Monday, April 23, 2012

its a month and a half!

Bah. Exam timetables just got published, and I feel like blargh and eaugrh because I can't bring myself to start on my social assignment. Intimidated by the subject probably? Bad idea to take a sociology unit when I have no base of sociology at all, the theories are giving me a headache. Good thing authorship touched on those, or I would have been completely at sea. But anyway! Come the end of April, means I'll only have a month and a half left here, and while I'll abhor leaving my friends and my memories here... I do miss home.

Top 7 things Kitty misses most from home!

7. The Club

Of course I miss the club! Its been a major part of my university life for the past 2 and a half years, poured effort, tears and sweat in it! I miss spending every night practicing, heading out for snowflakes or ikea meatballs when we feel like it, and squabbling in the dance studio. Its the company, the memories and the friends I can't wait to fall back with when I return.

6. The Dance
Gippsland has no dance club, alls the pity. ): Honestly, I think if I were at Caulfield or Clayton where they had a proper dance crew or group, I wouldn't feel this crap. But I get next to no exercise/dance practice here, and its making me feel like clawing my way out of my skin. The closest to dance I get is going to gym every Thursday, Friday and weekends. I need to somehow make sure I don't put on so much weight... but I miss having a proper dance studio, learning and making proper choreography, and dancing in general. ): I would dance in my room, but its too damn tiny, and hell am I gonna dance in the living room. ):

5. The Food
Of course I'll miss the food! While its not so bad whenever I go to the city, Churchill has no dimsum place, or bubble tea place. No dumplings, or even desserts place! I can get all of that when I go to the city, but to be honest I think I miss eating Snowflakes and mamak the most. Plus the pork noodles, mee pok, not forgetting Ikea meatballs in Malaysia. They have ikea meatballs here, but its just not as nice and not as... good. ):

4. The Sisters
The five of them make me never have to worry about being in uni. I'll always have someone to go to, someone to call for help, someone to ask for lunch accompaniment and someone to whinge to when assignments are being ridiculous. Not that its so bad here, I have a multitude of friends here as well who I could always ask for help, but it just... isn't the same. Its a good thing I can still go and ambush one of the five of them when I pop by the city, but still... I miss our sleepovers, shopping outings and lunch dates in uni. ):

3. The Dog
My dog! T_T The furry monster I always cuddle when I get home, push off my bed when he tries to try his luck and jumps on, the one who barks like bad, tags along near my ankles, and sleeps like a pig. Oh boy do I miss him. His furry face will be the one I cuddle and squish flat when I get back<3

2. The Room
Why yes, I do miss my room, why would you find that odd? Its just not the same here kay. The room here is tiny, and I have my own bathroom and all the comforts of the world in my own room! Plus my own bolster, god knows why do Ozzies not have bolsters. =.= But yes, I miss my safe haven in the world. <3

1. The Family
And this one tops the list for making my heart ache the most. I'm missing so much! Skyping with the mother, I can see just how big and mature my nephew is growing. And then my cousins would text me whenever their together or at my grandmother's house... and I'm missing my grandmother's birthday! I want to do nothing other then fly immediately back home when I receive an update or text about anything family related, and they're also probably the one reason why as much as I've fallen in love with this city and the place, I could never bring myself to permanently move here. The family holds too much weight in my heart, and I could never bring myself to just leave like that. 

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