shooting stars that only look pretty, but have no meaning. Wishes don't come true, dreams ain't reality.

Its time for me to wake up from the dream, to slap myself up and live in reality. But like how its not easy to forget, it isn't easy to stand back up on my own two feet again.

All I want is to stand up again, in hopes that I will someday hear someone say the words 'i'll stand by you'.

Monday, April 12, 2010

i never had the courage
would probably never grow the guts
i wish i could, i wish i could
but somehow i just never brought myself to it

so here's my wish, simple and clear
if i had the guts, i would've said it today
but nevermind that, just listen to me here
i wish you all the happiness of the world, anyway

Saturday, April 10, 2010

last day of holidays!

Ah, blissful holidays. I guess you really have to lose something before you miss it huh? I don't think I've ever thoroughly enjoyed my break as I have this time. Don't get me wrong, I still tried to catch up with my stuff. Like, 3/4 of my holidays was spent on Microsoft Word and with friends doing our presentations, but at least this time round we didn't have the 'oh shit if we don't finish this nownownow we'll so die tomorrow' feeling. we just took our own sweet time in finishing it.

And I had enough free time to make chocolate truffles! They were really easy to make too.

Just mash up Oreo cookies, and then mix them together in cake mixer with cream cheese. Roll them in balls and put them in the fridge to harden. Take them out an hour or so later and coat them in melted chocolate, before putting them in the fridge again for the outer layer to harden. I gave some to my sister-in-law and cousin, and they whacked about... 5 balls between them.

Note of reminder, their .... very weight inducing, to put it mildly. Because the whole thing is cheese on top of chocolate on top of more chocolate. So I usually limit myself to one per day. It is good though. xP

Now my holidays are ending~ And next week starts the monotony of university again. I miss my friends! So I guess I don't mind going back so much, although I dread the idea of more work. But still, no pain no gain? Aish, since I'm ahead of my academic schedule, I might not be as stressed... I hope. *cross fingers*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

boring ol' day yawn

Holidays! Ohyeah babeh, I cleared up all my work on Thursday and was left with holidays the second I stepped home after university that day (which ended at 7pm, sadly. I'm always horribly tired by Thursdays). And oh, the sweet sweet taste of holidays, how much I miss you. I've taken for granted the days of my 3 month holiday, way too much. Now I relish the feeling of boredom yo!

Been a while since I last saw the family, so went out for breakfast with the cousins and aunt at a dim sum place at Taipan square on Sunday~ Nomz was normal, since its just dim sum. I much prefer the one at PJ Uptown, which for one has bigger tables and bigger servings. But oh well, its just breakfast. See pretty pictures? Courtesy of my cousins DSLR, some pictures taken by me and everything else by him. ^_^ I'm trying to convince the parentals to get me one, by no luck so far, sadly.

Last minute plans had me and the momzers heading to Ikea with the cousins and aunt, just cause mom hadn't been shopping for quite a while now, apparently. But we teens had no wish to plod around the slow pace of the two elder ones, so we went off ourselves!

With no particular destination actually, but somehow ended up at an instrument shop. Prodded my cousin to play the piano there cause its been ages since I last heard him play. Did I ever mention I love listening to him on the piano? It sounds so refreshing! I never pass up the chance, the clear silver bell-like sound made by the grand piano he used made it so much better. ♥

The shop sold a lot of oriental instruments too, like the pipa and the qing. I've always wondered how its like to play them oriental instruments, but I've never had the patience to pick them up. They do look pretty though~

Did more random wandering around, because seriously we had no idea where to go. And to our surprise, after we've done with Ikano, the Curve, Ikea and Cineleisure, the two of them were only done with Ikano and the Curve. You see why we didn't want to follow them now? xD

Eats! At the small eatery place at the underpass connecting Ikano and Ikea. That is a bowl of noodles cooked in.. I have no idea. Oyster noodles? But their bought from a place called Shihlin. People who aren't used to it wouldn't like it, but I love the taste of vinegar, so I love it. They also give three fat, fresh oysters with every bowl.

Crepe! Japanese crepe to be exact. I've read from Cheeserland about Japanese crepes before, and the way she describes them makes my mouth water. I don't think this is the same one as she described, but its good enough!

I had the strawberry one, and added a slice of butter cake in it, which is the reason why I doubt its the same one as talked about, cause I'm quite sure Cheesie said she had cheesecake in hers. But oh well! It was pretty good. The crepe was a lil too soggy, but nevertheless still tasted good.

The family had mandarin orange + butter cake, which was also good! Mind you, if you don't like whip cream, ask them to tone down on it or it'll taste too overwhelming. Overall, I'd say its good! And I totally would go and get more the next time I head there.

I've been spending my days reading lately. Finished six books from the Warriors series in the past 5 days~ And its off to reading more 'thrashy romance' books as my mom puts it now! Not that I actually believe in all the crap that's written there, but hey its nice to read about. Holidays is ending in a weeks time, so I'm going to enjoy the free time for now!